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Best Exercise Equipment Mats for Carpet | Reviews and Guide

For the indoors workout to be complete and a smooth experience with no regrets, you do not only need a good workout equipment with you but also need to protect your facilities at your workout place.

Listed below are the benefits of having an exercise equipment mat in your home and why many gyms have it for their elliptical machines and even the recumbent exercise bike.

  • Slip prevention – Prevents the machine from slipping when the floor is wet and it is able to quickly dry.
  • Floor protection – Avoids the concrete, wood, or carpet floor from any future damage when moving the exercise machine elsewhere.
  • Shock absorbent – It will avert any impact to the joints and allow the athlete to perform high-level exercises.
  • Noise reduction – the noise and vibration of the machine will be greatly reduced so that others are not irritated from the loud sounds.

In short, what I am trying to say is that you will need the Exercise Equipment Mats for Carpet to have ultimate protection of your concrete floor and your carpet. It will even be better if you are capable of spotting the one among the cream of these machines in the wide market, which is what I am looking forward to helping you through this article. 

Comparison of 5 Best Exercise
Equipment Mats

Our Rating
Elliptical GymTough
Dura Mat

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Works great for elliptical trainers.
Well textured finish offers
smoothness in your house.
Five years warranty.
Does not leave marks on your
floor or carpet as rubber does.

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5
Stamina Fold-to-Fit Folding
Equipment Mat

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Accommodates a variety of machines.
Can be folded to fit small machines.
Overall texture is rough and non-slip.
Easy to clean.

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5
Supermats Heavy
P.V.C. Mat

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Durability is top class.
Perfect choice for Treadmills.
Easy to clean.
Offers great protection to your carpet.

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5
SuperMat 27GS Solid
Equipment Mat

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Extremely tough material
• Protects your carpet or floor from
heavy weight machines.

Big in Size
• Accommodates any machine and
perfect for treadmills.

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5
Rubber-Cal Elliptical Heavy Duty
Floor Mat

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Resistant recycled rubber
Helps to maintain the good condition
of your floor

Available in two distinct sizes.
Absorbs noise and vibrations that
cause abrasions to your floor.

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5

The 5 Best Exercise Equipment Mats

The most satisfying thing about working out is working out without having any destruction, that way; you are capable of enjoying your end term fruits. A combination of the best workout machine and the best carpet protector will raise the standards of your exercise.

1. Stamina Fold-to-Fit Folding Equipment Mat

Best Exercise Equipment Mats for Carpet

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This Stamina Fold-to-Fit Folding Equipment Mat is renowned all over the entire market for its good quality, offering ultimate protection of your house’s floor. Be it a carpet or a concrete floor, this mat will work out just fine for a variety of ground materials making it a great exercise machine mat.

It has all the protective features you would need for your continuous comfort without having to worry about the safety of your floor or mat. The overall mat design is meant to reduce the heavy impact of your workout machine to the intensity that can be accommodated.

The mat is made of a material tough enough to bear the weight of the equipment you are using but soft enough to absorb the shock caused and prevented it from reaching your floor. One of the best news about this product is the fact that it also helps in preventing fiber material of your carpet from getting into your workout machine.

This means it prevents your machine too from under performance caused by carpet to machine collisions. You can fold this mat to fit your area of coverage or for easy storage.You will love it as it is the best exercise mat for carpet.

 Features At A Glance 
  • The size is meant to accommodate a variety of machines and can be folded to fit the small machines.
  • Works well with the stationary machines, the gym, the elliptical trainers and many other indoors workout machines.
  • It has a closed cell material for nice absorption of impact brought about by any machine used on your floor.
  • The overall texture is rough and non-slip, which is easy to clean.
  • Protects your carpet from unseen blemishes.

2. Supermats Heavy Duty P.V.C. Mat

Best Exercise Equipment Mats for Carpet

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This is another mat, which has everything to do with durability. The Supermats Heavy Duty P.V.C. Mat is durable and is designed to bring your carpet durability. You now can utilize your equipment for a long workout period and is perfect for home gym equipment on hard floors.

Just combine your elliptical trainer or your stationary bike with this heavy duty and you will never regret. It is that simple. The mat is meant to accommodate heavy exercise machines and protect the carpet from shocks of such debris. Do not worry about the neatness of your floor, as the overall material of this mat is easy to clean.

Regarding smartness, you are capable of raising the standards of your living room to the highest level possible. It has a convenient size that is capable of accommodating several types of workout equipment that you purchase for an indoors workout.

Unlike other types of exercise equipment mats, this one is good for treadmills as it is large enough and accommodative regarding the material strength. You will love the great protection offered by this mat to your carpet, as not even a single harmful form of impact penetrates. This is hands down the #1 choice if you want a treadmill mat for carpet.

 Features At A Glance 
  • Its durability is top class and transmits the same to your floor through protection against heavyweight machines.
  • Easy to clean material using clothing.
  • A longer size than that of any other mat in the entire market fitting any room.
  • The tread mat is a perfect choice for the treadmills in the entire market.
  • Suppresses vibrations caused by strong workout machines to avoid damages of your carpet.

3. SuperMat 27GS Solid Equipment Mat

Best Exercise Equipment Mats for Carpet

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As for this SuperMat 27GS solid equipment mat, the extremely tough material used in overall creation makes it the most effective protective mat for carpet you can trace in the market.

As much as we check on designs and appearances, the most important factor is the services you will enjoy it as protective equipment. However, I did not say that the design is not good enough.

You will love the impression this mat layers your living room floor with. It is super impressive. Apart from just protecting your carpet or your floor from damage by the equipment you use for working out, this mat also prevents the equipment from absorbing dust from the carpet or the ground, thus increasing the life of your workout machine.

The size of this mat is convenient in the sense that it fits almost in any room and accommodates a variety of the workout machines. This means, with the mat, you are not limited to the type of machine to purchase. The mat also has the feature of absorbing vibrations from the workout machine that are likely to create a damaging impact on your carpet or floor.

 Features At A Glance 
  • Extremely tough material to help in ultimately protecting your carpet or floor from the heavy weight machines.
  • Absorbs dangerous vibrations and unnecessary sounds that could cause your carpet or floor damage.
  • The material is meant to prevent your equipment from absorbing dust from your carpet or floor.
  • The size is big enough to cover almost any room and accommodate any machine.
  • It is strong enough and perfect for treadmills.

4. Rubber-Cal Elliptical Heavy Duty Floor Mat

Best Exercise Equipment Mats for Carpet

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This Rubber-Cal Elliptical Heavy Duty Floor Mat for exercise equipment acts as a layer of protective rubber and helps to make sure that your carpet or floor does not suffer destructive vibrations or bad impact from heavy workout machines.

It is always appropriate to have the protective cover whenever you purchase and begin using your workout machine. Depending on the intensity of the machine you are using, your carpet or floor is capable of undergoing severe destructions.

You are now capable of forgetting about the destructions that have been worrying machine users for a long time, by buying this elegant mat and having it layer your floor. They call this mat a scuff resistant mat, as it has been made of rubber meant to offer you great resistance against dust and vibrations that could create damages.

This mat is available in two sizes to offer accommodation of almost any elliptical trainer machine in the market. The rubber material is rough and tough enough to accommodate any weight of any machine you prefer for working out. You will love the impressive design and the shape of this special mat.

 Features At A Glance 
  • Resistant recycled rubber, which helps to maintain the good condition of your floor regardless of your machine’s weight.
  • Impressive overall mat design to help in maintaining a good look for your living room.
  • Absorbs noise and vibrations that are likely to cause abrasions to your floor and your room.
  • Available in two distinct sizes to help in accommodation of your different elliptical machines.
  • Elastic and soft texture for your floor to make it ideal for smoothness of your carpet.

5. Elliptical GymTough Dura Mat

Best Exercise Equipment Mats for Carpet

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Elliptical or stationary bike workout is not complete workout without quality protection from the top class Elliptical GymTough Dura Mat – it is the perfect exercise equipment floor mat.

Your workout combination equipment is not yet a complete set without this protective mat. This is a mat I call a dual protector as it works in two ways. It protects your flooring from getting damaged and suffering unnecessary vibrations brought about by the elliptical trainers and treadmill.

However, this mat will mostly work out for the elliptical machines because of the special design based on elliptical specifications.

This mat comes to you with a warranty of five years making it a mat to use over a long period. You will love the smooth texture of the overall material used in creation that makes it suitable for whichever room it is you are working out from.

One beneficial fact that makes me go for this mat instead of the rubber mats is the fact that it does not leave marks on your floor or carpet as rubber does. You will just love and enjoy the experience with his amazing mat.

 Features At A Glance 
  • Works great for elliptical trainers more than any other mat in the entire market.
  • Well textured finish to offer you smoothness in your house.
  • Manages the dust and dirt level prolonging the life of your elliptical machine for durability.
  • Five years warranty assuring you of a prolonged service period.
  • Exists in different large sizes to accommodate your equipment and cover almost any room.

Final Thought

The list above offers you the features of the Top 5 Exercise Equipment Mats for Carpet, which will offer you the best protection services for both your floor and your workout machine.

Get the best mat for yourself and enjoy exercising using your equipment without having to worry about the welfare of your floor and working the ground.

This mat will also ensure that your workout machine is also protected from the dust of your carpet by absorbing the dust and preventing it from getting into the moving and crucial parts of your machine.

These exercise equipment mats are available at affordable prices. I would recommend that you make purchases online, where you will be guaranteed of top-class quality at the same affordable price – especially  best treadmill mats.

These mats are also durable and will serve you for a long time before you think of making replacements. Get yourself one and enjoy your workout period.

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