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Five Reasons To Use An Elliptical Trainer

You may be familiar with an elliptical trainer, an exercise equipment that combines the movements of treadmill, exercise bike, and the stair climber into one. That machine in the cardio section with two long handles which merges the benefits of cross-country skiing, hiking, and biking.

Some have referred it to as a cross-trainer. But are you familiar with what the machine can offer you? Well, the truth is that an elliptical trainer can be more time consuming and more difficult yet more effective as it offers an entire body workout when compared with other cardiovascular exercise modes.Five Reasons To Use An Elliptical Trainer

With this said, below we are going to discuss the reasons why you should use an elliptical trainer next time you are doing your cardio.

Less Joint Impact

I would say that this is the most crucial aspect of an elliptical trainer. When using it, you usually have a similar workout as when jogging, but this time, your joints do not wear out a lot. Jogging subjects your joints to a great deal of stress especially due to your weight.

You can be a witness to this if you have jogged before for long without the right pair ofjogging shoes. You should have felt a lot of stress on your back, shins, ankles and the knees because jogging can be hard on such areas.

The case with an elliptical trainer is different because you keep your limb in contact with the machine continuously; this means limited operation hence less impact on your joints.

Good For The Heart

Five Reasons To Use An Elliptical TrainerAnother reason you should use an elliptical trainer is that it benefits the health of your heart. In physical rehabilitation and motor recovery, cardio training is highly recommended as it benefits both your cardiovascular health and physical fitness.

Having physical exercises regularly is good for your health as it improves blood circulation, strengthens the heart and lowers levels of cholesterol.

An elliptical trainer delivers extra benefits as it enhances your respiratory performance too. Many professionals have acknowledged that its heart-strengthening benefits cannot be ignored.

Help To Lose Weight

Five Reasons To Use An Elliptical TrainerWith an elliptical trainer, you may burn more calories than when biking or using a treadmill. One thing to note is that longer strides mean more calories are burned. On an elliptical trainer, the length of your stride can be increased, and this helps you to burn more calories without you feeling like you worked any harder.

If you are looking for a way to burn that excess fat, then consider using this machine. Working at 70% of your max heart rates for 30 minutes on an elliptical trainer can be an effective way to burn calories.

The exercises are easy, and you involve all your muscles in the workout. Plus you target your whole body since the workload is not placed on a specific body part but rather an entire body.

Tones 80% of Muscles

Five Reasons To Use An Elliptical TrainerThe elliptical trainer is a fitness equipment that can work well for your muscles. Training on it ensures that no body part is overlooked as the entire body is involved. You can be sure of this because your effort is well coordinated with this machine.

For example, pushing down pedals benefits your calves, buttocks, and thighs at the same time, and operating the handles works on your pectoral muscles, shoulders and arms.

Plus, the way the machine moves, you have to stand upright. This is a plus point for people struggling with bad backs and also helps you to contract your abdominals naturally.

Require Less Storage or Transportation Space

This comes handy when space is a factor to consider before buying the machine. You can move a compact elliptical trainer easily and save a lot of space. An outdoor elliptical trainer is not anything different because you can easily fold it to a size less than a bicycle and place it in your car trunk.

If your gym space is limited or you have no enough space to place your bicycle in your car trunk, consider using an elliptical trainer. It saves you a great deal of both storage and transportation save. There you go. If you are the kind that knew an elliptical trainer existed but did not know how it can help you, now you know. For those who were hesitant on whether to use it or not, you got so many reasons to give it a thought.

It is a great deal for you who want to involve your whole body in the workout with less impact on your joints. It is also the exercise equipment that overweight people and people struggling with chronic knee problem will like if they try it for their cardio.

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