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Proform 14.0 RE Elliptical Reviews

Proform 14.0 RE Elliptical Reviews

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While searching for a premium range of elliptical trainers, there is no way that Proform 14.0 RE Elliptical Trainer is hard to miss. Be it the looks of the machine or the enrichment of features, everything is so crafted that customer is sure to get allured.

It has been designed by the leading brand in Elliptical Trainers- Proform. The brand ensures durability and brilliance in crafting their products. This machine is an ideal fit for people who are much conscious about their body.

The likability of this product among the customers is massive. The machine requires assembling and it is quite demanding. But the influx of features does not let it look so taxing.

It is the most suitable item for home gyms, highly compatible, useful and comfortable in relocating. There are various exercise programs and wheels to transfer it to different locations in the house.

 Features of the Proform 14.0 RE Elliptical 

Discover the resource features of this product in Proform 14.0 RE Elliptical Trainer Review. Take a look below:

General Attributes

Proform 14.0 RE Elliptical ReviewsThe dimensions of the product are 80.25L x 25.7W x 64.43H inches. The weight of this machine is 229 LB. There is stride length of 20” – 22”.

The machine can accommodate the weight of 300 LB at max. 20 different resistance levels make workout more complex.

The weight of the flywheels is 20 LB. There are 22 different workout programs. The machine ensures entertainment of the rider as there are powerful inbuilt speakers at the console.

It has also been titled as a best seller and Editor’s best choice product. Clearly, this product is great to purchase for the home gym.

iFit Compatibility

Proform 14.0 RE Elliptical ReviewsThis is an interesting add-on in the machine. On connecting the iFit console to the internet, it will lead the way to the world of fitness.

Google maps can be used to create an own workout. It gives all the power in user’s hand. This machine allows the user to exercise in the comfort of home and use various programs from the community.

The essentials required with this features to work is the home WiFi or iFit WiFi module. This module is to be purchased separately.

Exercise Programs

Proform 14.0 RE Elliptical ReviewsAs such, there are 22 workout programs installed in this machine with 20 different resistance levels. The resistance levels ensure increased intensity of the exercise and help in toning the muscles.

The performance can be further intensified by using 10 to 30 degrees quick incline control. Proform 14.0 RE Elliptical Trainer also brings a lot of variety in stride length.

It has 20 to 22” adjustable stride length that allows more options in a workout. Different muscles can be targeted with the help of these stride lengths.

The apps for listing different exercises make it easy for the user to select the exercise and get going with it. This product serves a plethora of exercises and has been proved as the most useful elliptical trainer in the market.


LCD Monitor

Just like any other premium range Elliptical Machine, this machine also has a large LCD display. It keeps a check on the time taken during the workout;

The calories burnt, heart rate and other essentials. It is a great machine that helps users in many potential ways.

There is Dual-Grip EKG heart rate monitor that helps in safe exercising. It keeps a record of the increasing heart rate and keeps it updated on the LCD display.

The progress of the workout can be tracked at 5” backlit racetrack display that makes the allure of this product even desiring.

Other Details

Proform 14.0 RE Elliptical ReviewsThe Proform 14.0 RE Elliptical machine is compatible with a music port for iPod. It maintains the entertainment level during the ride.

To keep the water bottle, there is a bottle holder crafted at the front of the machine. It is a space-friendly design that can be disassembled and assembled again.

Also, it has got wheels that help in relocating the machine from one place to the other, with complete ease. It is a durable product because it is made up of quality steel.

That is why this product can accommodate a maximum weight of 300 LB. Also there is an original fan near the console that take full responsibility for keeping cool during a workout.



  • Compact and space friendly design
  • Durability guaranteed
  • Various incline controls
  • Power-stride Incline Ramp
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Multiple workout choices


  • Not so powerful fan
  • Difficult assembling of the model

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is it easy to collapse and rebuilt the machine?

A: Well, on a serious note, collapsing could be easy but not the rebuilt.

People usually feel the assembling of the product quite demanding and laborious. The flywheels are quite weighty, so even the disassembling could be a little taxing at times.

Q: What is the warranty of Proform 14.0 RE Elliptical?

A: The frame, labor and parts come with the different warranty period.

Proform is giving lifetime warranty of the frame. You can enjoy 2 years warranty of the parts and 1 year for the labor.

Q: Is the machine transportable?

A: Yes, you can easily transport this machine by easily moving it. There are wheels incorporated in this machine that help in easy relocation.

Final Thought

So, Proform 14.0 RE Elliptical Review will give complete insight into the specifications, features and all that need to be known about this product.

This machine is quite decently priced. It belongs to the family of Proform which is the leading brand in manufacturing gym equipment.

There is a huge variety of features and add-ons in this product. It is rated for the premium range of workout equipment and has received strong approbation from the customers.

Assembling indeed is quite demanding, so it is important for the buyers to be ready for it. Other than that, it is a safe product to invest in.

The warranty of this model is great and so as the customer service. It can be amazing exercising equipment for people who like to home gym.


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