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Best Commuter Bikes Reviews 2018

They say variety is the spice of life. I agree, but like most people I do not like something that is too spicy. The bike market has been getting spicier and spicier with new models coming in and going out, and this too much spiciness gives me quite a conundrum. Along with the Internet Of Things, we are seeing an oversaturated market of electrical bikes that most people find skeptical to use. That is why I am writing this, so that you will not be overwhelmed with the spiciness of today’s market.

A commuter bicycle is a type of bicycle that is best suited for commuting or traveling from one place to another, from your home to a place of work and study rather than using a bicycle for sports, adventures or races. These kinds of bikes inadvertently lend itself to the areas with flat terrains, on roads and city roads to keep the riders safe and sound, from the hazards of accidents through motorized traffic. With the rising prices of cars and related expenses, commuter bikes offer great bang for your buck. For those searching for the best bike for city commuting, look below.

Our Rating
Gama Bikes Women’s City Basic Step-Thru 6-speed Shimano Hybrid Road Commuter

• Front mounted basket

• Shimano 6-speed Tourney Shifters

• City Saddle (Waterproof)

3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5

Critical Cycles Harper Single-Speed Fixed Gear Urban Commuter Bike

• Flip-flop hub

• Hand built frame

• Deep V rims

• Wanda tires - 700x23C (extra wide wheels)

• KMC chain and freestyle pedal

3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5

Critical Cycles Harper Coaster fixie Style, single-speed commuter bike

• Coaster brakes

• True Diamond Frame

• Minimal assembly and user friendly

3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5

Critical Cycles Diamond 3-speed Coaster Commuter Bicycle

• Kenda Kwest tires (Wide traction with water dispersing grooves)

• Sturmey Archer internal 3-speed hub

•Coaster brakes

3.2 out of 5 stars
3.2 out of 5

Critical Cycles Beaumont 7-Speed Diamond City Bike

• Alloy brakes

• Shimano 7-Speed drive train

• Revoshift Grip Twist Shifters

• Robust Wanda Tires

2.7 out of 5 stars
2.7 out of 5

Buying Guide

Cycling is one of the most inexpensive means of transportation, as well as a good physical activity. However, purchasing a new bike is a huge decision, and choosing the wrong bike will end up making one pay a lot of money and downtime. Whether planning for daily commuting, or once or twice a day in a week, one will be spending a significant amount of time on the saddle, racking up miles after miles on the wheels. If one wants to get the most out of their commuter bikes, paying some time to look what is available and how to choose between the numerous options out there will pay off big time. After all, one must choose a bike that they will love truly and cherish a lot. Let us look what makes a bike the best commuter bicycle.  

  • Your travel distance: One will be using this bike for traveling and commuting only, so one should look out for how much distance they will be traveling in a day or a week, and thus affect the wear and tear of the frame and tires.
  • Terrain: Terrain plays a lot more role in wearing down a bicycle, a person commuting on city roads could be better off with a lightweight bicycle, but one who would be traveling through some uneven rough roads, they should look out for a sturdier and durable one. Knowing the type of terrain helps one to choose the best commuter bike they would need.
  • Comfort: How comfortable does one needs their ride to be? It all depends on what kind of terrain they would be riding upon, a city flat-road or paths would not need much of the suspensions, cutting down some of the costs on the bikes. A rough uneven terrain, or hilly or mountain trails would need some support from the suspension with all the bumps and curbs along the road. Is one willing to get the suspensions for some extra cost?
  • Gearing: How many gears does one need? Do they need gears at all or not? On the other hand, do they prefer the simplicity of single gear? It all depends on the distance one is going to travel usually. Farther distance means, one should go for a geared bike, lesser distances and less frequent travels means a simple single geared one can be sufficient. However, if one is ready to burn some money, they can opt for a geared bicycle then too.

Over with all these questions, here we look at some of the best commuter bikes available on the market. These commuters have been selected based on their popularity in the market.

Offering the best city-dwelling transportation for city commuters, and urban riders, this commuter can be ridden in rough and uneven terrains, as well as flat terrain easily and smoothly. Featuring front and rear alloy brakes, the Shimano 7-Speed gearbox and the RevoShift grip shifters ensure the utmost swift control, precision and stability for this bike. Equipped with some fun extras, such as a charming chiming mid-century bell along with a sturdier steel rack and a mount point for water bottle holder, gives the bike extra points. The hand-built, wielded, frame with a high-tensile durability and sturdiness is available in both a classic retro diamond style and a step-thru style as well.


  • Front and Rear alloy brakes: These alloy brakes, allow one to travel safely without the worry of any further accidents ever with a commuter bike. It brings one to a stop in mere seconds, and thus preventing any accidents.
  • Shimano 7-Speed Drivetrain: This bike incorporates the Shimano drivetrain, allowing a swift and smooth travel, and a time saving one at that, with its 7-speed drivetrain.
  • Revoshift Grip-Twist Shifters: These latest shifters make gears shifting as swift, easy and convenient as possible. Featuring a no noise appeal, these shifters allow shifting of gears with a swift transmission, and zero damage to the gear plates.
  • Robust Wanda Tires: These commuters come with the extra robust 700x35C Wanda shock absorbing tires. Resilient against, bumps, curves, potholes or uneven ground with a unique eater dispersion groove to them resulting a better grip and traction in moist environments.


  • Front and rear linear pull V brakes, amde of aluminum alloy.
  • Thicker and sturdier rear steel rack, for holding any stuff behind on the bicycle.
  • Sturdy and durable custom made, weld and heat-treated frame.


  • Made of steel, thus increasing its weight dramatically to 33 pounds.
  • Other bikes have much better ease of control.
  • Other bikes are also faster.

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Overall Product Rating (OPR): This product gets a 2.75-star rating. It is a good product, but is not worth the price, which is already cheap. Better to get a different bike.

The latest in the line-ups of Critical Cycles, this brand new fixed-gear/single-speed commuter comes installed with a single-speed/fixed-gear, but one can quickly change the orientation by removing, flipping and swapping the rear wheel. This commuter boasts its 30mm deep-v rims ensuring a smoother and softer ride, and KMC chain for subtle and ultimate reliability.


  • Flip-flop hub: This commuter easily adapts to one’s riding style and riding versatility. It comes equipped with two cogs each on both opposite sides of the rear wheel, single-speed with a fixed-gear free wheel. Which means, though single-speed, one can easily swap the wheel position to allow compensating for the lack of gears.
  • Hand built frame: Featuring a custom hand built, high tensile and durable true diamond frame. Consisting of a bar-spin clearance, a flat top-tube, no toe overlaps and horizontal dropouts.
  • Smooth Riding: The wheels are specialized with deep-V rims, with a mechanized braking surface, a KMC chain and freestyle pedals give the way for uninterrupted and deliberate riding.
  • Wanda tires: 700x23C extra wide Wanda tires, optimized for commuting around cities, these tires are thicker, wider and puncture resistant. Equipped with extra water dispersing grooves along the treads and better shock absorbents.


  • Front and rear Promax enhanced brakes with levers.
  • Flip-flop hub, with freewheel and a cog. This bike adpats to the riding style of the rider.
  • Deep-V rims, with mechanized braking system.


  • Single speed/fixed-gear commuter. Only best for exercise or commuting for work and school.

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Overall Product Rating (OPR): This product gets a 3.75-star rating. Not offering many such features but still managed to grab the seat as a runner-up, and sharing a tier with its other commuter bicycle sister.

A simple yet sophisticated commuter bike, this comes with a built-in coaster brakes, and a single-speed cycling commuter has not been as sleek as this ever before. Without any cables, without any fuss, one of the most straightforward get out on your bikes and ride bicycle. Consisting of fewer parts than others, being single-speed offers this bike with a lightweight feature and a minimal maintenance requirement. Straightforward, sleek and versatile enough for a day-to-day commuting experience.


  • Coaster brakes: One of the features making this bike as the best commuter bike available out there. With the no distraction lever free brakes, one can easily bring this bike to a stop by just cycling reverse.
  • True Diamond Frame: The bike features a true diamond frame, comprising of hardened steel and a flip-flop hub, adjusting itself to the rider’s riding style.  
  • Minimal assembly: Minimal assembly required a simple one at that too. It is completely easy to install the handlebars, the saddle and the pedals to the commuter. The right one goes clockwise and the left counter-clockwise. It is still better to get this to a local mechanic to get it fine-tuned.


  • Deep-V rims, with mecahnized braking surface to bring this to an instant stop.
  • KMC chain and frestyle pedals, giving an uninterrupted and deliberate cycling experience.
  • Wanda tires, with a wide tread of 700x32C featuring anti-puncture resistant and water dispersion grooves.


  • Being made of steel gives it a little weight bringing its weight at 28 lbs.

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Overall Product Rating (OPR): This product easily gets 3.75 stars from us. Came out to be as the silver medallist here, and shares a tie with its other sister commuter bicycle.

This is an inexpensive but high-quality commuter bike which is based on most women’s specific bicycling need. This commuter comes equipped with most of the bicycle accessories one needs to get out in the town; mudguard fenders, top quality basket and a charming chiming bell. Being a hybrid, this bike offers women a mixed riding style, surfing through the town, or adventurous racing with friends.


  • Front mounted basket: The commuter already comes equipped with a front basket. The basket is ultra-durable and convenient, letting one carry huge bags in it.
  • Shimano 6-speed Tourney Shifters: incorporated with the Shimano derailleurs, makes this commuter a gold standard commuter among the city dwellers.
  • City Saddle: A complete weatherproof saddle, and maintenance free. Sturdy springy steel springs absorbs enough shock to let one ride through the bumps and curbs easily.


  • Chain guard, allows and prevents the chain from damages and intellectual harms while rides.
  • Shimano RevoTwist shifters and derailleurs allowing a swift transmission and subtle gear changes.
  • Stream lined sleek deisng, suited for office workers and students, or for exercises.
  • Mud fenders, keeping the rider squeaky clean and tidy while in rainy environments or muddy places.


  • Being geared, this increases the weight of the bike considerably to 36.3 pounds.

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Overall Product Rating (OPR): This product gets an OPR of 3.9 stars. Made of steel, makes this bike quite a lot heavier than other single speed bikes here. But the number of features and the quality of components used made this bike to be the number one product available here making it the best cheap commuter bike.

Arguably one of the most durable, versatile and convenient of the bikes present here. This 3-speed diamond framed commuter bike is equipped with coaster brakes. Incorporating some of the best features, bits and pieces available on the market to ensure the safest, smoothest and the most delightful of the excursions ever, this is one of the best commuter bikes offered in the market.

Among all the top-notch high-quality parts is the Sturmey Archer internal 3-speed hub. It was the first choice to be incorporated with this commuter, not just because of it being the best available shifter, but also because of its neat and tidy style and design, putting the rider in control. With only an external cable, leading and connecting the grip shifter with the rear hub, one does not need to deal with maintenance as often as one would have to otherwise. 

The 3-speed hub presents the options of taking this commuter to nearly anywhere be it travelling through flat city throughout, or climbing up and down a hill or mountain trail. Also equipped with the Kenda Kwest puncture resistant tires, with extra treads and water dispersing grooves along the treads, allowing it to be coursed through moist weathers or muddy hills easily and comfortably. Featuring the coaster brakes along with it, giving it a lever free experience and letting one ride concentrating on the ride only.


  • Kenda Kwest tires: Equipped with the best of the Kenda Kwest 700x32C wide traction tires, with water dispersing grooves along the treads. In addition, it has an enhanced anti-puncture resisting material.
  • Sturmey Archer internal 3-speed hub: Featuring the Sturmey archer shifters, allowing one to change gears quickly and efficiently with its quick noiseless gear transmission. It protects the gearbox from any harm or damage.
  • Coaster Brakes: Equipped with coaster breaks, freeing a rider from the bikes levered brakes, and giving more freedom to the hands. One just needs to focus on the gearshifts, as they can easily apply brakes to the bicycle by reverse cycling.


  • Hand built, high tensile welded true diamond frame. Durable enough to ride through hilly and mountain trails.
  • Comfortable faux leather saddle and grips, which is the softest available out in the market.
  • Coaster breaks for easy, comfortable, convenient and distraction-free braking.
  • Water dispersing, anti-puncture reistant Kenda tires, allowing one to travel in rainy weather easily.


  • Steel frame, so its inadvertently increasing the bike’s weight considerably.
  • Comes without fenders or mudguards.

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Overall Product Rating (OPR): Being a nice enough product with loads of features, the cheap quality of material and equipment used brought this one of the awesome bikes available here to just 3.25 stars. Besides that, this product is a nice enough one, and has a long lifetime warranty available with it.

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