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Best Beach Cruiser Bikes Reviews 2018

Biking is one of the healthiest activities you can be doing. Riding a bike combines various workout activities resulting in a low-impact whole-body workout. This is why finding the best beach cruiser bike for yourself and buying it is a good move.

Beach cruisers are one of the simplest bikes on the market right now. First developed in the 30's by the Schwinn company, these cruising bikes are known for their simple construction and great-looking style. Finding the best beach bike possible will make it easy for you to bike around.

Overall, cruiser bikes can ensure that you will have a great time biking. The best beach cruisers allow you to enjoy your free time, while also ensuring you keep fit. However, we do encourage safety  so check out these top helmets to make sure you are protected in case of an accident.

Hybrid bikes have also become very popular within the industry along with mountain bikes for outdoor activities. However, you also have the option to exercise indoor if going outdoor is not your preference.

Our Rating
Firmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle

• White wall balloon tires

• Comfortable seating

• Single-speed cruising

4 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5

Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle

• Wide range of colors

• Ideal for pavement and rough trails

• Oversized seats and handlebars for extra comfort

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5

Huffy Nel Lusso Women's Cruiser Bike

• Alloy rims for performance

• Dual density grip for better handling

• Basket for extra storage

4 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5

Sixthreezero Men's In The Barrel 26-Inch Beach Cruiser Bicycle

• Handlebars are stable and
provide good steering

• Aluminum frame is strong

• 29-inch wheels provides greater grip

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5

Critical Cycles Chatham Women's Beach Cruiser

• High handlebars encourage an upright sitting position

• Easily mounting an dismounting

• Hand-built steel frame

4 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5

Schwinn Ladies Perla 7 Speed Cruiser Bicycle

• High quality material

• Seven speed design

• Wide tires ensure stability and comfort

4 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5

Sixthreezero Around The Block Women's 26-Inch Single Speed Cruiser Bike

•Durable steel frame

• Waffle tread tires for better traction

• Pedal backward makes stopping easy

3 out of 5 stars
3.0 out of 5

Buying Guide

If you're in search of the top beach cruiser bikes, you're going to need to read some beach cruiser bike reviews. They detail exactly the features that you need to know to make the right choice. Here are some things you need to know about the cruiser bike that you're potentially buying.


One of the first things that you should check with the cruiser bike is whether it is built for your gender. There is a noticeable difference between men's and women's bikes. This is because a male body has a noticeable difference when it comes reach and various other things.

For example, you will notice that a lot of male-designed cruiser bikes tend be larger than their equivalent. You will also notice that female-designed bikes tend to be meant for the lighter bodies of women. If your bike is optimized for one gender, it works better with your body.


Another factor to consider is the price. A lot of cruiser bikes are in the same price range, but there is still a variety when it comes to price. You may be able to save on some models, depending on the features it has.

Check on your budget and decide on which one will fit it best. Don't just depend on the price though. Sometimes, it is worth it to spend a little more money to get the extra features available.


Finally, you may want to think about how the bike looks. Cruiser bikes are pretty simple machines and don't have much when it comes to extra features. However, bike designers often make up for it by making the bike look good.

Though cruiser bikes have the same general shape, there are still variations. This can come in the color of the bike or others. For basic biking, choosing which bike looks nice to you is valid way to pick.

Best Beach Cruiser Bikes Reviews

One of the best beach cruiser bikes for men, the Firmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle looks good and feels good. As a good cruiser bike choice, it allows for easy riding on a fashionable bike.

The main advantage of this bike over the normal type of bike is that it only has a single speed. Multiple gears are the traditional way in which bikes can adapt to various environments. However, if you're just cruising on the beach or other flat locations, you won't need those options.

As a man's type of bike, you will notice that it is a decent size. You have a choice between a 24 inch and a 26 inch bike. These are available for shorter and taller riders respectively.

There's a problem with the size though. The larger size is meant for a maximum height of six foot two. Any taller than that, and you may have problems with riding the bike.

After the right size, you will notice that cruiser bikes are a lot more comfortable for people. It starts with the seating. It has two springs so that all of your rides won't be as bumpy as they could be.

Another thing that makes this bike comfortable is the handle bars. As part of the cruiser bike style, they are curved and are a good fit in your hands. Combined with the leather cover, you can expect to have an easy time maneuvering the bike.

Finally, this bike looks great. This starts from the tires to the frame.

The wide white-wall tires are great to look at and help with easing the ride's comfort. The 36 spoke wheels also help handle heavier loads. You can expect even the heaviest rider to be comfortable with it.

This is supported by the solid cruiser style frame. With no complicated gearing, the sleek and curved frame is impressive to look at, thanks to the simple look it shows off.


  • White-wall balloon tires
  • Comfortable seating
  • Single-speed cruising


  • Taller people may have problems using the bike

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Sized ideally for women from five to six-feet tall, the Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle is one of the best beach cruiser bikes for women available right now. It may seem strange to buy a bike specifically for women, but they have special needs, too.

A bike designed for women usually accommodates the smaller frame that women have. For example the handlebars are smaller, to let the smaller hands of women grip them properly. Besides that, cruiser bikes for women are usually smaller so that they don't have to lean forward so much.

Though it's not as cheap as other cruiser bikes, the Urban Lady is still pretty affordable. Depending on how much budget you have, you can opt to buy one with a larger size or have multiple speeds. Note that even at the most number of speeds, it only maxes at three.

As a cruiser bike, you can expect a lot of comfort out of it. Designed for easy riding, you will be able to enjoy a smooth ride thanks to the various design choices of a cruiser bike.

For one, the seat is pretty comfortable. When you're riding, your seat is the source of much of your comfort. Having it being oversized so it will accommodate larger behinds is a good move, as well as having double springs to absorb a lot more shocks.

Smooth pedaling also makes it easy to cruise around. The single-speed approach ensures that the cruiser bike will not be complicated.

Finally, female riders will love the curvy design. This bike looks great, and the style is enhanced by your choice of color for your bike.


  • Comes in a wide range of colors
  • Ideal for pavement and rougher trails
  • Oversized seat and handlebars for additional comfort


  • Requires some assembly

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The Huffy Nel Lusso Women's Cruiser bike is a beach cruiser bike with a basket. It is surprising how the addition of a basket really completes this product.

Cruiser bikes are known as excellent choices for going around in comfort. This is thanks to their comfortable frame design and their single-speed design. Plus, though they are not designed for speed, they still manage to give riders a decent cruise through the neighborhood,

This particular bike is a great choice for female riders. This is thanks to the basket attachment.

The basket is an ideal place to stash a variety of items. This can rang from a simple lunch to some shopping items. If you're planning to explore the beach with it, you can even pack a simple picnic and just put it in the basket.

Other features also contribute to how nice the bike is. For example, Huffy Nell Lusso chose to add dual-density grips for the handle bars. This means that the bike will be easier to control.

Another improvement is the alloy rims on the wheels. Considering that bike wheels go through a lot when they are in use, these rims protect the wheels. They also allow for wheels to go through a variety of terrain.

The bike is also pretty comfortable. The seat is well-padded and the size of the frame is ideal for female riders. Overall, your travels will not be so bumpy when you're on this bike.

Finally, the bike looks pretty great. The seat, besides being properly padded, also has some nice embroidery. The frame of the bike presents the traditional cruiser design, in the colors that you choose.


  • Alloy rims for wheels improve performance
  • Dual-density grip for better handling
  • Basket for additional storage


  • Needs assembly when ordered direct

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SixThreeZero's Men's In The Barrel 26-inch Beach Cruiser Bicycle is a great men's bicycle. Aimed at giving the rider a great time, this particular model has some innovations that make it a bit different from the usual.

For one, the curved handlebars are very responsive to your turns. Just move a bit and the bike will turn immediately. Another advantage is the double springs in the seat, which make your ride as smooth as possible.

Besides all these, there are several features that recommend the bike as a possible purchase.

First, this particular model is for male riders. This means it is bigger to accommodate the larger frames of men. Technically, it also allows for women riders as long as their body fits the frame.

Second, this bike is a bit on the expensive side. This is thanks to the special materials and the design. However, it can be well-worth the price tag.

An example of this is the smooth cranking system. This allows the bike to travel smoothly over a variety of terrain, whether it is paved roads, dirt paths, or the wooden boardwalks. Additionally, there is rubberized pedals, that make it easy on your feet.

Finally, the bike's design is pretty impressive. Though the cruiser bike design hasn't changed much, SixThreeZero has put its own stamp on the product. Available in a wide variety of colors, the steel frame uses a forward-pedaling design that will be sure to turn heads.

Overall, despite the higher price tag, you will be able to appreciate what this product brings to the table. After assembling it properly, you will love the freedom that it gives you in your local explorations.


  • Black leather saddle ensures comfort
  • Rubberized comfort pedals
  • Slick mesh tread gives great traction ind different conditions


  • Assembly instructions are unclear
  • A bit more expensive than average

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The Chatham Women's Beach Cruiser from Critical Cycles is a nice-looking beach cruiser bike. If you're planning to spend your summers and weekends biking around your neighborhood, then this is a good choice.

There are several things that recommend it. First, there is its design for women. Intended for the female rider, there are some interesting design decisions since it is aimed at making it more comfortable for women.

For example, you can expect a ride on this bike to be pretty comfortable. There are several factors that contribute to the lessened bumpiness of a ride on this bike. This includes having a wider saddle and wheels, along with padded grips on handle bars.

Another advantage of female-based design is the frame, which allows riders to mount and dismount easily. Hand-built and made of steel, it should be able to support most riders safely. It also aims to ensure an upright sitting position thanks to the high handlebar position.

Second, you will appreciate the price tag of this particular cruiser bike. It costs a bit below the average, which is a steal considering the features. It will give you good value for your money in the long run.

Finally, this bike looks nice on the street. With the classic curves of the cruiser bike design, you'll catch a lot of people's eyes. Combined with the color of your choice, you should be pleased with the results.

Overall, this is a great bike for its price tag. You may need to adjust it a bit en you first buy it, but after that initial hurdle, you should be able to have a great time with it.


  • High handlebars encourage an upright sitting position
  • Easy mounting and dismounting
  • Hand-built steel frame


  • May need help on adjustment


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Schwinn has been making bikes for most of a century so you can expect a lot from the Schwinn Ladies Perla 7 Speed Cruiser Bicycle. A well-designed ladies' bike, this Schwinn bike presents ladies with a great time. There are several things that recommend it as a purchase.

First, there is the Schwinn brand. As a well-known bike maker, they know what they are doing when it comes to bikes. You can be assured that you will get a good bike.

Second, this bike presents a smooth performance. One reason for this is the seven-speed design.

Bering able to have seven speeds actually makes this cruiser bike interesting. A lot of cruiser bikes are limited to single speed gears. With multiple speeds, you can change gears and allow you to travel smoothly over a variety of terrain.

Another reason for the smooth ride that you will get from this bike are the wider tires. Wide tires allow you to go over bumps on the road without disturbing your ride. Additionally, it gives your bike additional support when it is moving.

Your stops also won't be so bumpy. The V brakes ensure that this bike can stop on a dime, instead of the simple coaster brakes.

Finally, you will like this bike because it looks great. It has a more robust frame than other bikes and is available in a wide range of colors. Plus, with the addition of the fenders, you can be sure to be avoid being splashed by water and mud from the road.

Overall, this is a fine bike. The only problem is that it can be a bit too large for some ladies. The 26 inch wheel is not encouraging and may make it difficult for shorter women.


  • Schwinn brand name
  • Seven speed design
  • Wide tires ensure stability and comfort


  • Rather large for a ladies’ bike

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When you get the Sixthreezero Around the Blick Women's 26-inch single speed cruiser bike, you'll notice that it will need some assembly. Though it can be confusing at first, once you've pieced it together, you will be able to enjoy a smooth biking experience.

This particular bike is pretty popular. There are several reasons for that.

First, there's the fact that this bike uses a durable steel frame. Most bikes use an aluminum frame so the shocks are transferred directly to the rider's body. With a steel frame, there is less bumpiness during a ride since it is more solid.

Second, this bike has a nice set of wheels. They are wide enough to provide additional support so that your ride will not be so bumpy. Furthermore, the waffle tread on them provides them good traction on most surfaces.

Third, you can do modifications on this bike. When you receive it, you can choose to add a variety of changes. This includes carrier racks and even fenders.

The right sort of changes can make your biking experience a lot different. It helps that it comes with assembly tools so that you can change things around further if you want.

Finally, it has a set of effective coaster brakes. Normal coaster brakes slow down a cruiser bike slowly. This particular bike's brakes are different, allowing you to pedal backward and tightening the brakes much more quickly.

Overall, this bike is a good investment. For its price tag, you are getting a well-made bike that will give you a great biking experience. Buy one now so that you can have a grand time riding it around your neighborhood.


  • Durable steel frame
  • Waffle tread tires allow for better traction
  • Pedal backward coaster brakes make stopping easier


  • Needs some assembly

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