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How to Fight Demotivation & Depression

Because life is cruel to you and plenty of other people like you.


To be very clear, it’s all a test, for everyone to figure out what their best qualities are so they can contribute to the world more. Our mind is one of the most intricate and complex organs in our system. It not only needs proper maintenance, but it also requires its own venting out methods that we often neglect.


We have become so caught up in our lives that we ignore the fact that we are living because of our mind and how it works. If one day our mind shuts down, we won’t be able to do anything. So your best chance is to not be among the 350 million people across the globe who are suffering from depression. Your productivity goes down, your plans go awry and your creativity tones down and finally dies.


There are many reasons why people feel depressed and demotivated. It maybe because of a breakup or a financial crisis, but sometimes persistent sadness takes over your mind and you are not even able to sleep. It then causes habits like drugs, unhealthy activities and at the very last stages, suicidal tendencies. You are more likely to develop depression and demotivation because of these factors. Find different ways to cope with it such as taking your mountain bike for a ride or exercising with your elliptical bike.

Social pressure

It is hard to live in a society which thrives on social upkeep. You always feel like you have a certain set of expectations that you need to follow, otherwise you won’t be able to ‘fit in’ the norms and social status of those around you. You have to dress up nice, you have to speak the way people want you to and act the way they see fit. This creates social anxiety which gives birth to an endless loop of depression and demotivation wrapped in multiple lies and faces that you create just to please everyone.


A lot of your friends must be in pretty high places in life when it comes to their career and you are feeling as if you are under-accomplished and a failure. This is not something out of the ordinary, you and 70 percent of world’s population feel like an imposter in the world of inspirational and successful people.


climbing corporate ladderThe reason behind this feeling like this is because people often assume everyone else gets what they want while you’re falling behind. When wanting to be a ‘somebody’ in their lives takes priority over wanting to be that somebody in your own life – that’s when things get tricky. People get depressed because of their current jobs or no job at all, they feel tired of the work they do every day and the same routine leaves them feeling lethargic all the time. They lose their sense of motivation and the will to work more.


Eventually, when you are feeling the pressure of your career, studies, and finances, you are more likely to get some or a lot of heat from your parents or family about the things in your life. In our world, everyone’s life is everyone’s business. This is why everyone likes to interrupt in every possible manner. This causes a feeling of depression and sadness as well. It also causes anger and anxiety which causes more pain and agony in one’s heart.


Just between 2008 to 2010, over 10,000 people in the US, Canada, and Europe committed suicide because of economic conditions. That is an alarming number if you look at it globally. People shouldn’t be dying because of how much debt they are in, 3 jar of coinsbut they are. Financial crisis often hinders progress whether or not you are working in a good environment or not. The albatross of financial issues wraps itself around our motivation and the will to work and when that happens, we don’t give our 1105 to the task we are assigned because everything we do, we do it to get rid of the debts or the financial troubles, and it doesn’t make us feel good about ourselves. We lack the inspiration to work after this happens.


Ways to cure the demotivation
Channelizing that depression into a more positive way is how we should focus on. Depression isn’t something you can ignore because when it becomes persistent, it stays and that isn’t healthy for your mind or your body. There are a lot of things that you can do to rid yourself of demotivation and stress and they cost next to nothing.


Move around, for starters. If you’re going to stay where you are not meet people who inspire you to become a better version of ‘you’ then there is no point of blaming yourself for the distress you’re in. not everyone is bad. You’ll find a lot of people like you and that is where you begin to connect. You should go out, meet new people, listen to their ideas and see what changes they have made in their lives to get where they are.

neighbors talking over chain linked fenceDon’t get jealous of them, envy them and then, inspire yourself into becoming bigger than yourself. Communicate with the people around you, see what everyone is up to. This will give you an opportunity to see what problems everyone is facing and maybe present ideas to them on solving it. After that, share your problems and find solutions to them in a joint force. Two minds are better than one. So think bigger, achieve bigger. Communicate.

Stretch like a cat

Yoga is the best way to challenge depression, anger management issues, and demotivation. All these issues come when you are not relaxed. Tension gathers in your muscles and you feel tied up in your own body. Stretching will help you relax your body and all its muscles. Stretching helps people who are frustrated and are anxious all the time. Every day when you wake up, stretch on your bed or the floor in your bedroom, your patio, your backyard or anywhere. Calm your body and let it feel extended and free. You’ll feel a lot better than yesterday and tomorrow, better than today.


woman stretching on purple mattEvery, and we mean every successful person in the history had the habit of reading. It will open new doors of creativity in your mind and you’ll be able to decide what you want to do in your life. According to a study conducted by the Reading Agency, US, 76% of individuals with reading habit are happier with life than people who don’t. So even if you read one small passage in a day, do read. It will help you focus and read about people and the world. Reading illuminates your mind and makes you more enlightened when it comes to how the world works. Even fantasy novels are said to increase your creativity and imagination. That will lower your depression levels and increase the amount of effort you’ll put in your work.


The best way to let out the anger is to in fact let it OUT by exercising. Energy doesn’t die, it changes its place or host. So currently if you are the host of anger and depression, the negative energy, you need to channel it out so it shifts from you to something else. The most productive way to do that is to start boxing. Buy a decent pair of sturdy leather boxing gloves and punch your way out of depression. Kettlebell and battle ropes are other great ways to release that negative energy before it starts to consume you.


group of women stretching for yogaIt will help you regain control of your body and mind while releasing the stress, anger, and restlessness from your mind and body. It is a full body workout that will not only make you feel stronger and more focused, but it will also help you lose the weight you have gained by sitting around all day. A lot of people are going to boxing` these days because the feeling in your body when you punch your troubles with all your might is the best feeling ever.


Whoever you may be, and wherever you are, your mind and body are yours to have and control. Allow your body to heal from the stress and depression gathered over the ages and pick any or all of these tips. Take charge of your life and motivate yourself. You have it in you, all you have to do now is to find that spark and then let it roar. Good luck!

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