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Best Electric Mountain Bike Reviews 2017

Electric bikes should not come as a shocker, lame pun intended, with all the innovation being done today. They are basically bicycles that have electric motors on them. These motors that are powered by batteries then help the cyclist conserve energy since they allow the shifting of power from physical labor to the juice reserved in the battery.Finding the best ... Read More »

Best Commuter Bikes Reviews 2017

They say variety is the spice of life. I agree, but like most people I do not like something that is too spicy. The bike market has been getting spicier and spicier with new models coming in and going out, and this too much spiciness gives me quite a conundrum. That is why I am writing this, so that you ... Read More »

Best Foldable Bike Reviews 2017

Bicycles are very useful, especially now with the always rising price of gas. Being the cheapskate that I am, I brought a bike to travel to and from my workplace, grocery and home. It was doing great, until the bike wandered away. Yes, it wandered away together with a thief.That is why I am now a bit protective, and paranoid ... Read More »

Best Balance Bike Reviews 2017

Bicycles are the steel horses of today, minus the need for grass and the danger of being kicked in the nuts. Bicycles, while not aggressive as horses, can still be quite dangerous. Being unskilled with bicycles will lead to lots of more painful injuries than a groin attack. But for bikes to be safer, one must have skill. The only ... Read More »