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Rowing Machine vs Elliptical Machine | Maximize Your Cardio and Muscle Strength

who wins in battle: rowing machine vs elliptical machine

Do you want to maximize your cardio and muscle strength? The rowing and elliptical machine is the best fit for these goals. The fitness world has many choices on how to workout. You can choose from heavyweights or Zumba classes. Luckily, we have narrowed it down to these two machines. The rowing machine and the elliptical are perfect to put ... Read More »

Best Rowing Machine for Home Reviews 2020

 Introduction A quick trip to the gym will let you know a lot about which exercise equipment is perfect for your home gym. However, if you want something that will help you achieve a workout that is at the level of a Crossfit session, you can’t just go for a spinner or an elliptical trainer. They don’t give a whole ... Read More »

Best Upright Exercise Bike Reviews 2020

Indoor exercise bikes are a great alternative to outdoor cycling!  Be it for those who just want to stay in shape, recover from an injury or are avid cyclists - everyone will certainly have a healthy cardio exercise using a variety of bikes on the market! We have also listed here the best hybrid bike brands if you ever consider ... Read More »

Best Elliptical Machines for Home Use|Review and Guide

best elliptical machines for home use

The most important factor that influences the outcome of your home exercise workout is the facility you are using. Bodybuilding is not an easy task, but can be turned into an awesome experience by the accessory you use. If you find these exercises difficult there are other options such as using the recumbent exercise bikes. Could you be out there suffering ... Read More »