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Should You Do Cardio Everyday ?

Cardio exercises are good for your health. They keep your heart healthy, enhance your moods, seek to give you the right support so that you can manage your weight, and improve your immunity, helps you manage chronic conditions, increases your energy level and provide you a longer life giving you a higher level of functionality.


It is important to take charge of your health even when you are lifting kettlebells at the gym or doing pull ups at home. Some people prefer the rowing machine at home because it is less likely for injuries to occur especially for the older folks.


Research shows 30 minutes of moderate intensity, at least, five times every week helps you enjoy these benefits. Health experts from the American College of Sports Medicine and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention came up with research that proved the exercise is so much important for your general health. The question now is, should you do cardio every day?

Should You Do Cardio Everyday

The Age Factor

The experts were quick to come up with different research samples that indicated the benefits of these exercises and how much one should focus on doing it every day. For instance, adults aged between 18 to 64 years are required to focus on a minimum of about 150 minutes focusing on moderate intensity type of aerobic activities every week for a better optimal health.


Age here is more important for your general health. The researchers realized that as we get older, our bodies tend to lose the psyche and the right energy levels to concentrate on cardio exercise.


Managing Perfect Workout Programs

Daily workouts are important if only you understand what to do and how to regulate the results. They help you reduce the risk of you acquiring any of the chronic diseases. You can simply focus on achieving a minimum of 150 minutes as you increase your intensity and mix with different exercises targeting different muscles of the body. Exercises are allowed to do vigorous- intensity exercises that amount to greater 75% every week.


The Best Intensity

A moderate-intensity aerobic session should always get you breathing just a little bit heavy as your heart beats faster. This is a fact that has been confirmed by Dr. Steven Blair an exercise scientist who believes that if you are exercising and experiencing slight breathless feelings that can make you talk with little efforts, you are then exercising at a perfect moderate intensity.


Dr. Blair states that vigorous-intensity is usually characterized by a thumping heart rate that causes you to gasp for breath and an almost inability to talk. A moderate type of intense activity will include power walking, bicycle riding or light swimming to ensure you move swiftly, jogging and other light activities.


Vigorous one will involve running, active training sessions on a bike, pool or boot camp classes for cardio-based exercise. These types of activities may not be managed on a daily basis, and it is important to plan well and know when to do what.


Progress in Weight Management

There is a mystery that surrounds everyone who has been training to lose weight and look healthier. Many people do the same type of cardio exercise on a daily basis so that they acquire their desired weight or shape.


However, according to researchers, this is a pure misconception because if compared to weight training, you will keep on performing the same type of movement every day then your body will eventually adapt and reach an effective level where you burn fewer calories. The secret to counter this is mixing it with biking, running and going to the elliptical machine too.


Enjoying the Exercise

Researchers believe that cardio exercises can simply be managed on a daily basis if only you understand their moderation and are willing to take it slow even at times when you are experiencing sluggish feelings or losing strength.


The secret is to do everything right and avoid over training syndrome that will make you lose the interest of continuing the next day. In case you are working it out with an experienced trainer, you should let them take you slow.


Final Thought

Should you do Cardio every day? Cardio exercises are much important for your general health. We have witnessed their benefits and how they make sure you live a better life. Depending on your training skills and focus, it is important to focus on the goals rather than doing them on a daily basis.


Sometimes you may be occupied at the job place or school and you will need to later in the evening do some brisk walking. Always understand the right concepts to follow and how to cope up with this training skill so that you are capable of living a better healthier life.

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