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Winter Heart Attack Risk, Consider Working Out With Elliptical Machine

Winter Heart Attack Risk, Consider Working Out With Elliptical Machine

According to research reports on winter heart attack risk, individuals aged 75-85 years and those suffering from coronary heart disease are more vulnerable to this complication. The greatest risk occurs during the first week of exposure to cold weather conditions.

The same research showed that a 1.8 degree Fahrenheit drop in temperature leads to about 200 additional cases of heart attacks. With such news all over the internet, it is high time to consider changing your workout.

What Is an Elliptical Machine?

Elliptical machine is simply a unit comprising of cross-training equipment directed towards simulating motions such as walking, running, climbing stairs as well as cross country skills among others. These units help in reducing high pressure on your joints that is likely to occur when you run or climb stairs.

A good number of these machines allow you to control the level of intensity during the workout session. To apply this equipment effectively, you should know how to position yourself as well as how to perform the exercises if at all you want to benefit from a productive workout session.

Winter Heart Attack Risk, Consider Working Out With Elliptical Machine


Step onto the machine and then grab its stationary handlebar section. After that, place your feet on each of the pedals. Place one foot before placing the other. The pedals are not very resistant to heavy weight, and they are likely to move from one side to another after you have placed your feet.

Align your feet on each of the pedals properly before doing anything else. Ensure that your feet are parallel to the inner edge of the pedals so that your hips can align with the machine properly. Straighten your spine so that your back does not experience any form of strain as you continue to work out. Pull the muscles of your abdomen inwards and then push the pelvis forward.

Although these machines come with stationary handlebars designed to help you maintain your balance, some of them feature handlebars that assist in simulating cross country motions. Therefore, you should grab the machine’s handlebars and then pull your shoulders backward and downwards with your elbows slightly bend. Your head should face straight and upright.

Winter Heart Attack Risk, Consider Working Out With Elliptical Machine


After you have positioned yourself as expected, the next thing is to work out. Begin by pedaling forward and backward using your legs. The movements of your legs should form an elliptical or oval shape. Bend both knees slightly to ensure smooth movements while working out on the machine. Do not lock knees because you can cause discomfort or even injury.

Adjust the settings of your machine so that you can intensify your workout. Most of these machines allow you to change the level of resistance and then incline the different levels so that you can challenge your strength. At this point, increase the machine’s level of resistance to make pedaling slightly difficult for you.

This will help to exercise your muscles as well as the calves. Increase the level of inclination to exercise your glut and hamstring muscles. You can increase the intensity of you exercises if the movements appear bouncy or choppy. Use different programs on the machine to vary your workouts. These machines can provide you with different workouts depending on the age and weight entered.Winter Heart Attack Risk, Consider Working Out With Elliptical Machine

For instance, the weight loss program mainly focuses on adjusting the ramp as well as increasing the difficulty of pedaling the machine. This the best program for beginners. The heart rate program requires you to hold the sensors found on the machines handlebars during your session. The sensors track the heart rate of your body, and then they modify the device’s intensity.


Pedal the machine for 20-30 minutes consistently. As you become used to exercising with this machine, increase the duration to enhance your fitness. Train with the machine for a minimum of three times on a weekly basis.

In case you are not sure, simply contact a well-trained professional within your reach to guide you on the optimal routine that will help you achieve your goals. Maximize on your workout sessions by taking advantage of different workout programs provided.

In conclusion, one of the best equipment you can use during workouts to remedy increased cases of heart attack is elliptical machine. This machine helps you to workout different parts of your body. Exercising with this machine protects you from heart attacks and other health complications in life. You can find it from Amazon at pocket prices so that you can have the real experience instead of reading about the same.

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