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Best Sit Up Bench Reviews 2018

Your abdominal muscles are the core of your body’s strength. If you want to develop them, one step you can take is to buy the best sit up bench. Sit ups are just one of the many core exercise that will help develop your abdominal muscles along with the pilates reformer. ​ Sit-ups are a step up from the favorite ab exercise, ... Read More »

Best Balance Board Reviews 2018

If you want a workout device that develops your core and balance, then looking for the best balance board or wobble board out there is your best choice. Core training is very important so using the ab machine is another great way of improving your physical condition. It may not seem like much but a balance board is a complete ... Read More »

Best Weight Bench for Home Reviews 2018

Ask any fitness buff and he/she will tell you to always get the best at home weight bench possible. No matter what weights you’re lifting, you will need a comfortable bench to ease the pressure on your body and avoid injuries and accidents. ​ Work benches have become especially popular in home use, in no small part due to their convenience. Find ... Read More »

Best Leg Press Machine Reviews 2018

  There’s a common mistake that people make when body building and that is skipping leg day. Exercising your legs is an important part of a complete workout.   There are several advantages to having a regular leg day. For one, it can help burn more calories.This is because your gluteus are some of the largest muscles in the body. ... Read More »

Best Beach Cruiser Bikes Reviews 2018

Biking is one of the healthiest activities you can be doing. Riding a bike combines various workout activities resulting in a low-impact whole-body workout. This is why finding the best beach cruiser bike for yourself and buying it is a good move. ​ Beach cruisers are one of the simplest bikes on the market right now. First developed in the 30's by ... Read More »

Best Ab Machine Reviews 2018

Working out your abdominal is not as simple as doing crunches. Having a set of strong abs has a lot of benefits. According to various sources, strong abs lower the chance of injury and can make your body more stable. This is because your abs are part of your core muscles. This is why exercising and developing them with the ... Read More »

Best Power Tower Reviews 2019

Getting fit nowadays can take quite a bit of equipment. One of the best pieces of equipment that you can get is a power tower. Otherwise read our power rack buying guide for more optimal strength training. ​  Sometimes know as a captain’s chair or a knee raise station, this particular piece of equipment is pretty flexible when it comes to fitness. ... Read More »

Best Pilates Reformer Reviews 2018

With the help of the best Pilates reformer you will be able to get the most out of your Pilates workouts. Pilates reinforce your core while improving flexibility and increasing your strength. It also targets your back and provides relief from pain. While you can do simple Pilates on a equipment mat, a reformer is better. ​ ​Read more here about how ... Read More »

Best Squat Rack Reviews 2018

The best squat rack is the ideal strength training equipment for performing free weight barbell workouts. It is used by athletes and fitness buffs to build and strengthen the major muscle groups. ​ Also known as a power rack, this weight training equipment is also used to build endurance and promote flexibility. A squat rack is also ideal for getting back in ... Read More »

Best Inversion Table Reviews 2018

Buying the best inversion table is necessary if you want to get the maximum benefits. An inversion table can do a lot to improve your spine’s alignment and improve your general well being. ​ There are other ways to improve your well being such as going outdoor with your mountain bike or going indoor with the upright exercise bike. ​ Aside for your spine it also ... Read More »