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Best Upright Exercise Bike Reviews 2017

Indoor exercise bikes are a great alternative to outdoor cycling! Be it for those who just want to stay in shape, recover from an injury or are avid cyclists – everyone will certainly have a healthy cardio exercise using a variety of bikes on the market!

Less expensive stationary bikes have standard basic features as regards preset resistance and adjustability. Mid-range bikes tend to be sturdier, offer more efficient resistance and are made of better quality components. Top performers can get significantly more expensive as they have high-end parts, more programs, user profiles, smartphone connectivity and more.


If you find these types of equipment expensive check out the cheaper ellipticals under $500 to help you get started with your workout at an affordable rate.


As American Heart Association recommends, 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week will help you prevent heart disease and stroke and improve your overall health! So get a bike and start a healthy exercise routine now! We provide a deep review of health rate monitors that can help to monitor your exercises without having to remember the results and possibly forgetting about it.


Buying Guide


In our best upright exercise bike reviews, we will help you make the right choice for your needs! Here are a few things you have to bear in mind when shopping for the best upright exercise bike.



Resistance is key to effective performance. Direct-Contact resistance has mostly been replaced by Magnetic resistance systems. Their major advantage is that there is no wear and tear as there is no direct contact. What provides resistance in magnetic types is electromagnetic induction. At a push of a button or a turn of a knob, you change resistance to fit your needs. No contact means no friction and no noise.



Seating is crucial for comfortable cycling. Padded and comfortable, the seats of all the best upright exercise bikes are ergonomic and pretty similar to those on real bikes. However, it all comes down to the appropriate adjustments as regards the height and distance from the handlebars. The height should be equal or slightly lower than your hips so you can get on and off comfortably and safely but also provide perfect distance to the pedals. While cycling, your legs should be almost straight when your feet are farthest from your hips. Almost means that a slight angle has to be provided to avoid knee strain and injuries and achieve maximum efficiency and comfort.


Display and other convenient features

Add to the overall enjoyment and keep you using your bike regularly. The display should be easy to read and navigate. Conveniently, most bike computers keep track of your speed, resistance level, distance, time and calories burned. Look for other features such as pulse sensors, bottle holders, tablet holders, dual track LCD displays, and backrest.



Based on how much space you can allocate for the bike, chose a bike which best fits your workout space and is easy to move around if you need to store it away. Most bikes have wheels at the base and some bikes are foldable so you can simply tuck them away when not in use. The best upright bike for the home will add to your interior rather than disrupt it.


Now let’s get down to our best vertical exercise bike reviews!


How to Use an Upright Exercise Bike


After you purchase please watch the video below of how to use the upright exercise bike at its full potential.


Best Upright Exercise Bike Reviews


Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Bike with Pulse



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Exerpeutic Folding Bike is a no-frills, affordable entry-level bike for users up to 300 pounds and between 5’3 and 6’3 tall. It offers a solid workout using 8 magnetic resistance levels.


The bike is smooth and quiet in operation so you won’t disturb anyone at home. It features a V-belt drive, the precision-balanced flywheel as well as a high torque crank system.


It is very well-made, sturdy and stable during workouts as the frame is heavy steel and nicely welded. A large padded seat makes the bike comfortable to cycle for longer sessions. Some rubbing might occur if you are super slim.


The LCD display is large, clear and easy to read. It shows all the basic tracking data: time, speed, distance, pulse, and calories burned. Heart pulse sensors are installed for monitoring your target heart rate zone.


You can easily assemble it yourself right out of the box and when you have finished using it, you can fold it away. Exerpeutic Folding Bike actually folds to half its size which means that it will take little space. Safe to say it’s the best exercise bike for people with little extra space at home.


If you are looking for a good quality but low-cost best upright exercise bike that you can use at home to stay in shape, Exerpeutic Folding Bike is a great choice! Please note that there are more findings of this particular product in the recumbent exercise bike review because our users loved it so much we had to write more so check it out!!!



  • Comfortable and wide padded seat
  • Magnetic Tension control system
  • Wider seat for more comfort
  • Quiet operation so you can watch TV or chat
  • The display is easy to use and read
  • Can be folded to half its size and stored away



  • A better quality materials for pedals would be appreciated


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Editor’s rating: 4.5/5


Schwinn 170



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Schwinn 170 features 29 preset programs including heart rate control beginner and advanced and custom user defined. There are also 2 fitness tests (beginner and advanced), a recovery test and quick start.


There are all standard and proven Schwinn features which will add to the functionality of this bike. Schwinn 170 also comes with a DualTrack backlit LCD display which lets you monitor as many as 13 different displays feed. You can choose between distance, time or calories.


Schwinn 170 will provide a smooth and quiet workout as there are 25 levels of eddy current resistance aligned with a high speed/high inertia perimeter weighted flywheel.


Angle adjustable handlebars with forearm rests will keep you in a comfortable cycling position.


Ergonomically placed heart rate sensors are installed in the handlebar. While cycling, you can monitor your heart rate using grip sensors and connect with Schwinn Connect website. The features are also compatible with MyFitnessPal so you can use the USB data transfer to store, connect and check your progress regularly.


A few more standard Schwinn features are there: a 3-speed fan, acoustic speakers, a water bottle holder and transport wheels.


Schwinn 170 is by far the best upright bike for home if you are planning a moderate cardio workout at an affordable price and with so many options provided! So, adjust your seat and enjoy the ride!



  • Quiet and smooth pedaling
  • Well-made and sturdy
  • 29 programs and 25 levels of resistance
  • Dual track two LCD display with 13 feeds
  • USB charge and data exchange
  • Speakers, a fan, and a cup holder



  • Tends to become noisier over the years


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Editor’s rating: 4.3/5


Marcy Mag Bike



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Marcy Mag Bike is a sturdy stationary bike which will make you come back to your workouts day in day out. For a good price, you get a compact, magnetic resistance bike with 8 preset manual resistance levels.


The easy to read computer screen displays speed, distance, time and calories burned. For your maximum comfort, while cycling, the bike includes a unique height adjustable seat and foam-padded grips also add to a comfortable ride.


The whole bike has a durable powder-coated matte finish. Counterbalanced pedals with adjustable foot straps will add to quiet pedaling but the bike can get a bit wobbly if you place it on a carpet.


The bike occupies little space and transport wheels provide easy mobility. If you put the bike in the corner of the room it will leave a very small footprint. Just hop on, enjoy the ride and since Marcy Upright Mag Bike is really quiet you can watch your favorite sitcoms or have a chat with the rest of the family.


You can assemble it on your own as all the nuts, bolts, washers and wrenches are included in the package. Some might need help with setting up tension cords. Other than that, you will find Marcy Mag Bike the best standing stationary bike for the price.



  • Easy to read display with basic features
  • Sturdy powder coated frame
  • Small footprint and transportation wheels
  • Solid built resistance system and smooth cycling



  • Tends to wobble on softer surfaces


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Editor’s rating: 4.2/5


Exerpeutic GOLD 500 XLS Foldable Bike, 400 lbs



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Exerpeutic GOLD 500 XLS features heavy duty design and high durability. It supports up to 400lbs. The Large comfortable seat is easily adjustable to fit 5’1″ to 6’5″ tall.


Features like the ‘high torque’ 3 piece crank system, magnetic resistance, heart pulse monitoring and a ‘double drive’ transmission system are all there at a very affordable price, just about everything you expect from the best stand-up stationary bike!


The precision balanced flywheel and V-belt drive provide a smooth and quiet operation so you’ll be able to watch TV or listen to music. Once you’ve finished, Exerpeutic GOLD 500 XLS can be folded up to half its original size. This makes it the top rated stationary bike for users with limited space but an unlimited desire for a quality cardio workout.


An easy to read large computer LCD display indicates calories burned, distance, time and speed. There is also an odometer and a pulse reader working together with Heart Pulse Sensors on the handle bars.


Compact, stable, and super quiet, Exerpeutic GOLD 500 XLS has 3 pieces ‘high torque’ cranking system which provides a smooth and consistent pedaling motion without skipping or unsteady resistance. Larger pedal design with safety strap prevents your feet from slipping. This might be the best upright bike for the home for you. Check it out!



  • Easy to use display with all necessary features
  • Heart Pulse Sensors on the handle bars
  • Can be folded to half its size
  • Quiet and smooth operation
  • Comfortable seat and pedals



  • People shorter than 5’1” might struggle to reach pedals comfortably.


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Editor’s rating: 4.5/5


Schwinn 130



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Schwinn 130 Upright Exercise Bike features a high-speed high inertia perimeter weighted flywheel, 20 resistance levels, and 22 workout programs. DualTrack backlit LCD display which lets you monitor as many as 13 different displays feeds including distance, time, calories burned heart rate etc.


Most of us love listening to music while we cycle so you will enjoy the sound from the speakers installed. You will also appreciate a USB charging port and heart rate sensors built into the handlebars. Workout data can be uploaded via a USB thumb drive to the SchwinnConnect website so you can track your progress.


Angle adjustable handlebars for a comfortable riding position have ergonomically installed heart rate sensors.


A high speed, high inertia perimeter weighted flywheel keeps workouts smooth and quiet. Oversized crossbar tubing is there for added stability as well as two integrated levelers for a solid workout platform.


A padded and contoured seat can be adjusted for a comfortable ride. Once you’re sweaty and happy enough, transport wheels will allow easy movement to store the bike away, if you need to.


You will find the assembly quite straightforward and the instructions easy to follow. You’ll easily manage the 22 programs plus 2 user settings which will allow you to track your progress and keep you motivated.



  • Well-made and sturdy
  • A 3-speed fan will keep you cool
  • Quiet and smooth pedaling
  • Dual track two LCD display with 13 feeds
  • USB charge and data exchange
  • You will enjoy installed speakers



  • Some problems reported with the pedal/crank distance


Check Latest Price on Amazon, Now!


Editor’s rating: 4.1/5


Best Choice Products Folding Adjustable Magnetic Exercise Bike Fitness Upgraded Machine



View on Amazon!


Best Choice Products Folding Bike features a sturdy steel frame, a padded seat and ergonomic handle bars for a comfortable workout. This bike can be set into 3 positions that provide different ways to exercise.


8-level smooth magnetic resistance can also be easily adjusted by turning the knob in the middle of the bike. The bike accommodates users up to 220lbs. Being a folding exercise bike, it can be stored away if you are short of space.


Although in small print, the instructions are easy and you can assemble the bike yourself in 40-60 minutes. The display also has instructions on how to track pulse, time, distance, and calories burned.


If shopping for the best upright bike for home, you can feel confident that Best Choice Products Folding Bike will provide quality cardio workout in the comfort of your home. It’s quiet when cycling and you won’t be interrupting anyone while exercising nor will the noise interfere while you watch TV or listen to music.


If you use the lowest set of adjustments it makes a pretty good recumbent bike as well, or you can use it as intended by the designers. In any case, it’s a steal for the price as you get adjustable and well-built exercise bike with most features as in the higher price range.


Smaller circumference of the pedals makes this bike ideal for shorter people. The seat is wide enough and comfortable and it’s easy to hop on and off the bike.



  • Easy to use and well built
  • Can be folded for convenient storage
  • Comfortable seat and pedals
  • Quiet and smooth operation
  • Perfect for shorter people



  • Might be too small for taller and slightly overweight people


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Editor’s rating: 4.2/5


Marcy Foldable Exercise Bike



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Marcy Foldable Exercise Bike comes with 8 cardio levels of magnetic resistance control to provide a various cardio workout at an affordable price.


It’s made of 14 gauge, high-quality steel and has counter weighted pedals with adjustable foot straps. A high-density foam padded seat will add to the comfort of your workout. The height of this bike is adjustable.


Marcy Foldable Bike is the perfect space-saving cardio stationary bicycle for your home with similar features as higher price range bikes. You can challenge yourself by changing resistance levels to simulate different terrains, just like during an outdoor bike ride.


You can track your progress using the built-in display which shows speed, distance, time, and calories burned. Gripped pedals with protective basket cage will keep your feet from slipping. Once you’ve finished your daily workout you can simply fold the bike and store it away easily.


As for operation, it is incredibly quiet and the pedal motion is so smooth that it creates a very rhythmic motion that you will find to be a great tension reliever. That’s what the best vertical stationary bike is expected to do! At this price, a no brainer!



  • Comfortable and sturdy
  • 8 levels of resistance
  • The display is clear and user-friendly
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Can be folded to save some space



  • Shorter people (<5’2”) will have to look for a different bike


Check Latest Price on Amazon, Now!


Editor’s rating: 4.5/5


Schwinn AD6 Airdyne Exercise Bike



View on Amazon!


Schwinn AD6 Airdyne Bike is not a magnetic but an air bike. It uses infinite wind resistance: the harder you pedal the harder the resistance. And as for your comfort, a large thickly padded seat will enable as much workout as you need.


You won’t have to wait for the readouts as the built-in console continuously shows 6 workout metrics. The new RevMeter RPM gauge is a fun visual way to see your results.


There are four levelers to ensure stability, transport wheels for easy moving around and the new shrouding on BioSynch system for safer workouts. The bike is telemetric heart rate compatible but the chest straps are sold separately, as well as the wind screen and reading/laptop racks. The bottle holder is included.


The Schwinn AD6 Airdyne Exercise Bike provides great performance, comfort, and durability.The new quiet, frictionless fan ensures a smooth, relaxing workout. Resistance-based braking creates zero friction.


There are foot straps on self-balancing pedals for greater motion control a durable metal frame and a smooth and quiet ride.



  • Frictionless and quiet fan
  • Large, easy-to-read LCD console
  • Durable metal frame (15-year warranty)
  • Comfortable seat and self-balancing pedals
  • You can exercise lower or upper body



  • The seat noted to tip forward in some cases


Check Latest Price on Amazon, Now!


Editor’s rating: 4.2/5


Stamina 5325 Magnetic Exercise Bike



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Stamina 5325 Upright Exercise Bike features oversized, padded and sculpted seat to make your workout as comfortable as possible. It offers smooth magnetic resistance with eight-step adjustable tension control so you can set your workout intensity.


There are six preset fitness programs with pace guide. Pulse sensors built into handlebars are a standard feature for monitoring your heart rate as you cycle. The one-button electronic display shows time, speed, distance, and calories burned. It can get a bit difficult to go through all the options using just one button.


A sturdy frame is fit for weight up to 300lbs and there are transport wheels to help you move the bike easily. This bike is also quiet enough to watch TV while riding and you can hear your show just fine without the need to crank up the volume.


This bike is just fine for effective low-impact aerobic exercises as long as you are realistic about the value for money concept. You can assemble it yourself but the tension cable part can get a bit difficult as you have to pull it quite hard. If in doubt, ask for professional help.


A decent bike for the price, as long as you don’t mind a few minor cons.



  • Sturdy bike with good stability
  • 8 steps of resistance adjustment
  • The display is clear and easy to read
  • Smooth and quiet operation



  • One button display operation is not that user-friendly
  • The seat reported a bit hard
  • Assembling might require some assistance


Check Latest Price on Amazon, Now!

Editor’s rating: 3.5/5


Final Thought

Ultimately, the upright exercise bike is a great product that offers many features and benefits to succeed in your exercises. It is important for the athlete to continue their exercises and understand the correct technique to reach their maximum potential. This is a suggestion and recommendation of what your options in choosing these exercise bikes. If you don’t find this item  fit for you then you can check out the recumbent exercise bike review as another option of fitness products.


We wrote this review to help our users understand the importance of utilizing this equipment so that they know what to expect from the purchase. This detail of information is crucial and was well researched before posted. We hope this offers a better assurance of what customers need in their workout lifestyle.









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