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Best Foldable Bike Reviews 2018

Bicycles are very useful, especially now with the always rising price of gas. Being the cheapskate that I am, I brought a bike to travel to and from my workplace, grocery and home. It was doing great, until the bike wandered away. Yes, it wandered away together with a thief.

That is why I am now a bit protective, and paranoid but do not tell any shrinks out there, of my bikes. That is why I am trying to find out the best foldable bike for me. A bicycle that is designed to fold and turn into a compact version of itself, and is useful to carry around or just to is a folding bicycle or a foldable bike. When a bicycle is folded, one can carry it easily into buildings, parks, hikes, camping and expeditions or on a public transportation (facilitating mixed mode commuting or bicycle commuting) and is more easily stored in compact living quarters, aboard cars, planes or boats too.

 A folding mechanism comes into many varieties. These variable mechanisms offer a distinct combination of folding speed, ease, compactness, durable weight and price depending on the complexities each mechanism has. On the other hand, the best foldable bikes demand quite a lot of structural requirements, like needing a greater number of parts and a specialized design.  What the best folding bike for me may not be the best folding bicycle for you.

Our Rating
Schwinn 20-inch Loop Folding Bike

• Light alloy folding frame

• Shimano shifters with no noise capabilities

• 7-speed system

• Lifetime Warranty

4 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5

Vilano Urbana Single Speed Folding Bike

• Aluminum frame

• Rear rack mount with water bottle holder

• Premium compact space

• Very easy to assemble

3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5


• Grip and traction enhanced tireds

• 10-second folding time

• Kwest commuter tires

• Lightest bike available (22 pounds)

3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5


• Unique folding pedals

• High quality Shimano derailleurs (disc brakes)

• Shimano Trigger shifters

3.5 out of 5 stars
3.5 out of 5

Stowabike 20” Folding City V2 Compact Foldable Bike

• Shimano Shifters (6-speed gears/shifters)

• Liner pull V brakes

• Comfortable design

• Easy folding and unfolding steps

3.2 out of 5 stars
3.2 out of 5

Buying Guide: Features to look for in the best folding bicycle

Depending upon various factors, folding bikes can be more expensive than their non-folding counterparts. The choice of the manufacturer or marketer has always been the part of the factors, and thus needs to be resolved before one will buy what they think is the best foldable bike suited for them. There are some bicycles offering a separable feature rather than a foldable one. The actual matter of resolving this search of what bike to buy will consists of finding the one that is easy to fold, has a compact size and one that is fast.

  • Decide how you want to roll: The first step to choose a folding bicycle comes down to decide how one wants to ride, and the kind of riding they may be doing. How often and where does one plan to ride usually? Is just having a good riding bicycle more important than having a good ability to push the folded bicycle? Is spending extra money over the suspensions worth it when one is just going to ride PCNs or pavements? Think about these factors before jumping to buying.
  • Choose the wheel size: Wheel size affects the riding capabilities of a rider. Changing the characteristics and probability of the bike. One of the important aspects to look for is the availability of replacement spares as such the inner tubes and tires. Surely, the 18 or 24-inch wheels may look cool, but if one cannot get a hold of spares in times of need, one may end up paying a lot more to get spares
  • Choosing components and frame design: One of the important factor other than the price is the level of performance from components. The better the components, the better that bike will be riding for long. In addition, it also means better durability; lighter weight but so will the cost rise proportionally. Does one need suspensions, a 24-speed gearbox? The best strategy to go with is to remember what one needs and not what one wants. There is a lot of difference between the two, so consider revising your options again.

When one is over with all these things, a completely new world opens to them, with the right choice of bike best suited for them. Let us look at the bikes that some consider to be one of the best foldable bikes in the market

Established in 1895; this Chicago based manufacturer is known for its iconic bikes like The Phantom, The Varsity and the original Krate children’s bike. This folding commuter bike boasts about being the most compact model available. One can easily bring it inside a train or a bus for the ultimate in all-weather experience. Featuring a 7-speed transmission system, pant guards, front and rear fenders to keep the dirt off one’s clothes.


  • Light-Alloy folding frame: One of the features that landed this bicycle into our list is the frame. Made from aluminium alloy and weighs 41.1 pounds.
  • Shimano Shifters: Featuring the latest Shimano Revo Shift Twist shifters, this bike offers no noise capabilities, and is very silent. Sound as low as 2 dB is what that will be coming off this transmission system.
  • 7-speed system: Incorporated with a 7-speed gear system, with the technology of the Shimano Tourney, this bicycle can take one to great speeds.
  • A lifetime warranty: Just like the original bicycles from the one and original Ignaz Schwinn, all these Schwinn bicycles offer a limited lifetime warranty if one owns the bikes.


  • Front and rear linear pull V brakes, allowing one to stop easily and smoothly.
  • Front and rear fenders to allow the rider protection from dust, mud, and water along the roads.
  • Lifetime warranty, if one owns the bike, the bike features a warranty until then.


  • Does not contain anything to hold it together when folded up.
  • No way to adjust the handlebars.

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Overall Product Rating (OPR): This product gets a 4.0-star rating. This bike comes in as the best folding bike available out there in the market. Being 41.1 lbs., this bike comes in as the heaviest one here. However, it also features many benefits, making it a great bike.

This Stowabike, with 6-speed Shimano shifters, is easily able to climb up the hills and rough terrains. The Shimano shifters need minimal to none adjustments, to run smoothly One of the best aspects of this bike is its smart looking aesthetics, which the manufacturers did a great job. One of the cheapest folding bikes available in the market, featuring Shimano shifters, this bike is one of the best folding bikes available out there. This bike is a good alternative for commuters who prefer a folding bike rather than a simple one. This is a folding bike with great portability, compatibility and functionality, and is great for those who are on a tight budget. This bike has found a way to answer most of the commuters’ problems as well.


  • Shimano Shifters: The Shimano 6-speed gears/shifters are powerful enough to be able to climb up a hill easily. In general, this bike offers a smooth and steady ride.
  • Liner Pull V brakes: The steel V brakes works efficiently enough ensuring the safety of the rider, and minimal potential risks to them. It also includes long mud fenders, keeping the rider squeakily clean and tidy in snowy or rainy weather.
  • Comfortable Design: The frame may be a little bulky and heavy, but its foldable capabilities allow it to be stored into small places easily, which is the core value one might be looking for in a folding bike.
  • Easy Folding and Unfolding Steps: One is easily able to fold and unfold it in mere seconds, and does not require any manual to do so. Moreover, when one has gotten the hang of folding and unfolding it, it feels like a breeze, a daily habit and one is able to do so in less than 10-seconds.


  • This bike features an aesthetically pleasing design.
  • Option to carry it on the backs, with the provided straps, which can be easily belted around.
  • Liner pulls steel V brakes can easily bring this commuter to a stop.


  • It is a heavy bike than its other competitors, weighing in at 35 lbs.
  • Does not include a latching system to keep the bike in the hold when folded.
  • Handles do not fold and require an extra tool to collapse or take them off.

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Overall Product Rating (OPR): This product gets a 3.25-star rating. This bike does not offer many good features and the cheap material used gives this bike a lower star rating.

The Vilano Urbana Single speed bike is a great commuter bike. This single-speed folding bike does not require much maintenance and one is able to assemble and maintain it easily enough on their own. The ultimate stylish solution to the folding bike commuters, this Vilano offers a comfortable saddle, along with rack/water bottle holder. This is recommended for those cruising out for long.


  • Aluminium frame: Lightweight aluminium alloy frame, allowing one to carry this bike easily. Being lightweight, it offers many capabilities; one can easily store this bike too.
  • Rear rack mount along with water bottle holder: This bike offers mounting points for a rear rack along with a water bottle holder. One can get this bike customized and fitted with a rear rack and a holder on the sides easily.
  • Premium compact space: The Vilano Urbana, folds in less than mere 10 seconds, and storable in the corner. It measures a compact 12” x 32” x 25” when folded.  
  • Minimal assembly: Minimal assembly required, and simple too. One just needs to install the handlebars, the saddle, the pedals (right one goes clockwise, and the left counter clockwise) and tune the wheels and brakes. Although assembly is simple, one should still take it to a mechanic for fine-tuning of the bike.


  • Lightweight aluminium alloy frame, giving it a lightweight feel, one can carry it easily.
  • Foldable, one can easily fold the bike and carry on their backs.
  • Rear mounts and water bottle mount points included. Extremely customizable.


  • Single speed bike, at best perfect for commuting on exercise trails and low hilly trails.
  • The bike is uncomfortable to carry; surely, it is foldable, but not comfortable to carry.

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Overall Product Rating (OPR): This product easily gets 3.75 stars from us. Came out to be the runner-up here, this bike offers quite the neat and clean features for a daily commuter. This is absolutely one of the best folding bikes available.

The latest in the line-up from XSpec, this foldable bike can be folded in mere 7-8 seconds, the fastest yet out there available in the market. Just fold it up and store it easily without the need for those annoying bicycle racks or the worries about getting it locked up in the public places. Featuring a high tensile and durable folding frame, with the latest Shimano SL-TX30 shifter transmission system, and Shimano RD-TZ50 rear derailleurs, this is one of the best folding bikes in the market. The 21-speed function gives one the option to ride it at good speeds, giving one the chance to crack it up, put in the highest gear, and ride it with style. No need to worry about the brakes; this foldable and portable bike offers, front disc brakes allowing one to put the bike to a stop instantly.


  • Unique Folding pedals: Along with the foldable body, and frame, this unique bike offers foldable pedals. One can easily fold the bike compactly along the pedals so that they do not stick out of the bike, protruding out and sticking in the back.
  • Shimano RD-TZ50 derailleurs: Boasting the Shimano derailleurs, this bike can quickly pick up speeds and lose speeds with the disc brakes. The derailleurs consist of a 21-speed shift system, best out there for a foldable bike.
  • Shimano Trigger SL-TX30 shifters: Incorporated with the Shimano Trigger shifters, this bike makes the transmission of the gears as smooth and swift as possible, without making least of the noises.


  • High tensile folding frame, durable and strong enough to hold its turf on any terrains.
  • Alloy disc double walled spikes, no worries of the rim getting bent again now.
  • Stream lined sleek design, best suited for students, office workers or urban riders.
  • 48T chain ring, able to withhold the high gear pressure easily.


  • The bike is made from steel rather than aluminum, increasing its weight.

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Overall Product Rating (OPR): This product gets an OPR of 3.5 stars. Being made of steel, makes this bike quite a lot heavier than other single speed bikes here. Thus, dropping its star rating and the value of a foldable bike.

This sleek single speed bike from Retrospec does not offer much besides the fact it being a foldable bike. Due to being single speed, one can carry this bike easily, as it decreases its weight considerably. Featuring the lightest aluminum alloy frame, which is lighter than other frames and body making this bike the lightest around here.

Comes with Kenda Kwest commuter tires, with smoothest rounded treaded tires, along with large water dispersion grooves. The terrain does not matter if it is rainy or muddy, since this bike is able to ride through all.


  • Grip and traction enhanced tires: Comes with enhanced treaded tires, able to disperse the water along the roads easily, making one ride through water without any slips or slides.
  • 10-sec folding time: This bike folds up into its compact version, within 10 seconds only. Allowing one to fold the handlebar tube, the top-tube and the pedals too.


  • 20” Kenda Kwest commuter tires, with added water dispersion grooves along the treads.
  • Ideal for commuting on exercise paths, that are mostly flat or smaller hilly trails.
  • Lightest bike available here, only 22 pounds. One can carry this bike easily.
  • Super customization bike, one can easily get it customized with basket, guards and all.


  • No disc brakes, which makes this bike suitable for riding around the city only.
  • Single speed bike, this bike does not offer any gearbox and gear ability.

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Overall Product Rating (OPR): This product came out to be as a tough tiebreaker with its other runner up getting a star value of 3.75 stars. The competitor was tough to break and thus a draw. This bike offers the Kenda commuter tires, which are easily able to disperse any ground water easily, preventing slips and slides along the road.

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