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Zike Z600-6491 White Hybrid Bike Review

Zike Z600-6491 White Hybrid Bike Review

Zike Z600-6491 White Hybrid Bike is an invention that is quickly revolutionizing the biking industry. Biking is common among people looking for better workout activities to people who like cycling around neighborhoods for recreation. are used for fitness purposes or transport.

Zike Z600 provides users with the most effective and unique fitness option as it provides the best workouts in a shorter time frame as compared to other workout options.

With its patented folding design that makes it easy to transport and strong rare disk brakes and patented drive system that allows for an easy and smooth ride you are assured of a fantastic biking experience. All these are supported on a lightweight aluminum frame.

 Zike Z600-6491 Hybrid Bike 

The Zike Z600-6491 Hybrid Bike has great features that make it a unique bike.

Product Specifications

  • Color- White
  • Weight- 10 X 28 X 51 inches
  • Material- Aluminum
  • Model- 6491
  • Users age- 10 years and up
  • Weight limit-180 pounds
  • Warranty- Confirm from the seller on the warranty they offer

Product Features

Zike Z600-6491 White Hybrid Bike ReviewRiding up a hill is not one of the easiest things when working out. Fitted with six gears Zike Z600-6491 White Hybrid Bike is easy to ride up hilly terrains making your workouts shorter but more intensive.

The gear system is well linked to the SHIMANO derailleur and grip shift enhancing the smooth and easy uphill ride. The bike does well on all types of terrain either grass, gravel or tarmac.

At times, one may require moving the bike from one place to another. Because the bike was designed for us when working out, designers say it fit to make the handlebars in a way that they can be folded making it easier to transport.

Adjustable handlebars that is the handle bars can either be raised or lowered depending on your height. How raised or lowered the handlebar is will determine the muscle group you will be exercising. Choose different heights for better muscle workouts.

Zike Z600-6491 White Hybrid Bike ReviewAs children can use stated earlier Zike Z600 bikes as young as ten years and also by adults. The handlebars have an adjustment option of two heights to cater for people of different heights. You will not need to buy a bike for all your family members; one bike can be used by all members of the family regardless of their height.

Aluminum caliper front brakes and high caliper rear disc plates- these brakes provide total control of the bike during work out. It’s important to check always if the brakes are functional from time to time for safe riding. The rims are also made of brushed aluminum providing the necessary support and also minimize chances of rust formation on the wheels.

You may have noted that the maximum weight limit is 180-pound thanks to the aluminum reinforcement. The frame is also light to facilitate easy transportation.

Why Choose Zike Z600-6491 White Hybrid Bike?

Workouts can at times be involving and time-consuming, however with the help of Zike White Hybrid Bike, you will be assured of maximum workouts within a short duration of time. This bike actually works in the same manner as the elliptigo the only difference being that the elliptic motion is happening on the front as opposed to the back as in the elliptigo.

With a six gear system riding uphills will become easier and the adjustable handlebar will ensure that different groups of muscles are worked out. This product comes at a very low price as compared to other workout equipment of a similar nature.

Who Should Use this Hybrid Bike?

Zike Z600 can be used by anybody aged ten years and above. People who work out regularly will have an added advantage by using this bike because it provides an opportunity to work out a great deal in a short duration of time. People undergoing rehabilitation especially due to previous leg and knee injuries will also find the bike useful because it is less likely to cause strain on the injury.

Final Thought

Zike Z600-6491 White Hybrid Bike Review has highlighted on the product specifications and features of the bike giving you some first-hand information before adding the item to your cart. Though much has been discussed on the fitness aspect of Zike Z600, it is important to note that the bike can be used for other recreational purposes.

With numerous customer review, it is evident that this bike is a must have for bike lovers. The price is pocket-friendly giving you value for your money. Shipping services are offered to customers around the world at reasonable a fee.

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