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Best Ab Machine Reviews 2020

Working out your abdominal is not as simple as doing crunches. Having a set of strong abs has a lot of benefits. According to various sources, strong abs lower the chance of injury and can make your body more stable. This is because your abs are part of your core muscles. This is why exercising and developing them with the best ab machine out there is a good move.

The problem is that there are dozens of ab machines out there in various configurations. It can be hard to make a choice among them. This article takes a look at some of the best out there and presents a buying guide to make your choice easier.

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Buying Guide

When you’re looking for the best ab machines, you should seriously consider a few details. These factors should affect what particular ab machine you should be buying.


When you’re looking for the best ab workout machine, you should know that there are different types available. One type that you should be familiar with is the bench type. These are often the simplest since they look like simple benches that can be adjusted to various positions. These are rather large and heavy. Next, there are roller type ab machines. These are actually wheels that are usually aimed at making core exercises more difficult. Finally, there are the crunch machines, which assist you in doing crunches properly.


When selecting the best ab machine for home, size is a factor that also comes up. Some ab machines, especially the bench types tend to be on the larger side. This can be an issue if you don’t have that much space at home. If you don’t have a dedicated exercise space, then a large ab machine can cut down on that space. There are smaller alternatives though like rollers and crunch machines. These are often more portable and can be used anywhere. Depending on your needs you may want to get theses instead of a normal bench machine.


The next factor to consider is the flexibility of the ab machine. This means how much you can adjust its difficulty level. Exercising is already difficult. If your ab machine is becoming an obstacle to your development, then it will not be for you. Additionally, a top home ab machine needs to be able to change its difficulty settings to challenge others. Being challenging ensures that you will be able to use an ab machine for a long time, even if you have gotten progressively stronger abdominal muscles.

Best Ab Machine Reviews

Ab Coaster M​ax

best ab machine

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The Ab Coaster Max is an interesting ab machine. For one, it looks like a bicycle trainer. However, it’s pretty similar to the bench type ab machines out there. The main focus of it is to have your abs compress themselves by a swinging motion. It looks like a sit-up motion, but the difference is that you are hanging on to the handle. It is definitely a unique approach to making sure your abs grow stronger.

The real core of it is the free-style seat. It can actually move around and twist, allowing you to fully work out all of your abdominal muscles. For example, if you’re only interested in working your main core muscles, just keep yourself steady. However, you can twist abdomen as you do your drawing up motion. This adds a twist to things and makes it possible for your pectorals to get a decent workout, too.

Take note though that this exercise machine is pretty big. If you do not have a dedicated exercise room in your home, you may need to clear out one. You also won’t be carrying this around easily. Once you put this down and assemble it, it will stay where it is most of the time. Made of solid steel, it can support up to 300 pounds.

This ab machine delivers on the workout experience though. The basic motion is actually pretty easy to do once you get the hang of it. You can adjust the difficulty by adding further motions or even adding some more weight. If you have no idea of what you can do with it, it comes with a workout manual and a meal plan. Jusrt follow them and you’ll be able to blast the fat off easily.


  • Easy to use
  • Wide range of motion
  • Retain challenge even for experience users


  • Occupies a large space

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Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller

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The Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller is an interesting ab roller machine. Designed as a wheel to add difficulty to rolling exercises, it is a very well-made product that allows people to do perfect ab exercises easily.

This is a roller-type ab machine and has all the advantages of the type. The most noticeable one is the fact that it is a lot smaller and compact than other ab exercise options available. This is a good thing since it will allow you to store it easily and even bring it along anywhere. That’s a big advantage to those who want to keep doing their ab workouts while they are traveling.

All you need is a large flat space and you should be able to exercise your abdominal. After the workout, you can put it away underneath your bed or even in your bag. However, you will be limited to roller exercises alone, but if that’s okay, then you should be able to use it well.

The Ab Carver is especially good because of its two noticeable features. First, there’s the carbon steel spring inside the product. This provides both a layer of resistance and assistance to the users. Resistance is important because it will increase the challenge of the exercise. This ensures that you get something out of the workout.

However, the spring also allows ab workouts to be a bit easier. Roller workouts are very difficult since you are essentially doing push-ups with no stable foundation. With the spring, it allows you to actually do the workout instead of struggling. Second, the performance grips on the side of the roller allow you to hold on properly. The right hand grip position activates a different set of muscles. The result is that you get more out of your workout. With the included kneed pads and workout plan, you will be able to ensure that you get a good workout, no matter the difficulty level.


  • Includes great accessories
  • Small and compact
  • With carbon steel springs


  • Limited to roller exercises

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Abdominal Roller for Perfect Abs

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This Abdominal Roller from Furious Fitwear is an interesting product. For one, the design is rather unique. It is a three-wheel ab roller. Most ab rollers are of the single wheel variety, usually just one big wheel. This ab roller gives that duty to three separate wheels. The closest that I can describe it is a a small tricycle with no pedals. However, this is a serious piece of exercise equipment and it definitely works.

As a roller-type ab machine, this exercise product allows you to properly do abdominal rolling exercises. These exercises are focused on you laying on the ground and rolling to activate your abdominal muscles. They look like push-up, but instead of the arms being engaged, it is the abdominals.

As a unique rolling machine, the Abdominal roller uses multiple wheels to allow for its movement. The product itself is pretty small. It fits well into any small space that you wish to store it in. It also allows you to carry it around easily.

The great thing about it is its solid construction. The three-wheel design allows it to be better balance. A lot of ab roller users find it difficult at first to use though. This is because of how smooth the wheel move. The slightest movement will have them sliding across the floor. Fortunately, it has a wheel wedge so that you can get used to it in the beginning. Besides that, it also has knee pads to ensure that beginners would be able to get used to it. Combined with the rubvberized grip, it should help smooth out the bumps from the initial experience.

Overall, this is a nice and inexpensive ab roller with a unique approach. It should be simple enough to try it out.


  • Rubberized grip allows for less strain on your hands
  • Three-wheel construction ensures it can support heavy weights
  • Solid wheels allow for smooth movement


  • Awkward usage for beginners

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Fitnessery Ab Roller for Ab Workout

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Fitnessery Ab Roller is an excellent example of the single-wheel ab roller. Single wheel ab rollers are very popular and you will find a lot of them available on the market right now. This is because they are usually very cheap and have few moving parts. They also tend to be smaller than other ab exercise options. They are small and compact, making them the perfect exercise option for travelers on the go and those with limited space.

There are several reasons why the Fitnessery Ab Roller should be on your buy list though. First of all, there’s the fact that it is very solidly made. The non-slip PVC wheel ensures that it will have a good grip of the ground, making it easier for your to perform the ab rolling exercise. It also has a solid steel handle with foam grips. The result is an ab roller that can support more than 400 pounds of body weight.

Second, you will be able to get great value for your money. The Ab Roller is already pretty inexpensive. However, you will be able to get more when you buy it. Besides the main ab roller, you will be getting a knee pad to assist with your starting ab roller exercises. Next, you will also get two e-books that will help guide you through your ab workout, both a diet and workout plan. The total value will be more than double what you initially paid for it. That’s a pretty good deal.

Finally, ab rollers are an effective piece of home workout equipment. Though you are limited to a particular movement, you can add a few variations to it. This allows you to get more out of your workout. Whether it is as a beginner or an expert, ab rollers stay challenging despite their simple basics.


  • Supports weights of up to more than 400 pounds
  • Great value for money
  • Solid construction


  • Single-wheel rollers are difficult to use

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Kruncher Ultimate Ab Machine

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The Kruncher Ultimate Ab Machine is an interesting ab exercise machine. That’s because it’s technically a crunch-assistance device. Crunches are one of the most popular ab exercise out there. However, a lot of people don’t know how to do them properly or are unable to do so. This is because it requires proper posture and the activation of the right muscles. However, with a crunch-assistance device, it is much easier to do the exercise. You will be able to do more and to activate the right muscles.

The Kruncher is pretty compact. It’s not as small as some ab roller devices, however, it won’t fill up an entire corner of your room. You can even carry it around if you want. You can even stash it away easily after use. As for setting it up, just put it on your lap. There are other positions that you can use it in, too.

The main mechanism behind it is the resistance it gives. You will struggle to complete the crunches, but it will not be as difficult without it. It provides you with a solid challenge so that your body will be able to develop. You can even use it to target other muscle groups. Hold it in a different way and you can work your biceps, triceps, and more.

The main complaint against it though is that it is not that cost-effective. Other products on the market are cheaper and can offer a lot more value for money. They offer workout books and diet plans, as well as useful accessories. The Kruncher only comes with itself and nothing else. It is solidly made though and won’t fall apart on you – but you can get more value for your money from other products.


  • Flexible usage
  • Compact size
  • Work your abs without lying down


  • Too expensive for what you get

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Perfect Fitness Cru​nch

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The crunch is the typical abdominal exercise that people do and they often get it wrong. This is why ab exercise devices like Perfect Fitness Crunch a great help. When you do the crunch wrong, different muscles are activated or they are not fully activated. To get the most out of any exercise regimen, you will need to do an exercise right. Wrong exercise performance can also result in damage to your body so doing it correctly is pretty important.

This is why the Perfect Fitness Crunch is a great help. The mesh canopy supports your body as you perform the crunch. This assists you to be in the right position. Additionally, the shape of the device ensures that your body will have a solid base for the crunches. The result is a “perfect” crunch, with all the right core muscles being activated and getting a workout. This is a great help for beginners since they are the ones who often make mistakes. Experts will also benefit from this since it will help correct their form. It also reduces the strain on the body. This allows you to exercise more, which enhances the results of the exercise.

The Perfect Fitness Crunch is also a pretty good value for your money. Since it also allows you to do push-ups and dips in a better way, you can extend the usage of this product. At its affordable price, you’re technically getting three exercise machines in one. Plus, you can store it all in one convenient place.

However, it’s not exactly a perfect product. You may notice that your crunch machine is a bit flimsy. The mesh is the most vulnerable part, but the metal parts can be fragile, too. Don’t expect to keep this product for years. You may end up buying a replacement depending on your use.


  • More than abdominal workouts
  • Great for all skill levels
  • Helps reduce exercise strain


  • Is not too durable

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