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Proform 10.0 CE Elliptical Reviews

Whether one is a professional fitness enthusiast, or just a regular person trying to keep their body fit, Proform 10.0 CE Elliptical conforms to a wide variety of user’s needs.

When buying an elliptical trainer, people look for a lot of aspects. But most elliptical trainers below the $1000 range do not tend to provide everything one need according to performance.

While one can think of compromising on looks, compromising on performance defeats the whole purpose.

The proform 10.0 ce Elliptical reviews from its huge user base suggest that this machine does its work beautifully and within budget.

 Features of the Proform 10.0 CE Elliptical 

Below are the most important features listed, which one should know before buying and are the main points most looks for, in an elliptical machine.

Design And Built

The design of the Proform 10.0 CE Elliptical is ergonomic and thus very much comfortable. This machine is built on a sturdy body frame capable of a load capacity of 275 pounds which is standard according to most elliptical machines.

It has a rear wheel design which is considered most effective and also, this machine can be folded for ease of transportation.

The elliptical machine can be easily assembled out of the box. Instruction manual supplied is very easy to read and understand and installation job can be carried out even by a non-professional.

The larger step up pads fits a lot of foot sizes and also gives a user more stability and comfort. The device is stable, sturdy and also is very quiet in operation.

Number of Different Training Settings

The more training levels or programs an elliptical machine has, the more effective it is, in helping the workout of different muscle groups in a person’s body.The proform 10.0 ce elliptical has 18 workout apps which offer full-fledged body training. This is further enhanced with another 18 levels of resistance.

The eighteen workout programs mostly consist of all basic and advanced training scenarios that are the most used and benefit the most.

The resistance levels, along with the different training programs gives a user enough challenges to mix and match and compete against.

Other than this, The adjustable stride is 16 inches 18 inches and 20 inches adjustable and thus can also fit a multitude of user’s demands.

Data Monitoring

Data monitoring pays an important role in today’s advanced fitness understanding. To have a healthy body, one should be able to monitor the day to day activity. This gives the answer to a lot of problems.

With the ability to monitor different data, one can also advance to reach their personal fitness goal.

The 10.0 CE is enabled with different types of data feedback systems which are displayed on the 5 inch LCD display screen.

These include: speed, pulse, time, distance, resistance level and calories burned. Also, the controls are easily accessible and one can quickly check out the monitor to find out any data needed.

Entertainment Factor

While entertainment is not always needed but having it at reach can really solve issues faced by a multitude of people performing exercise routines.

While exercise is needed for a healthy body, if a person gets bored, he or she loses the focus and eventually the progress or benefit of the workout ceases altogether.

This can be solved by mixing the daily routine with a bit of entertainment. For example, one can perform running while listening to songs. This can help in perform the routine without getting bored.

This is the reason Proform has integrated a digital mp3 player dock port into the device which is compatible with music players and ipods. This may not sound much but is a good feature to have.

iFit Live Enabled

iFit is one of the world’s leading training program and entertainment service provider. It has a multitude of benefits involved.

It has been integrated with google maps and navigation system to emulate for example a coastline running scenario and also helps in noting down relevant data and statistics.

Also, it is equipped to provide with new training programs which can be directly integrated to the machines training routine.

One can also have training sessions with world famous trainers such as Jillian Michaels. Not only restricted to this but one can also share scores with friends and a lot more.

In short iFit is by itself sort of a fitness hub which has the capability to do almost everything when it comes to fitness. It does come integrated with the machine, but it depends on a subscription which has to be bought separately.


  • Sturdy built and reliable design features.
  • Load capacity of the elliptical machine is 275 pounds.
  • It can be easily assembled.
  • It is silent in operation as opposed to a standard noise in elliptical trainers.
  • It has 18 pre-built workout routines and 18 resistance levels.
  • The adjustable stride can be adjusted by 16”, 18”, 20’’.
  • Has 5 inch LCD display for various data feedback.
  • MP3 port for iPod and mp3 players.
  • Comes with iFit enabled.
  • Has cooling fans for added user comfort.


  • Some users have reported that they received some defective parts which were replaced once the company was contacted.
  • Some users reported that their product’s operation is not entirely silent as being described.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is the product noisy or silent?

A: The product is silent is an operation. If one is experiencing the noise, it may be due to some other problems and can be solved easily by contacting the product’s manufacturers.

Q: Is it a front wheel or a back wheel version?

A: This is a back wheel version.

Q: Does it operate on battery?

A: No, this product does not operate on battery and needs a power source for operation.

Final Thought

From lots of proform 10.0 ce elliptical reviews available from the huge userbase that Proform has, one can be sure of the quality of this product.

From the above-detailed review, one can easily notice that this elliptical machine has all the qualities one can expect from a full body elliptical trainer.

This has the advantage of both upper body and lower body workout with its different training scenarios and various design qualities.

Other than that, the product is from one of the biggest manufacturers of fitness equipment and also comes with the lifetime warranty on frame and a year’s warranty on body parts.

If one is looking for an elliptical trainer under the thousand dollar mark, this can be a perfect choice.

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