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Best Power Tower Reviews 2020

Getting fit nowadays can take quite a bit of equipment. One of the best pieces of equipment that you can get is a power tower. Otherwise read our power rack buying guide for more optimal strength training.

 Sometimes know as a captain’s chair or a knee raise station, this particular piece of equipment is pretty flexible when it comes to fitness. Having the best power tower available will give you access to a wide array of exercises, all on one machine. This includes dips, pull-ups, chin-ups, knee raises, and more.

The best power towers would let you run through an entire exercise routine on a single go. The most important ones though are the chin-ups and pull-ups. Both of these exercises can work your entire body, especially your back muscles. They even work your abs. Doing pull-ups alone, you do the combination of crunches and bicep curls in one go.

Buying Guide

Considering how many power towers are available, you’ll want to read some power tower reviews to see which ones which will best fit your needs. To make the best possible selection, you will want to pick a power tower that will best fits your needs. Here are some factors that you should seriously consider to find the best power tower station for your use.


There’s no avoiding the fact that power towers are big. However, there are still variations in size. Depending on how tall you are, you may want a larger or smaller fitness power tower. Take note that you will be mostly using the power tower to do pull-ups and dips. For that to happen properly, you will want to have a power tower that is the right size. This can be noticeably difficult if you are over the height of six feet since some exercises are not as effective if you don’t have the proper space for them, especially pull-ups.


Most power towers are designed differently. They have the same general shape, but they all have different options available to them. Some power towers are optimized for a particular set of exercises. Some even have extra options available to them. This is why when you look at at power towers, you should check out what else they can offer your workout besides the basics


Power towers are heavy-duty pieces of equipment. This means you will be working them hard. Exercises like pull-ups and more often have the power tower take your entire weight. This is find if you are pretty light, however, if you are overweight or have significant mass on you, this can put a strain on the tower. Additionally, you will want a power tower that will last a long time. Though most power towers are made of steel, some are made of less durable materials. Pick a power tower that will be able to stand up to the punishment of daily workouts.

Best Power Tower Reviews

The Body Champ Power Tower is an affordable power tower solution that should meet a lot of your exercises needs. Measuring 83 inches from its top position, this is a good choice for most people of average height. Even taller people will still find it useful. This is thanks to the stability of the D-frame base. When you put your full weight on the frame, you won’t be afraid about the power tower falling over. It may not be the best pullup tower out there, but it is up there in your possible choices.

Besides, the impressive size and frame, you will be pleased by how well your exercise performance will be thanks to to the Body Champ. There are three main areas. First, there’s the pull-up bar. With built-in foam cushions, you can be assured that you will be able to hold well to the bar. This ensures that you will be able to properly hold on to the bar and there’ll be one less point of strain. Next, there’s the dipping stating. The two horizontal bars will be there for you to do dips, while the padded cushion is there fto support your back when doing knee raises. Finally, there’s the two push-up bars near the base, one for each hand. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to adjust things when the power tower is finally assembled.

Finally, this power tower is made for maximum durability. The double beam steel bars will be able to keep this power tower steady as you do your exercises. With the protective feet, you won’t need to worry about the power tower’s legs gouging and scratching the floor beneath it.


  • Enhanced stability thanks to base
  • Allows for a total body workout
  • Non-slip handles ensure lower chance of accidents


  • Nonadjustable frame

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The Stamina 1690 Power Tower is an excellent piece of equipment that you may want to see added to your home gym. The main attraction of it is that it is a lot more affordable than the other options on the market. This is thanks to the slim design. This particular power tower has a height of 81 inches and a width of 50 inches.

That’s pretty svelte compared to other power towers. The result though makes it look a bit more flimsy compared to the robust framing bars of other power towers. However, they are still steel and can pretty much handle a lot of weight, up to 250 pounds. Take note though that the bars are still pretty thin. They will start to bend if you are too heavy.

As for the exercise, this particular power tower has four exercises stations. First, there’s the solid pull-up bar with foam padded grips. Next, there’s the sit-up station at its base, which is also foam padded. Third, there’s the push-up station which allows for a sustained effort of push ups thanks to the foam padding. Finally, there’s the triceps dip station, which can also be used for vertical knee raises.

Overall, this is a nice piece of exercise equipment. It only has a small footprint, which means it will fit in a small space. It’s also comparatively light, which will allow you to move it around much more easily. You can get a lot of value out of it since it is pretty much one of the cheapest power towers around. However, take note that it is not as durable as other models thanks to the thinner bars.


  • Very affordable
  • Can hold up to 250 pounds of weight
  • Allows for sit-ups


  • Looks flimsier compared to other power towers

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The Weider Power Tower is rated pretty highly in pull up tower reviews. That’s mainly because of the fact that it is actually a rather solid piece of equipment at a very affordable price. Compared to others on the market, it’s actually pretty cheap.

Measuring 84 inches in height, it will allow a lot of taller people to comfortably do their pull-ups and chin-ups. Note though that you will experience a bit of rocking. Adding a few weights at the base should eliminate this, as well as doing exercises slowly. It only occupies around a 50 by 50 inch space, which is pretty good for such a large piece of equipment. You can also assemble it pretty easily. Lay it all out and you should have it upright in just a matter of two hours.

As for its exercises, you will be able to get three different stations. First, there’s the pull-up chin-up bar. The high height makes it a good challenge for a lot of people. Next, there’s the push-up station near the base. It’s actually the most stable station since it is near the base. Finally, there’s the dipping and the knee raise station. Foam padding can be found in the pull-up bars and the push-up station. The dipping station has a back rest cushion and an arm rest to make it even easier for anyone who uses it.

Overall, it’s a pretty good piece of equipment. The black powder coating ensures that it won’t rust so easily. The three exercise stations are all pretty accessible and with some modification, you can eliminate that rocking motion that comes with the initial assembly.


  • Thick padding for arm at back rests
  • High pull-up bar
  • Very sturdy and will handle a whole lot of weight


  • Noticeable rocking motion during exercise

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The Body Champ Power Tower is a pretty good power tower. Priced reasonably, it stand somewhere between the cheap and expensive. It won’t break the bank, but you will need to budget for it. However, you will be getting the full value of your investment in this particular power tower.

It is surprisingly tall. It clocks in at 86 inches. That’s pretty tall compared to other power tower. If you are over six feet tall, this power tower is ideal for you. However, the problem is for those who are shorter. You may need some assistance reaching for the top if you are less than average height. As for the space footprint that it occupies, it is actually pretty compressed. You need only around 40 inches of space.

As for the exercises, this particular power tower has three workout stations that can accommodate five separate exercises. When you start your workout regimen on this device, you will be able to get a full workout. The pull-up bars are well-padded both for close and wide angle pull-ups. You can also do chin-ups on them. Next, there is the dipping station. You can do dips and knee raises. This is especially good since the arm bars were designed to ease the stress of doing these exercise. You can also actually fold them down to help get a proper grip. The back cushion also helps greatly when you do knee raises. Finally, the push-up station at the base ensures that you will get a full and complete workout

Overall, with the reasonable price and solid exercise features, this is a good choice for those who want to buy an initial power tower.


  • Three workout stations
  • Well-positioned arm bars reduce arm stress
  • Dip handles can be folded down


  • High height can make shorter people uncomfortable

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The Body Vision PT600 Power Tower is an interesting piece of equipment. This multi-station power tower is one of the better choices for beginners to start out with when they want to buy a power tower. This is mostly because of the cheap price. With three fitness stations to allow for a variety of exercises, you should be able to get a good workout from all of them.

The size of this particular power tower is pretty average. With a height of 83 inches, it will allow most people a good height to do their pull-ups and chin-ups properly. As for floor space, this power tower is actually pretty compact compared to others in the market. You’ll only need a square of four feet to accommodate it. The great thing about it is that during assembly, you can adjust the frame to better fit your uses. If you are taller or shorter, all you need to do is to fix it up a bit. One of the most noticeable adjustments is with the foot grips. These foot grips help when you are doing knee raises or dips. They can even help when you are too short to reach the pull-up bar properly. Besides that, they double as the push-up station.

Besides that, the power tower has three exercise stations for the traditional exercises associated with power towers: push-ups, pull-ups, chin-ups, knee raises, and dips. That’s a good spread of exercises and the power tower can accommodate them all. The only problem is that the pull-up bar can be too wide. If your arms are short, you may struggle a big with the wide-angle pull-ups. Overall, though, the power tower is a good choice.

The Fitness Reality X Class High Capacity Multi Function Power Tower has a pretty high price tag, but it can be worth what you pay for it. Once you unpack this power tower, you can be sure of its solidity. The solid black frame is something that should be really impressive. When fully assembled, the power tower will occupy a lot of space though. The advantage of that is the frame is a lot more solid and stable.

At a height of 83 inches, this power tower can allow you to make good pull-ups and chin-ups. The height is enough to allow you to do them properly. Besides the pull-up station, there is also a dip station. This allows for dips and knee raises, with a cushion to properly support your back when you do them. The arm handles on the dip station also have comfortable arm rests so you don’t have to struggle too much.

However, the real advantages of this power tower is the adjustable handle bars. Placed in seven different positions, they allow you to do a variety of exercises. These include push-ups, situps, and more. With the adjustable position, users can make them easier or more difficult depending on their requirements. That’s a big bonus for those who want to keep on challenging themselves.

Besides the benefit of more exercises, this particular power tower also benefits from being very durable. Made out of heavy-duty steel, the frame will be able to handle large amounts of weight. It will also last for a very long time, which is good since you’ll most likely be using it for daily workout. If something does go wrong, the power tower has a lifetime warranty to ensure that it works properly.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Two adjustable handle bars
  • Lifetime warranty


  • On the expensive side

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The Ainfox Power Tower is an interesting power tower choice. This is mainly because of its adjustable frame. At its tallest, it would be 84 inches tall. The lowest setting has it at 64 inches. This is a good thing since it allows a variety of users to exercise on the power tower with no problem. With the variety that the adjustable frame presents, you can be sure that your pull-ups will be as hard or as easy as you want them to be. Take note though that at maximum height, you may want to be careful about hitting the ceiling.

Besides being adjustable, the Ainfox Power Tower is also very solidly built with a reinforced steel frame. The power tower will be able to handle an incredible weight capacity, which is up to 550 pounds. This is actually pretty over the top, since no one is going to hit that limit. However, it does allow those exercising to add weights to their normal workout, further enhancing it.

Besides the size and frame, this power tower has two main fitness station. One is the pull-up/chin-up bar. Thanks to the adjustable frame, this can be as difficult as you want it to be. Besides that, there is also the dipping station. It allows for knee raises and triceps dips. This is supplemented by the back rest cushion and an armrest pad. Both of them have non-slip grips so you can be assured of no chance of accidents with them. With these two exercise stations on the power tower, you should have a good set of exercises. However, those who want more may be disappointed.


  • Reinforced steel frame
  • Non-slip grip
  • Adjustable frame


  • Pull-ups can get uncomfortable if your ceiling is too low
  • Only has two fitness stations

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