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Proform Endurance 520 E Reviews

Elliptical machines combine most of full body exercises with the ability to perform them inside one’s home or personal gym.


With Proform Endurance 520 E Elliptical Machine, full body workout routines can be performed with ease and also within budget.

While most elliptical trainers cost a bomb this is a budget device. Though it is often observed that cost reduction gives rise to compromises in performance, but this machine is so much different.

It is both cost effective as well as a performance unit which comes with its own set of pros and cons but do not compromise on performance part.

Proform endurance 520 e reviews from its large user base have been positive all along, owing to the quality and reliability of this machine.

Nice Built Quality And Easy Assembly

The Endurance 520e sports durably built quality and specs that are suitable for people regardless of their physical differences as this is a highly flexible elliptical machine.

The device is clocked for a maximum load of 300 pounds which is one of the highly efficient aspects and this speaks about the frame built and support.

The device is also compact and thus the footprint needed for operation is quite minimal and still offers all the aspects of high-end elliptical machines.

Also, assembling the device is quite easy since detailed instructions are provided in the manual which comes with the product.

The lifetime frame warranty and one-year parts and labor warranty speak of the brand’s trust in their product.

Adjustable to Needs

This elliptical machine is one of those which comes to a step forward when it is the matter of adjustability. The side arms provide support and workout of upper body muscles at various angular and height adjustments.

The pedals provided are large enough to provide optimum support to its users. This also means that varying feet size is not at all a problem anymore.

The leveling feet adjusts to different surfaces. This means that if the surface is inclined or uneven, the machine can be adjusted easily to provide the necessary leveling for proper workouts.

Other than all those above mentioned factors, the stride comes with 20 inches and offers greater benefits and comfort than 18-inch strides which frequents elliptical machines.

Fitness Tracking

Being able to track fitness is one of the most important yet somewhat overlooked factors.

Fitness specialists suggest that proper tracking and record keeping are needed if one is looking for serious lifestyle fitness benefits.

The endurance 520 e comes with a 5-inch display which tracks a lot of data like speeds, distance covered and most basic fitness related data including pulse rate / heart rate tracking.

These capabilities can be further enhanced by iFit which can be bought separately and completely compatible with this device.

Different Training Scenarios

The different training scenarios are important since it enhances the muscular activities and help one proceed forward in their training regime.

The elliptical machine is equipped with eighteen different training applications. To add to the variety, there are also eighteen endurance levels thrown into the mix.

This gives a user a good competition hence helping in extending endurance levels in a person.

This also ensures that one does not get bored and always has an objective to meet every day.

Training Without Bore Factor

Professional fitness enthusiasts have mentioned this now and again that when training are made entertaining and fun, they really have the potential to improve one’s overall health.

This feature is essential for people who often give up and cut down on their indoor training just because they got bored.

Proform made sure that this does not happen to its Endurance 520e users.

This idea helped in incorporating various entertainment modes such as USB charging dock support, tablet holder, iPod compatible audio, iFit compatibility and lot of extras waiting to be unleashed and integrated into ones fitness routine.


  • The adjustable stride length contributes to the flexibility of usage. This helps people to adjust the stride length to a maximum of 20 inches.
  • The durability of the frame is enough for most users since it comes with a maximum load capability of 300 pounds which is fine by the standards.
  • Extensive training functionalities allow a lot of modes to select from and also quite a number of different training routines.
  • The 18 different workout apps in conjunction with 18 different resistance levels offer a lot of challenges to be taken and hence making the entire experience enjoyable and effective.
  • The side moving arms helps to bring the upper body muscle workout into effect which means more fitness delivered.
  • The 20-degree incline is effective for high strength workouts.
  • This has a whole entertainment unit built-in and ready to go. It consists of a 5 inch LCD display, has USB charging station, iPod compatible audio system.


  • It is a bit noisier.
  • If one is looking for minimalistic functionality machine within very low budget, this is not it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is this foldable since it has front wheels?

A: The machine though has front wheels is not foldable.

Q: Is the power ramp on this machine manual or automatic?

A: The power ramp on the machine is a manual one and not automatic.

Q: What is the actual footprint of the machine?

A: The footprint of the actual machine is 67.1 inches x 25 inches x 66.6 inches.

Q: Is this a front wheel type or a rear wheel type elliptical machine?

A: This is a front wheel type elliptical machine. That said, front wheel types are cheaper when pricing is considered and also more compact.

Final Thought

Proform is one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of fitness equipment. Their products have been known for long lasting performance and quality. Both of these virtues reflect with the Endurance elliptical workout unit.

This, being a budget device has been cut down on some factors, but all the important ones have been kept intact and enhanced for better user experience.

Packed with an array of extremely customizable features and function, it’s no wonder that the Proform endurance 520 e reviews by its users are mostly filled with compliments.

If one is looking to add an elliptical workout machine, this beast is surely a choice to consider.

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