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Kent 700C Bike Review

Kent 700C Bike Review

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Whether you want to implement cycling in your training routine or just need a cost-free city vehicle, the Kent 700c is a great choice. It is a road bike and is therefore much lighter than most other bicycles. This means that you will have to put out less energy and you can also drive faster. We discuss all the pros and cons in this Kent 700c bike review.

There are many great road bikes, so why choose the Kent 700c? Well, it is definitely not for professional racing, but in terms of money and value, it is an excellent choice. In this Kent 700c bike review, we will talk about all the good and the bad things that this bike offers.

Features of Kent 700c Road Bike

This bike provides great features and mesmerizing quality compared to most of the bikes in that price range. Let’s see what is so good about the Kent 700c.

Lightweight Frame

The frame is one of the most important parts of the bicycle. It directly affects both the weight and the seating position. Also, the frame is the first part to decide whether the bike will last for years or for a few riding seasons. That is why you should not avoid the material that the frame is built from.

Most manufacturers build a bicycle frame from aluminum. It is good because it is lightweight and will not corrode or rust. However, the manufacturers from this company took another approach and built the frame completely from steel. This actually has many advantages. For example, you will never see a steel frame damaged or broken. It will serve you for many years without any problems if you take proper care of it.

However, you might be wondering if a bicycle with a steel frame can be lightweight. Usually, most lightweight bikes are made of aluminum or even carbon. Do not worry – although made of steel, this bicycle is still pretty much lightweight. It is at least lighter than most other bicycles made of steel. Besides that, it will endure any kind of ride, so you will not have any problems riding it off the road.

Great Shifters

Even at first glance, you can notice that the shifters on this bike are awesome. The bike comes with a Shimano 21 Speed Shifting lever on the handlebar. If you have never used a bike shifter before, you will be amazed by how shifting improves the ride quality. Depending on the road, you can always change the gear ratio to suit you perfectly.

For example, you can lower the gear while climbing a mountain, so it will be a lot easier to reach the top. Also, you can shift to a higher gear when going down the hill to achieve maximum speed.

We should also mention that these shifters are high-quality. Of course, they are not like the ones used in the Tour de France, but they are still very good. If maintained well, they can be used for many years. Also, they look a bit old-school, so if you are a fan of that kind of bicycle, you will definitely fall in love with these shifters.

However, there is a small disadvantage when it comes to the shifters. The fact is that they are a bit too far from the handlebar, so you will have to completely get your hands off the handlebar to use the shifter.

Also, the shifters are very specific, so you can not do a little bit of DIY to put them on the handle. They just have to stay where they are. Most probably, you will get used to them after a couple of rides. However, if you do not, you can always replace them and install different ones.


Obviously, brakes are a very important part of every bike. No matter how fast you go, you will always have to stop. The team from this company has introduced Alloy Caliper Brakes to encourage you to achieve top speed without the fear of being unable to stop.

Those brakes will stop suddenly no matter how fast you go. On the other hand, that is why you have to practice a bit before trying to achieve maximum speed while going down a hill. Powerful brakes come with a risk of braking too quick and too strong, which might lead to falling from the bicycle.

The brakes have small rubbers that have to be changed from time to time, but it is a very cheap investment. Usually, you can find those rubbers for a few dollars in literally every bike shop. They are also very simple to replace, and literally everyone can do it.

Beautiful Design

As you can see, this bike looks just beautiful. A buyer can easily make a wrong guess about its price if he does not have a deep knowledge of bicycles. The bicycle really looks like a premium, professional bike.

It has a sports handlebar that looks astonishing and can trick you into thinking that this bike costs twice its price. Also, it has a very nice body paint, with a kind of a “speedy” font. On the one hand, the bicycle looks minimalistic. On the other, it is still modern and has a slightly futuristic design.


  • 21 gears to perfectly suit your riding style
  • Alloy Caliper Brakes stop the bike at any speed
  • Steel frame built to last for many years
  • Lightweight, which makes riding much easier


  • Shifters position – you have to completely pull your hands off the handle

Wrapping Up Our Kent 700C Bike Review

It is needless to say that this bike is awesome! As you can see, it looks brilliant and is still within budget. Besides the great design, it also offers a high-quality frame, brakes, and shifters. It is lightweight, but it is still strong.

Basically, this bicycle is built to endure various riding styles and last for many years. No matter if you are looking for an everyday heavy riding bike, or just a vehicle that you will go to work with, the Kent 700c is an excellent choice. You should definitely give it a try! Did we miss something in our Kent 700C bike review? If so, let us know!

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