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ElliptiGO 11R Elliptical Bike Reviews

ElliptiGO 11R Elliptical Bike Reviews

Are you in love with elliptical machines? Did you wish to own an outdoor bike, combined with both the facilities of a bike and an elliptical? If, yes, then you will be thrilled to read this ElliptiGO 11R Elliptical Bike Review. I am here to introduce ElliptiGO 11R-The World’s First Outdoor Elliptical Bike AND Your Best Indoor Elliptical Trainer.

 Features of the ElliptiGO 11R 

The ElliptiGo 11R bike is lightweight, speedy bike, with customized resistance ability and low impact, which can also be used on challenging terrains (all road bike). No, you are not dreaming, this is a reality. The ElliptiGo brand has released this bike after hundreds of test rides and years of research.

Frame and Body

ElliptiGO 11R Elliptical Bike ReviewsThis bike is the fashionable elliptical bike, uniquely constructed with lightweight, durable aluminum frame and carbon-fiber arms, to assist an effortless and smooth ride. The aluminum frame weight is 39.4 lbs. The steering column can be folded to a minimum length of 35 inches, which makes it possible to be stored in any corner of your house. The height can be extended to a length, which no traditional bike can offer. It also comes with a dual leg aluminum kickstand.

Customizable Features

The height of the bike can be set to 50-58 inch when in service. To provide further comfort, ElliptiGo consists of adjustable strides of 16 to 25 inch, thus, you can set the stride length according to your need. The ElliptiGo 11R also offers eleven levels of resistance; you can choose from.

High Climbing Grade and Speed, with Low Impact

ElliptiGO 11R Elliptical Bike ReviewsIt is built with a Shimano 11-speed geared hub and smart aluminum track system, which makes it possible for you to steer this bike smoothly trough any kind of terrain, now you can climb the hills or cross a rocky terrain with ease. It supports 20% to 30% of climbing the grade.

Plus, you have the option of lower gears for climbing on hilly/rocky tracks, and there are two additional higher gears for speeding up while on flat paved terrain/ descending downhill.

No, you do not have to worry about feeling any rough impacts as it will completely absorb shocks for a low-impact smooth ride. The ElliptiGo 11R is blessed with a complete gear range of 409%. As a result, your pedaling effort is reduced to some other level.

Consequently, you can speed up four times faster with the same pedaling effort you gave for a traditional bike. This bike has a relaxing, standard speed of 15m/h (mph) and can speed up to 25m/h (mph). It allows you to choose your gear according to the terrain’s demand.

Brake System and Safety

This elliptical bike is super safe. The Avid Speed Dial 7 linear pull rim brake system is used for front and rear brakes, as well as double-finger brake levers and 52-tooth chainring, is added to better safety concerns. The linear pull rim brakes yield a smooth and horizontal impeding halt, assisting with extra control facility. The safety is enhanced by the Ergon GC3 multi-position ergonomic grips with essential bar ends.

Very Comfortable

ElliptiGO 11R Elliptical Bike ReviewsYou can ride this bike with ease in a standing position. Therefore, the stress on your neck and back decreases. Plus, it abolishes the pain that is caused by uncomfortable seats. The adaptable steering column with soft grip multi-position handlebars makes the ride feel like heaven.

Great Workout Facility

Now, you can work out on the go. With ELliptiGo  you can burn calories while you are riding to your office, or while you are getting back home from your work. Ones you purchase this bike, you will no longer need to find extra time for the workout, from your busy schedule. And for your benefit, this elliptical bike can burn 33% more calories than a traditional bike. Hence, you are able to enjoy a better workout in a lesser amount of time.


  • The size is very convenient and is perfect for anyone.
  • Can be used both indoor and outdoor.
  • High-quality performance
  • Very safe, with low impact, reduces the chances of injury.
  • Low-impact
  • Burn a lot of calories
  • Adjustable stride
  • Very Comfortable
  • Can take the maximum weight of a person
  • All terrain bike


  • No holder for placing the water bottle
  • Taller than other elliptical bikes

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is the steering removable?

A: No, it is foldable.

Q: Will my height be an issue to use the bike?

A: No, it is very flexible you can extend or reduces strides to adjust accordingly.

Q: I am very healthy, can I ride this bike?

A: Yes, of course, it has a high weight bearing capacity.

Final Thought

This elliptical bike is a blend of all the advanced mechanism from a complex elliptical, a mountain bike and a road bike. I think it is worth paying few extra dollars over this elliptical bike with which promises tremendous performance with diversity.

Aren’t you technically saving money, as well as enjoying an elliptical and a versatile bike at the same time? Thank you for reading; I hope this ElliptiGO 11R Elliptical Bike Review will help you.

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