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Schwinn A40 Elliptical Machine Reviews

View on Amazon! Elliptical fitness trainers are getting popular day by day. People have less time in their life to engage in outdoor activities or join fitness clubs and gyms.

Most people opt for home workout machines that will give them a boost in their physical health. When it comes to all in one workout elliptical machines, choices are great, but they do come with hefty price tags.

Schwinn, one of the leading manufacturers of sports and fitness equipment has a range of devices that ensures great quality and performance with reasonable pricing.

 Features of the Schwinn A40 Elliptical 

The Schwinn A40 Elliptical Machine Reviews from the device’s actual users show that this is a great performance oriented device having the important features and other enhancements which make this a winner among them.

The detailed review below will shed more light on this elliptical.

Great Build

Elliptical machines are made for workout sessions. The need for it to be strong is great.

Theschwinn a40 elliptical machine features a sturdy metal body frame which is backed by two years warranty.

The sturdy frame can support a weight up to 275 pounds which are really up to the mark with similarly priced elliptical available on the market.

The body frame has the perfect support beams in place that makes it more stable and also makes sure that while operating, weight is uniformly distributed all throughout the body.

Compact Design

The form factor of theschwinn A40 elliptical machine is very compact. It measures 56 inches x 23.7 inches x 64.5 inches after assembly and requires a 24-inch space to be left on either side.

This footprint is just about theminimal for the full body workout machines. Adding to that, it is equipped with four transport wheels which make sure that moving the device across rooms is hassle free.

The stability can be adjusted even while setting the machine up on uneven floors. The four adjustable screws on the bottom allow for the fine adjustments to be made for a perfectly stable training session.

Varied Training Options

Having more than one training option available is good for people who may get bored of following the same routine day after day.

It has 7 different workout programs that give quite avariation of routines. Also, a challenging environment can be reached by the eight levels of eddy current resistance offered by the device.

All in all, this is a beautiful machine that fulfills basic workout necessities and more. The fact is, the training programs provided and the moving handlebars make sure that a full body workout is achieved.

Also, the inertia enhanced flywheel operates with precision balance and thus rendering a smooth and quiet operation.

Comfortable moving handlebars are ergonomically designed for greater comfort while making sure the upper body muscles get toned in a proper way.

Data Feedback

The device features a big LCD screen (5 inch x 3inch) which displays the basic data outputs that most elliptical machines give.

Display data includes: calories burned, distance covered, time etc. up to 8 different feedbacks. The screen being big is easy to see and read even while working out.

All these data are essential in making sure that one can visually notice the effect of their workouts. Also, there are static handlebars equipped with grip heart rate monitoring to measure the heart rate accurately.

Heart rate monitoring can provide important data feedback if one is trying to reach the specific heart rate range where calorie burnout range reaches the peak.

Important Additions

It’s all the small things that matter. The features and performance of this device are great when looked from a fitness point of view.

But also, Schwinn A40 Elliptical Machine has made sure to incorporate the small necessary functions one may need.

The device is equipped with aninbuilt sound system, a media tray which can be used as a book holder and a water bottle holder.

These additions make this device a complete one even in the minor requirement zone.


  • Sturdy frame and built quality guarantees long equipment life.
  • Transport wheels make it easier to move the equipment from one room to another.
  • Supported weight is 275 pounds.
  • High-inertia flywheel ensures smooth operation.
  • Has leveling feet for use on an uneven floor surface.
  • Stride length is 17 inch.
  • The footplates are big and of articulating nature.
  • Six different programs and 8 levels of eddy current resistance.
  • Comes with moving and static handlebars.
  • Static handlebars feature heart rate grip sensor for heart rate monitoring.
  • Big LCD 5 in x 3 in is easy to read.
  • Different data feedbacks are displayed with up to 8 properties displayed.
  • Has built in speakers, media holder tray, bottle holder.


  • The device is a bit harder to assemble and takes time.
  • Some users reported of getting damaged equipment which were replaced on request.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Are the power adapter and batteries included within the package?

A: No, the batteries and the power adapter has to be purchased separately.

Q: Can it be pedaled backward with resistance?

A: Yes, it can be pedaled backward with resistance.

Q: Is the operation quiet enough to use a mobile in its vicinity?

A: Yes, the machine is quieter than most standard elliptical machines available on the market.

Final Thought

The Schwinn A40 elliptical machine reviews have received a good amount of positive reviews from users.Still as with every machine out there, there are some cons present too.

Though the pros of the machine outweigh the cons by leaps and bounds, still cons such as manufacturing defects are sometimes encountered by unfortunate customers.

Schwinn has made sure that they take care of their customers and is very prompt in servicing each user. The product is covered by a 2-year warranty on the frame which is another pro for the A40 product.

The A40 also does not burn a deep hole in the pocket and still offers a good amount of performance and meets a lot of requirements.

Comfort, stability, quality and performance, all are brilliant qualities of this product.

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