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Nautilus E614 Elliptical Trainer Reviews

Nautilus E614 Elliptical Trainer Reviews

View on Amazon! Have you ever been in a gym before? Do you need to cut down the calories in your body? Worry not as the Nautilus e614 Elliptical is what you need to get started with your body shed program and stay fit.

A Nautilus e614 Elliptical Trainer is a well-built, solid machine known for its great workouts with minimal stress on your joints.

They are space-efficient and can fit in your basement or the small corner of your home. If there is no fully equipped gym around you, you are welcome to purchase this product.

It is, in fact, the leading compact training equipment. Bearing in mind that this equipment will take you off the hook of gym expenses, we can proudly say that it saves on your money.

 Features of the Nautilus E614 Elliptical 

All you need to spend on body building activities is the initial buying cost. With its durability property, it is easy and cheap to maintain. Below we describe This Nautilus Elliptical Trainer Reviews.

Elegant LCD  

Nautilus E614 Elliptical Trainer ReviewsThe console of the Nautilus e614 Elliptical trainer has a large LCD that reflects the heart rate, time, distance, level, revolutions per minute, and the calories.

It also has a reading rack to hold an iPad or a book to read as you work out, a water bottle holder and an MP3 port with built-in speakers.

22 programs are installed, and they include 9profiles (three fun rides, three mountain rides, and three challenges.), eight heart rate, two customs, two fitness and one quick start.

There also is a charging USB Port, and data export to Nautillus.com, which keeps you aware of your progress, and focused on your fitness goals.

Speed Fans

Nautilus E614 Elliptical Trainer ReviewsMost of the times during a workout, fatigue and increase in body temperature is inevitable due to the increased metabolism of the body.

The nautilus e614 elliptical trainer has two-speed fans to keep you cool as you work out, which gives a refreshing feeling and encourages you to continue with your workout.

Also, it has a Handlebar Grip that monitors the heart rate with heart programs installed.The pulse-sensitive handlebars are attached below the center console.

To get a reading of your heartbeat rate, you have to grip the handlebars for at least thirty seconds. This product allows you to achieve it.

Effective Flywheels

The machine also has a high-speed drive system and Perimeter flywheels for smooth workouts and maximum results as well as high-quality exercise.

It can not only pedal towards the front but also pedal backward. During the workout, it does not squeak. This is due to the application of silicone grease put on the rails of the flywheel to make it quiet.

The only sound heard will be your huffing and puffing as you work out and relieve your body as you burn out excessive calories.

There are 20 levels of eddy current resistance for a wide range of workout intensity option.

Manual Ramp

Nautilus E614 Elliptical Trainer ReviewsSometimes we want to challenge ourselves to try a different slope to give you the effect of actually climbing a hill. You are not out of luck!

The Nautilus e614 Elliptical Trainer has a 6-position manual ramp adjustment. Overly, whether it is manual or powered adjustable incline, it is a very nice feature as it allows you to increase your intensity and more focus more on your upper leg muscles.

When you feel that pinch, know it has worked! It also has a 20-inch path stride length for natural movement.

Its footplates are large with cushioning to keep it as comfortable as possible.


  • Stability and Durability of this equipment have been taken to another level and cannot be compared to any other in the market
  • This machine has a computer system that comes with its adapter to plug it into the socket
  • There is a dual LCD window system, which allows for keeping track of your exercise progress
  • Charging ports for your phone or even that tablet that entertains you the most during the workout periods
  • The footplates are large enough to allow you have great cushioning and desired comfort throughout the exercise
  • It has 20 levels of resistance to allow you in making adjustments for an effective workout


  • This is a well-built, solid machine with low impact on your joints, however, if the cartilage is worn out in your knees, it still hurts
  • The position ramp adjustment is manual and not powered as expected by many customers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is the warranty of the Nautilus e614 Elliptical?

A: Its body frame has a warranty of ten years, its body parts two years guarantee, the electronic system of the machine one year warranty and the labour ninety-day warranty.

Q: Does the Nautilus e614 Elliptical have direct shipping and is it already assembled?

A: No, Nautilus products are mainly ordered from online websites, at fair prices, such as the Amazon.

It also comes with a step-by-step manual and some tools to assemble the equipment. You may need a few basic tools of your own to complete the assembly of the parts.

Assembling of the parts is very easy, and will not consume much of your time.

Final Thought

The Nautilus e614 Elliptical Trainer is equipped with great features for a machine in this price range. Moreover, easy to use features, simple assembly, and cutting edge technology make the E614 an obvious best choice.

You do not have to go to a gym workout place to get yourself in shape. Nautilus has been a long-time leader in the home fitness industry.

It is currently introducing machines and workouts to the industry that were formerly only available in well-stocked gyms sites. They are exceptionally committed to customer satisfaction.

Get online, order your Nautilus e614 elliptical trainer and get started on your workout!

The E614 Elliptical is designed to deliver its users a comfortable workout with maximum results and be confident that you will receive positive results.

If you are yet to embrace this fairly priced equipment, you are greatly missing out!

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