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FreeMotion 545 Elliptical Reviews

View on Amazon! Elliptical trainers find their place in most houses and personal gym, the reason being a shortage of time in people’s life.

Besides going to a gym or for outdoor activities, it has become much easier to train oneself and be perfectly fit right in the comfort of one’s home. For people opting for a low budget elliptical trainer,The FreeMotion 545 Elliptical can be a preferred pick.

Within the same price range, several top rated ellipticals can be found on the market but the 545 offered by Freemotion has been proven to provide good performance along with some great features.

 Features of the FreeMotion 545 Elliptical 

The array of inbuilt features and the ease of use has made this an absolute choice for many people. The FreeMotion 545 Elliptical Machines Reviews from its users suggest that it is a good one.

Good Build Quality And Reliability

The frame built factor of the Freemotion 545 elliptical machine is strong and durable.  No compromises have been made in the reliability of the body.

Indeed the parent company Icon is giving a lifetime warranty for the frame built of the device.

Also, the specs and body parts put in are of respectable quality and when it comes to elliptical trainers at this price range, this machine offers one of the best quality products in the category of low budget elliptical machines.

The stout body can perform with a body weight of maximum 325 pounds which is considered great.

With this simple and sturdy elliptical machine, workouts can be done without having extra reliability questions in mind.

Fitness Tracking

Fitness tracking is an essential aspect of exercising. Top trainers from around the world suggest that to improve on a regular basis, tracking of data must be done. This holds true for every form of exercises.

Moreover, fitness tracking helps in the improvement and also the elimination of problems thus providing better and fast lifestyle changes.

The FreeMotion 545 is enabled with various trackers such as heart rate monitors, speed trackers etc. Also, progress tracking measures accurately one’s progress in a workout schedule.

Also, the wireless chest strap provided is easier to use than wired versions. The RaceTrack display allows one to monitor their progress in a visually enhanced race track view.

Performance Factors And Adjustability

Workout Arms: The upper body workout of an elliptical machine helps in keeping the upper body muscles in fine-tuned condition thus cutting down on weight. The grips are comfortable and easy to use.

Adjustable Stride: The FreeMotion 545 incorporates adjustable stride of 20-22 inches. Thus, it is perfect to be used for various users since it offers a multitude of length settings.

Cushion Pads: The cushion pads on the pedals are large thus letting a variety of feet size be perfectly accommodated without any worries.

Incline Control: The 545 is equipped with “0 – 20%” 1 step incline control. This helps in adjusting the incline to various degrees according and as needed for comfort and various workouts.

Various Training Modules And Levels

The aim of an elliptical machine is to provide various types of body workouts all in compact size and setup. Thus, it can be view as a full-fledged workout module for most people.

The Freemotion 545 did a good job of incorporating various training activities all in one place within a budget far lower than similar elliptical machines available in the market.

This device constitutes of 26 training modules which are perfect for burning out all those extra calories and keep the muscles fit.

Also, if this is not enough and one wants tougher routines, this 545 also offers 22 levels of digital resistance. This can surely improve one’s fitness accordingly.

Built in Entertainment System

Exercising can get boring. Thus, any form of entertainment may be needed. Generally people opt for music and such. The fact is, if one gets bored of exercising, this may affect progress and even stop them for continuing.

This fact is well taken care of in the 545. It comes integrated with a 7-inch display and a dock for iPod integration.

The inbuilt iFit system in the machine brings the training routines to a whole different level. With this, one can train with a certified personal trainer, run distances with both audio and HD video and with google map navigation systems.

One can also compete with friends. Of course, the general tracing of all the vital data is automatically recorded.

Though there is an annual fee for the iFit subscription, it’s worth it because it’s the best fitness training program available right now.


  • Strong and reliable body and frame build.
  • Comes with 325 lb weight capacity.
  • 1 step incline control from 0% to 20%.
  • Inertial enhanced 28-pound flywheel.
  • Adjustable stride 20 inches – 22 inches.
  • Bigger sized cushion pedals for comfort.
  • It has front fitted transport wheels to move the machine around.
  • Comes with convenient water bottle holder.
  • 7 inch backlit display.
  • Has built-in music port compatible with iPod.
  • Comes with Progress tracker, heart rate monitor and various data feed monitors.
  • Integrated with renowned iFit wireless technology for excellent workout experience.
  • Comes with 26 training routines and 22 levels of resistance.
  • On handle ramp and resistance controls.
  • Workout fan from CoolAire helps in while intense workouts.
  • Comes with lifetime frame warranty, 3 years parts warranty and one-year labor warranty.


  • Some users received defective product parts which were later changed by the company.
  • Though this has good performance, other machines with more features may be available.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is this elliptical good for beginners?

A: This elliptical machine from budget and performance standpoint is a good option for beginners.

There are machines available in the market at higher price ranges that offer more features and options. But for starting out, this may be a good choice.

Q: What is the product weight?

A: The product weighs about 246 pounds with the accessories.

Q: Is iFit available for free?

A:  Yes the iFit module is pre-integrated with the system. iFit works via a wireless module for equipment like this and needs a subscription account.

While the first part of the module is covered, the subscription costs are extra and can be availed separately if needed.

Final Thought

The freemotion 545 elliptical reviews has been vastly positive owing to the performance part and the budget that this elliptical machine is available in.

There are lots of products in the market to choose from in the similar budget range. But as described above this has a set of features, standard on elliptical machines and more.

Though this cannot be compared to high-end machines, still, Freemotion 545 elliptical can be a good choice for someone who is a beginner or looking for an elliptical trainer within the tight budget.

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