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Rowing Machine vs Elliptical Machine | Maximize Your Cardio and Muscle Strength

Do you want to maximize your cardio and muscle strength? The rowing and elliptical machine is the best fit for these goals. The fitness world has many choices on how to workout. You can choose from heavyweights or Zumba classes.

Luckily, we have narrowed it down to these two machines. The rowing machine and the elliptical are perfect to put your fitness goals to the test. It can target your arms, legs, and even your core. Both of these machines are great alternatives to running and strength training. It’s a full-body workout all in one whole package.

1. Elliptical or Rowing Machine 

rowing machine are great for upper and lower body

Both machines are great for targeting your upper and lower body. If we were to compare rowing machine vs elliptical each machine specializes in something different.

It’ll depend on what your main concerns are regarding your physical goals. ​

They are strengthening tools to create effective workouts throughout your entire body. Rowing machines are great for upper body strength while elliptical machines target mainly your arms and legs.

Purchasing each machine is affordable! There are even exercise equipment mat to protect your carpets from getting scratched. Keep your back straight and your upper body engaged throughout the workout. When you have the proper form and you’re propped up your back muscles are being toned. Elliptical machines are focused on the engagement of your arms and legs. You’ll move in a synchronized motion and contract your triceps and quads.

2. Learning Curve 

The learning curve for each machine is fairly simple. The best way to begin is to create a moderate pace for yourself. Test your abilities by first seeing how your performance is. Challenge yourself by incline and speed. Remember your limitations to not burn yourself out.

The rowing machine is all dependent on proper form. Make sure your feet are well adjusted to the foot pedal. Begin with slow resistance and continue to bring the bar inwards as you bring in your knees. The elliptical is straightforward because you are rotating your arms and legs in the same motion.

3. Elliptical Trainer 

elliptical trainer in home gym

Elliptical trainers are used to simulating similarities. You can find the top elliptical machines under 500 online or at a local fitness plaza.

Whether it be climbing a mountain or doing lunges on the stairs the elliptical trainer can mimic those activities.

You don’t need to worry about weather changes like the outdoors.

The arrangements are designed to have a low impact on the joints. This cardiovascular workout varies in its low to high intensity. The generated motion can be used by anyone. The arms and legs just need to be moving in the same direction. It is known to be great for ageing joints due to its subtle pressure. Overall elliptical trainers are suitable for any age groups, especially for those who want to ease into the fitness world.

4. Rowing Machine 

The rowing machine is about building consistent strokes at your pace level. Pro Hybrid Trainer might be the best rowing machine for home workout. Rowing is geared towards your overall position on the machine. It isn’t built for speed and users can determine their physical strength. Lower your splits and increase your wattage at a time. The rowing machine is geared towards targeted resistance.

The overall distribution between your legs, back, and arms are important. The rowing machine is divided into three main segments, regarding your body strength. Begin with 60 percent legs, 30 percent back, and only 10 percent arms. Don’t release the bar with explosiveness. Lean forward and create a steady pace of compression.

5. Weight-Bearing 

weight-bearing machines

Weight-bearing is the pressure placed on an injury.

It’s vital to healing physical injuries properly.

Weight-bearing machines can be hard to adjust to depending on the impact of the machine.

The rowing machine is known to have a higher impact on the legs because you’re using 60% of your leg strength for the workout. Transition with your arms and back area because it is good for easing movement at a slow pace. Between the elliptical vs rower machine elliptical is a great weight-bearing machine. It is a low-stress workout that doesn’t strain your muscles.

6. Muscles Worked and Muscle Building

The main target area for both machines is your lower and upper body. The main difference is that each machine can help you pinpoint a specific body part.

A rowing machine is good for your posture muscles. The machine requires you to have a proper form while holding the handles. Your abs will be toned because your torso is kept straight and balanced. The rowing machine allows people to hold onto one bar, while the elliptical utilizes two handles.

The elliptical machine helps with your chest and triceps. You’ll be moving the handles with a back and forth motion. You are targeting your upper body strength while working out your glutes and hamstrings. The elliptical and rowing machines are great not only for cardio exercise but for muscle building. Both are flexible forms of working out your physical strength.

Rower vs elliptical is different in how rowing machines focus on the back. There’s a big emphasis on the compression in the bar strokes. The muscle building is gradual and creates compression on your upper body. It doesn’t have much stimulus to the chest and triceps. The elliptical is functional for a dual-action workout. It distributes strength to your upper and lower body. It utilizes your hamstrings and glutes while improving your tricep chest muscles.

7. Hold Your Own Weight 

full-body workout on rowing machine

Holding your weight with these machines can be done in a matter of a daily 30-minute workout.

Since both machines have a full-body target you’re able to lose the weight you need without straining your body.

For both machines, you can use it every day but make sure to have one rest day to allow your muscles to rest.

These machines evenly distribute your body’s balance. It enables your body to work effectively in a short amount of time instead of long difficult workouts. The strength training can be utilized throughout intervals. With the proper resting period and intensity, you’re setting out to have lasting results.

8. What’s the Impact? 

Between rowing and elliptical machines, the impact of rowing will be higher. Due to intense rowing, it is a great machine to make you sweat. It can be slightly more intimidating to use because it requires you to have a proper form.

Elliptical vs rower can be different in how the elliptical machine is made for low-impact movements. When you stand up it allows the weight of your joints to be spread out evenly. This balanced distribution is a great start for beginners who want to have a good workout with less intensity.  In moderation, both machines can be beneficial to improve your fitness abilities.

9. Calorie Burning 

elliptical trainer for calorie burning

For calories, you’ll burn more calories on the elliptical trainer than the rowing machine. This can also be based on your own BMI and the intensity you choose for each workout. The average count difference is around 70 calories higher for the elliptical machine.

This also depends on the amount of time and incline you choose for the machine.

Both machines are useful for overall joint functionality. For instance, elliptical machines help with bone density and rowing machines increase back strength. These benefits both prevent osteoporosis which can make the bones frail and immobile (from a bone fracture).

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