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Best Squat Rack Reviews 2020

The best squat rack is the ideal strength training equipment for performing free weight barbell workouts. It is used by athletes and fitness buffs to build and strengthen the major muscle groups.

Also known as a power rack, this weight training equipment is also used to build endurance and promote flexibility. A squat rack is also ideal for getting back in shape if you haven’t worked out in a while.

There are many types of squat racks but they’re all used for building up strength on the hips, buttocks, hamstrings and biceps. With consistent use you’ll develop endurance too. It has been found that spin bikes and elliptical's are other opportunities of improve your lower body area.

Buying Guide


Even the best squat rack for home gym is useless if it does not fit your garage or room. Make sure the squat rack is compact enough to fit in your chosen workout area. There should be enough room not just for the rack but for you to move around as well.


A well designed squat rack does not need any extra tools to make it work. Everything you need is – or should be – in the package. You just need to provide it with barbells and other weights and it’s good to go.

You could purchase other attachments such as spot pins, chin bars, dip attachments, J hooks and chain storage to enhance your workout experience. Whether these accessories may be essential for some, for others it might not be.

Before buying any accessories, you should research the product to make sure that it is something you need.


How easy is it to carry the squat rack in case you have to move it? A portable squat rack is ideal in many ways, but you don’t want it too light it will topple over. A well-made squat rack provides the proper balance so you can use it to the utmost.

Make sure also the structure is easy to adjust. As you work out you’ll find yourself wanting and needing to make adjustments. Being able to modify the settings is gong to be key when it comes to boosting your workout results.


A squat rack needs to be well balanced to meet the requirements of a hard workout. If you purchase from a reliable brand you can be assured of its quality. For the best results look for a squat rack with a wide base and a heavy duty steel frame.

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to have a stable squat rack. You’ll be lifting a lot of heavy weights so it’s critical the equipment is top notch. Before buying, learn the capacity so you’ll know how much it can handle.

Benefits of Squat Rack

This video shows how to properly use a squat rack and its benefits:

Easy to Use

As the video above shows, a squat rack is not difficult to use. To get the best results however you need to be consistent in your workout. Fortunately, the fact that the squat rack is easy to use means you’ll enjoy using it.

Builds Stronger Muscles

The best home squat rack is going to build your muscles and boost your strength. It will also make you less vulnerable to injuries and promote endurance. The more you work out the more it’s going to benefit not just your thighs and hips but the rest of your body.

Squat Rack Workouts

There are a lot of different workouts you can do including squats, deadlifts, overhead presses, barbell lunges and so on. You can perform a wide range of workouts and be confident about its ability to secure those heavy weights.

Squat Rack for Home Gym Reviews

The Valor Fitness makes our list of the best squat rack as it provides a good deal of versatility and power. The BD-9 has a maximum weight capacity of 500 pounds which is more than the typical squat rack can handle.

The Valor BD-9 also comes with a chrome back plate. This 5 inch plate has been placed there specifically to catch the weight as you use it. Even when you perform different types of maneuvers you will be safe and secure.

The unit works fine as it is, but you can adjust the base in case you need more stability. While the BD-9 is easy enough for the beginner to use, the 500 pound weight capacity means it has something for advanced users as well.

Going back to its safety bars, the design is superior to those found on regular squat racks. When it comes to performance the BD-9 allows you to do bench presses without compromising your safety.

You can also adjust the height to a maximum of 6.5 feet, and the height of the weight bar allows it to be used for pull ups. No matter what type of workout you do, you can always expand the base until you are comfortable.

There are a lot of useful, practical features on the rack, and space efficiency is one of the best. While it can support up to 500 pounds, the squat rack is not that heavy. You can easily quickly lift or relocate it.

So if you’’re looking for an effective way to build muscle and endurance, the BD-9 is one squat rack to consider.


  • The base is easy to adjust
  • Easy to assemble
  • Ideal for different types of workouts


  • No detailed step by step guide

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If you are searching for the best home squat rack there is a good chance you will come across products made by Yaheetech. This squat rack is one of their better products, allowing you to perform a wide range of workouts.

The best squat rack for home gym should be durable and built for long term use, and that is what you get here. The frame is made from carbon steel so it is more than capable of handling heavy pressure.

The Yaheetech has a 44” to 70” range which is more than enough for bench presses. With its 390 pound maximum load, it is easy to see why a lot of new and advanced users find this very comfortable to use.

The Yaheetech also comes with safety spotters so you don’’t have to worry about what will happen while you’re using it. The spotters work fine as is but you can make adjustments if necessary.

The Yaheetech squat rack also has anti scuff and anti skid rubber feet to ensure the rack remains in position. Not only does this improve safety but it also means your floor won’t suffer any damage.

There are more advanced squat racks in the market, but the Yaheetech is ideal for a lot of casual lifters and those who are new to squat racks in general. Its capacity, durability and design makes it appropriate for those starting out.

The directions are a bit lacking – only pictures are provided – but the procedure is straightforward enough so it should not be a problem. Once it’s been setup you can start working out.


  • Can be used for different workouts
  • Does not skid on the floor
  • 390 pound capacity


  • Proper setup a must to avoid wobbling

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Body Champ makes some of the best squat racks and this is a good example of that. Its key feature is being easy to adjust. Its solid construction also means it is one of the most reliable in terms of performance and stability.

The squat rack is equipped with two telescoping uprights so you can make easy adjustments to the height. It is this feature that allows different users to work with the Body Champ rack and get the features they want.

There are a couple of adjustment knobs built in for easy gripping, and it’s easier to use compared to those on other squat racks. Whether you are a beginner or advanced user, its level of adjustment is going to make each workout more productive.

The Body Champ does not compromise in the safety department either. This is evident from the two no-pinch catches which have been put in place to prevent injuries and accidents. The unit also has rubberized end caps so the rack does not skid while you use it.

This is also one of the more versatile squat jacks in the market today, allowing you to perform different types of exercises. The Body Champ also makes full use of its bracket and provides optimum freedom and stability during workouts.

There are a couple of safety hooks included, and the design doesn’t use up a lot of space. This is another reason why this squat rack is especially suited for those who don’t have a lot of room.

Compatibility won’t be a problem either as it works with standard 6 and 7 foot weight bars, and its 300 pound capacity is suited for many users.


  • Ergonomic adjustments
  • 300 pound weight capacity
  • Well made safety hooks


  • Instructions could have used more details

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The Ollieroo ranks as one of the best squat racks for its durability and flexibility. It has a maximum load of 480 pounds so it’s more than capable of meeting the needs of a typical weight lifter.

The Ollieroo is a versatile rack and can perform a variety of workouts, but it is most effective for bench presses. It is also flexible, with the height adjustable from 40.6 to 64.2 inches. Its range is from 30 to 48”, providing you with a lot of options.

The squat rack requires assembly but all the tools you need are here. The instructions are also easy to follow so you’ll be able to set it up in a few minutes. The rack is not only sturdy and well balanced, but it is also nonslip.

Its nonslip properties are essential for safety reasons, and it is also non abrasive. This squat rack does not take up a lot space so it’s ideal for homes with limited floor space.

The squat rack has dual resistance springs, and its construction allows for full body toning. With the Ollieroo you’ll also be able to experience the benefits of cardio without putting a lot of stress on your joints.

This squat rack is suitable for both beginners and advanced users. You just need to make adjustments to meet your skill level. This level of customization is also what makes it ideal for long term use as you just adjust the settings as you progress.

The Ollieroo squat rack works very well for a number of different workouts that will firm up your thighs, hips, gluts, biceps, triceps, forearms, calves and oblique.


  • Abrasion resistant
  • Simple assembly
  • Solid base


  • Safety bars protrude a little

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Any time you look for the best squat rack for home and you’re bound to run into one of the products made by F2C. This is one of their better known squat racks and with good reasons.

It supports up to 390 pounds so it should be more than sufficient to satisfy the requirements of most weightlifters. Another thing that should be pointed out is how easy it is to make the rack fit your height.

A good squat rack also comes with adjustable spotters. Spotters are essential for safety reasons and in this case it is easy to adjust. Anyone who’s used a squat rack knows how important spotters are so it’s good to see these are well constructed.

The F2C is also durable and stable. It is made of steel but is not as heavy or unwieldy as others. We also want to add that it has rubber end caps which provides protection for your floor.

The F2C squat rack is a high quality squat rack but it is also ideal for home use. The steel construction means it is suitable for long term use, but it does not compromise when it comes to safety.

What it comes down to is this: the F2C is ideal for maintaining your weight and building endurance. You can use it for any number of workouts but it is especially ideal for bench pressing as it builds up power and endurance.

The bottom line is the F2C is a well made squat rack. It has the features you need to build muscle and strength, and it is built with beginners and advanced users in mind.


  • Easy to adjust
  • Spotters are easy to set
  • Doesn’t scratch floors


  • The arms are a bit short

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The Akonza Squat Rack is one of the best squat rack for home based on its impressive feature set. Designed for the typical lifter, it has a capacity of 440 pounds, more than enough for the typical user.

You can adjust the Akonza to suit your height, a feature that will come in handy when you’re making adjustments to your work. The rack needs some assembly and while the instructions could have been better, it won’t take too long to assemble the structure.

Once assembled the Akonza will provide you with the opportunity to try different types of workouts. You can use this for rows, curls, squats, decline and incline bench presses and others.

No matter what workout you do the Akonza should hold up to the challenge. While it is aimed at budget users, the Akonza still performs well and comparable to more expensive squat racks in terms of workout variety.

The 440 pound capacity should be fine for most casual lifters and it is also suitable for those who want a squat rack they can use at home. The design also makes it appropriate if you are looking for portability as it is easy to move around.

The rack also has a solidly built arm (ABS plastic) which is ideal for bench presses, and its base is enough to secure its balance. As we have mentioned, you can adjust the height to suit your needs so it is more convenient than other squat racks.

The bottom line is the Akonza is a solidly built squat rack. While it is not the fanciest model out there, it’s got the features to produce the desired results.


  • Adjustable height
  • Desinged for average weight lifters
  • Can be used for different workouts


  • Instructions are a bit lacking

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As we have shown here, a squat rack is one of the most important pieces of workout equipment you can use at home anytime. They used to be available only in the gym and those who have money to buy them.

However that’s no longer the case since squat racks are now more affordable. With the best squat rack you’ll be able to work out your muscles and gain strength.

Hopefully this review guide was able to help. As to which is the best among the products here, they’re all good and will provide the benefits you’re looking for.

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