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Why Cardiovascular Disease Is Greater Risk To Women Than Men

The risk of developing Cardiovascular Disease is largely the same for both men and women. Over the years, more men than women have been reported to succumb to diseases of the heart. This has been associated with the fact that some of the factors may affect women more than men.

The risks of developing a Cardiovascular Disease usually increase when you are exposed to a number of risks and how severe they are. Here are some of the reasons why Cardiovascular Disease is more common among women.

Why Cardiovascular Disease Is Greater Risk To Women Than Men


The primary symptoms of Preeclampsia are a rise in the blood pressure and excess proteins in urine. This condition develops primarily during pregnancy. Women who have developed this disease are at a greater risk of contracting Cardiovascular Disease.

Preeclampsia has been continuously linked with the constant danger of contracting Cardiovascular Diseases that may inevitably lead to a heart attack or ultimately, a cardiac arrest. The more severe the Preeclampsia was during pregnancy; then the woman is more at risk of contracting a Cardiovascular Disease.


As the body ages the risk of contracting heart conditions also increases. This can be attributed to the gradual buildup of plaque in the arteries. Women tend to be slightly at a lower risk of Cardiovascular Disease before they reach 55.

However after the age of 55, the danger of getting a heart condition slightly increases in women than men, even though estrogen levels still give them the same protection. Women who are in their postmenopausal years are at a risk of contracting a Cardiovascular Disease as they are for Broken Heart Syndrome.


Depression and stress usually have lots of adverse effects on the overall well-being in women more than men. Men are generally not significantly affected by stress like women. Women are more ruminative than men and even though it’s sometimes a good thing, it puts them at a bigger risk of developing depression and subsequently contracting Cardiovascular Disease.

When looking at the societal setup, you might say that women are under stress than men who further exposes them to greater risks of contracting heart diseases.

Women are Genetically Weaker than Men

Surveys have revealed that women are more likely to be affected by most of the conditions that cause heart disease. Diabetes, obesity, and depression are just but some of the few condition that women are affected by, more than their male counterparts.

Most of the disease that causes heart disease are interconnected, and they seem as though they gang up to put a victim down. For example, it may start with obesity, then to diabetes and subsequently to heart disease. The progression of the symptoms is much faster in women than in their male counterparts.


Case study report did show an increase in the number of stroke cases, shortly after the introduction of oral contraceptives in 1960. Prescribing patterns have also changed since the introduction of the birth control pills. This is usually because the pills have been known to raise the blood pressure in women.

The risk is aggravated by some habits and behaviors such as smoking. Therefore, use of the birth control pills tends to put women at a slightly higher risk of contracting heart diseases.

Final Thought

Some of the causes of heart conditions are unavoidable and rather unfortunate. However, some of the deaths that are caused by Cardiovascular Disease have human fingerprints all over them. The best way to remain healthy is by assuring that you frequently workout and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Some of the habits like excessive drinking and smoking may aggravate the risk of contracting heart disease and you should, therefore, keep off them altogether. The secret recipe to stay healthy is avoid stress, exercise, and a proper diet.

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