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How to Lose Weight Using an Elliptical

The elliptical machine is one of the recent fitness inventions. Most people use this equipment in controlling their body weight and general workout exercises. In order to manage your health, you need to develop an effective weight loss plan.

Weight loss is geared towards burning extra calories and fat that is not required by the body. In addition, you need to have the right workout machine to assist you in meeting your goals.

Knowing How to Lose Weight Using an Elliptical machine is helpful since the equipment is in use commonly. This article will provide you with the necessary information to use your elliptical machine in the most effective way possible.

How to Lose Weight Using an Elliptical

20-Minute Workout

One of the best elliptical workout plan to reduce weight significantly is a 20-minute workout. This effective workout plan will give your elliptical machine a fresh spark by using Tabata Interval Training Technique.

You use the machine by going for twenty seconds of vigorous exercise followed by 10 resting seconds. To attain the expected results, this move should be repeated a couple of times.

At the end of the workout period, the entire exercise would be fun as you will also be achieving your workout goals. The machine’s incline remains 5.0 as you train but the resistance and speed at which you push it to keep on changing.

Determining Your Plan

While exercising on the elliptical machine, you need to work hard and faster to get the heart pumping in order to lose weight.

Apart from the 20 seconds interval training, you can set your own intervals and develop a routine when you will be taking breaks. This will increase your endurance and overall fitness of the body.

Monitoring Your Position

Another tip on how to lose your weight from this machine is through modifying your diet. When using this machine, you should keep your head up, abdominal muscles tight and the shoulders back.

The lower body should act as support to your weight. Therefore, you should refrain from gripping the bars tightly or leaning on them. If you maintain this posture, using the elliptical machine will be effective and convenient.

However, it’s good to consult a health care specialist before starting the workouts if you experience some health challenges.

Burning Calories

Working out on an elliptical machine will burn a considerate number of calories. Example, if you weigh about 125lbs, half hour training on the elliptical machine will burn about 270 calories.

This is a significant amount of calories compared to other workout plans where you spend hours in the gym lifting heavy weights only to burn a few calories.

My in-depth research indicates that if you weigh 200lbs, you will burn 432 calories every half hour spend on this machine.

Final Thought

Losing weight is one way of gaining self-esteem and confidence among your colleagues. It is without a doubt that knowing How to Lose Weight Using an Elliptical machine is necessary for you to have a healthy body condition.

This new fitness machine is in use by many people both in residential houses and gym areas. It is, however, important to understand how it works and the best way to use it if any positive results are to be anticipated.

Also, it is always advisable to look for a professional trainer to help you in your workout exercises.

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