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Rowing Machine Benefits It Will Surprise You

When we think of working out, we typically first think of cardio or weights. But what if there were enough rowing machine benefits to achieve the same results as these movements? Believe it or not, there are.

Using one of these devices gives you all of the perks of a high impact workout, but without having to torture yourself. After all, high impact means bringing your metabolism to a nuclear level of burning fat and calories. To achieve this, you would normally participate in jarring, quick movements that would exhaust even an Olympic athlete. This device does virtually the same firing of your metabolism, but without collapsing on the floor.


A full movement on this device starts with the pelvis and legs as you go forward. In the backward movement, the arms, back, shoulders, abs, and buttocks take on the work. Finally, the sliding motion that places you back into the starting position incorporates your back muscles along with hips, midsection and once again the legs. As if this were not enough, you will also notice other seemingly forgotten areas start to show a response to the work. The most common targets for this additional definition are the backs of the arms and the lower and upper back.


Another great side effect of this workout is the nature of the movements. We tend to tire easily of the jarring, slamming and rapid movements normally associated with high impact workouts. Those are not a problem here. As you execute your movements during this devices workout, you will be using a smooth, gliding movement throughout. This reduces the possibility of injuries. So, as you can see, when you add up all of the rowing machine benefits there really are quite a few.


A rowing machine, although not one of the top choices when it comes to personal fitness equipment is actually a very good one. Rowing is something that has to be done for between 20 and 40 minutes which makes it a very good cardio exercise, but at the same time, it involves a lot of resistance training which also strengthens the muscles. It is thus useful both as an aerobic exercise machine and as a strong one.


In order to help you choose the best one for you, we have divided the machines into three categories depending on the price. Read on to find out what the best selling models are in each of these categories.


The Most Significant Advantages of  Rowing Machine

Rowing is a form of workout that develops healthy muscle tissue on your arms and some other parts of the body. In the nonexistence of a substantial river, one can perform his rowing workouts in the home with the best rowing machine, also known as a rower by many. This movement with a machine to imitate the activity of a sloop rower is known as an indoor rower.


In actual fact, this activity became a popular and competitive game connecting men and women contestants not considering of age. Home rowing contests use this machine and evaluate the power used by the participants regardless of the level of resistance used on it. Rowing machine benefits can be found on various websites and even on Television.


woman lifting weight


There are several advantages that the best rowing machine may bring to your whole body. It can provide as gym equipment for working out your entire body. These advantages include:


  • Rowing machines provides whole body workouts. It is not only for a specific type of muscle, but it works for all muscle groups.
  • If your target is to burn fat and calories, then it is the best exercise equipment. This fitness equipment can burn your calories faster than any other exercises. Can you imagine, burning 900 calories within maximum one hour?
  • It is totally risk-free and does not harm your body at all. It never creates any pain and strains on joints or any part of the muscle of the body. Additionally, it provides very comfortable feel and genuinely very quick benefits on the whole body.
  • If you are looking for any effective exercise for rehabilitation after a wound or injury, then perform rowing regularly for joints or muscle rehabilitation.
  • The best rowing machine allows you to adjust it according to your need. It is flexible and you can make it suitable for your stamina level. Check what suits your stamina level and then adjust.
  • No matter, what is your age! Anyone can use this without any harmful issues.
  • It provides proper workouts for the heart and you can perform rowing to keep your heart good.
  • It provides noticeable benefits to losing weight and for cardiovascular.


With a large number of advantages, one might assume this as the perfect fitness equipment for his or her indoor use. Though, without the right coaching and workout position, it can give significant amounts of stress on the back. It is recommended to acquire first the right coaching before taking any workout program.


Alternatively, the best rowing machine can be the ideal workout program for those who desire to lose weight and tone the entire shape. At the very first glance, one can determine that this workout only focuses on the upper body area.


Although if you will inspect the motions needed to complete the workout, one can observe how other parts of the body pass synchronously with the upper parts. If you want to work out your upper body in isolation, check out these adjustable dumbbells.


In a rowing contest, participants compete to reach a line marking the end of the race. The first team who is capable of crossing the finish point is the contest champion. In the home rowing using the machine, the statistic is based on the energy or power applied by the team.


The team who has exerted the more power and the more energy is the champion. Indoor rowing contest can be possible only if the participants have hooked their machines online.


The best rowing machine is frequently qualified as genuine and definitely not cushioned to ensure that the data given are precise and to guard the reliability of the sport. For such, the sport has a powerful entice those who desire to play team sports and get the full advantages of doing rowing workouts.


What You Have to Know About a Rowing Machine


Multiple types of rowing machines have been popular pieces of fitness equipment for business and private use for some decades. They work out more muscles than stationary workout bikes. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, a good number exercise bikes were equipped with movable handlebars to work out your arms and upper chest in a rowing movement whereas the legs worked the pedals as customary. This jerked the body and often caused discomfort. Rowing machines give you a complete body workout but do it comfortably and are actually more effective at working out legs than stair steppers.


Final Thought

Rowing machines, like the Concept 2 Rowing Machine, are beneficial for all ages aside from really young children or expecting women since they are easier on the joints than most other pieces of home health equipment. And, you can row (or paddle) as fast or gradual as you want and still have an enjoyable workout. Since they are popular, there are many varieties, brands and styles to choose from.


They are considered standard pieces of equipment in professional gyms or health clubs, but a decent one can usually be bought for about $ 500 (give or take a C-note). And they are very compact, so don’t take up much storage space when not in use. For example, some people like to roll them under their beds.

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