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Best Battle Ropes Reviews 2017


Back in the day, gyms are packed with pieces of metal equipment that are all designed to help you lose weight and build some muscle. This is why it can be a bit surprising for some people to find such mundane items like ropes gaining so much popularity for those who want to get in better shape. We also suggest you to check out the resistance band for more ways to build your muscle.

Known as battle ropes, these workout tools have certainly captured the attention of the fitness buffs with its promise of intense workouts, strength and endurance training, and sculpted arm muscles. Often made of polyester, Poly Dacron, or even manila fiber, their weight and length are used to get a good workout. Some athletes highly prefer the battles ropes instead of the adjustable dumbbells.

There are lots of different ways how to sweat it out with this tool, but as they are commonly used in intense workouts like HIIT and CrossFit, you can count on them to really help you get in better shape than the pull up bars.

The best battle ropes offer a fantastic cardio workout that’s combined with a solid weight training session, so more and more people are considering bringing them home for some intense exercise. Found here are more equipment's that can help achieve your goals if the battle rope is too intensive for you.

Buying Guide: What You Need to Know to Find the Best Battle Ropes Today

While ropes seem like the most mundane items on the planet, it doesn’t mean that battle ropes share the same virtue. These items take these traditional threads to the next level, breathing new life to what was once used to bind stuff together, restrict movements, and navigate the high seas. So what makes them different and special?

Battle Ropes 101

Battle ropes are, as the name suggests, heavy duty ropes that are considered as unconventional additions to gyms nowadays. Their key trait is its thickness. You’ll want them to be thick to provide a good amount of heft, providing a nice challenge for its users. It can vary in length, depending on what activities you want to do with them and the space available.

What makes them fantastic workout tools is the fact that they’re open-ended items that you can work with in different ways. You can move them in a wide array of angles, letting you engage different muscle groups.

Health Benefits of Getting the Best Battle Rope

According to fitness trainer Gabe Rangel in an interview, battle ropes are great for burning calories, strengthening arm, shoulder, leg, and back muscles, improve core stability, and for working out shoulder mobility. However, as you will also have to handle these tools to work with them, you can also expect it to strengthen your hands and grip.

Combined with other movements, it can also be a whole body exercise that will really torch your fat and calorie deposits in a flash. This will also let you build real-world strength and boost athleticism.

The Battle Rope Wave

Considered as the most basic and popular battle rope routine, the wave will be the first thing you’ll learn to do with these fitness tools. Executing it is very simple: all you have to do is grip the rope tightly and lift your arms up and down to create waves with the rope.

Rope Length and Thickness

The length and thickness of the rope play a huge role in how intense a workout you can get from battle ropes. The thicker it is, the heavier the rope will be. However, you shouldn’t go overboard with the thickness, as you still have to grip it properly to get a good exercise. The length also adds to the weight, so for beginners, experts actually recommend starting with a 1.5” by 50 ft rope to ensure its maneuverability.

Movement Intensity

The effort you’ll put into your workout will also help you get great results. You can actually use this tool for a High-Intensity Interval Training routine, so if you want to build more muscles or lose more weight, this might just be the perfect tool for you.

Body Position

Aside from observing proper form to prevent injuries, you can also spice up your wave routine by positioning your body in various ways. Changing your position will actually make it harder for you to make your waves reach the end of the line, so it will ask more effort to perform the workout, creating a more punishing exercise.

Battle Ropes Reviews: The Best Battle Ropes to Kick Off Your Search

Iron Bull Strength Battle Ropes

One of the things you should look for in the best battle ropes is its easy use. As not all homes are equipped with available sturdy posts to anchor the ropes to, finding an accessory that can get the job done with ease is a must.

The Iron Bull Strength Battle Ropes actually come with its very own anchor kit so you won’t have to fuss over finding ways to hook it up to let you start your workout. This extra will also help ensure that the rope itself won’t get easily damaged as you won’t have to wrap it around a post just to keep it in place.

As for the actual battle rope, it’s able to guarantee durability and top-notch performance with its use of high-quality PolyDacron. This also provides flexibility and great whip action, allowing you to maneuver this rope effectively.

A nylon sleeve is also added to prevent the ends from easily fraying and wearing out. This also makes it easier to hold, providing a more comfortable grip and better control.

Available in three lengths (30, 40, and 50 ft), five weights (18, 23, 28, 30, 38, and 46 lbs), and two thicknesses (1.5” and 2”), this battle rope is durable, flexible, sturdy, and convenient to use making it one of the best battle ropes to buy for beginners and experienced users alike.


  • Offers all you need in one package
  • Different weights, lengths, and thicknesses available
  • Durable construction
  • Easy and comfortable grip


  • A bit pricier than others

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NEXPro Battle Rope

When it comes to battle ropes, you often get what you pay for. However, this shouldn’t mean that you can’t be practical with your purchase.

The NEXPro Battle Rope is actually an excellent affordable pick because of its lower price points paired with fantastic features. While this product is made of Polypropylene and Polyester, it definitely doesn’t deserve to be written off your shortlist for the finest battle ropes today.

Although the former is not a popular choice for these items because of its coarseness and brittleness, the NEXPro Battle Rope is still considered as one of the best battle ropes in the market today because it was blended with high-quality polyester which buffers and strengthens the product.

This special blend creates an abrasion and UV-resistant battle rope that is also very durable, so you can actually count on it to withstand being whipped and slammed on solid floors.

Finished with a 600D Oxford waterproof sleeve to prevent the ends from fraying and unraveling, you can be sure that the grips will be more comfortable and capable of surviving constant manhandling.

These parts are essential if you want to make full use of your battle rope as you’ll actually need to be comfortable in holding the ends to work with the entire rope. So this feature is not just an extra, but is a necessity that you have to be very discerning about.

Lots of folks might also get drawn to this product for its simplicity. Being a plain black rope, it looks formal and utilitarian which can really be a great fit for those who are serious about their workouts.


  • Very durable
  • Available in three lengths
  • Affordable price


  • Only one thickness available

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Zeny Black Battle Rope

While plain battle ropes tend to look more impressive and utilitarian, they can be hard to monitor under certain circumstances. They can be hard to see in certain lighting, so you might have some difficulties in determining whether you’re exerting enough effort to make the rope move.

This is even more important if your flooring has a dark coloring that can make battle ropes less distinguishable. So for easier visibility, the Zeny Black Battle Rope is also a solid pick for one of the best battle ropes today.

With its orange/yellow tracking line, it’s easier to see how much force you’re using on your workout. It can also come in handy for the rope’s maintenance as you can actually notice if it’s already getting dirty.

This battle rope’s construction is also a good reason why it’s considered as a great workout tool. Made of 100% PolyDacron, it’s waterproof and highly durable. Not only will it be able to withstand the impact of your movements, but it will also survive harsh elements.

Not that you’re supposed to leave your battle rope outside and exposed to sun, rain, and cold, though, but it guarantees to be able to last a long while even if you constantly wash and clean it. Finished with heat shrink 600D Oxford caps to prevent fraying and unraveling, you’re also guaranteed easy and comfortable handles.


  • Available in two thicknesses and three lengths
  • Easy to maintain
  • Strong and durable
  • Looks great


  • Quite stiff on initial use
  • Can fray when not used on a mat

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BuyJumpRopes EliteSRS Fitness Battle Ropes

When people say that a product is similar to commercial-grade varieties, there’s a high chance that they’re one of the best battle ropes to buy. This is exactly the case for the EliteSRS as its quality is highly praised to be almost identical with the battle ropes used in gyms. This means that those who have already taken this battle rope out for a spin can attest to the product’s claims of excellent quality.

Made of high-grade PolyDacron, this battle rope can endure heavy use under various conditions. Its construction also makes it ideal for outdoor use, as it’s UV-resistant and practically weather proof. Even if it gets wet, the water won’t penetrate its core so it won’t rot. The outer coating is also very durable, so you won’t have to worry about it fraying and getting damaged if you use it on a rough or abrasive surface.

To top it all off, the EliteSRS is also equipped with an ultra-durable soft polymer that is heat shrunk to securely wrapped around the ends of the rope. Aside from providing a comfortable spot to hold and control the fitness tool, it’s also effective in ensuring that the rope won’t fray and unravel. It’s a great plus that it’s soft to touch so your hands won’t get hurt even after an hour or two of holding onto it.

First-time battle rope shoppers will also love the fact that this product offers a complete basic package. As it also comes with an anchor kit, you can easily set this up without having to make additional purchases.


  • Available in different colors
  • Anchor kit included
  • High quality ropes


  • Quite pricey
  • Handles are a bit long which makes it hard to wield for some folks

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 Ollieroo Battle Rope

Another heavy duty battle rope that means business the moment you lay your eyes on it is the Ollieroo Battle Rope. Don’t be fooled by its adorable brand name, because this fitness tool is the farthest thing from what you can call cute. It looks tough and feels even tougher, making it an excellent option if you want to get in better shape by flinging around a heavy rope.

Its plain black appearance makes this product a serious option for minimalists who care about quality more than fancy looks. However, it doesn’t mean that this Ollieroo product isn’t something that packs a punch.

As it’s made from high-quality PolyDacron, so you can count on it to be capable of withstanding heavy use and the harsh elements. Finished off with a 600D Oxford Waterproof Sleeve, you don’t have to worry about its manageability, comfort, and quality.

While it has the same offers as most of the other items on this list, what makes it a clear winner is its low price. A lot of people are surprised that they can get top-notch quality battle ropes at its price range, making it a solid option for practical fitness enthusiasts.


  • 3-year warranty
  • Available in three lengths and weights
  • Great price


  • Only available in one design and one thickness measurement

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Fitness Solutions USA MADE BLACK Poly Dac Training Ropes

With such high standards American products are subjected to, it’s no surprise that a lot of people prefer items that are actually made in the US. This is also true for battle ropes as if you get to find one that’s manufactured locally, you can be sure that it’s of fantastic quality that’s hard to beat. If you’re willing to spend on one, Fitness Solutions’ Poly Dac Training Ropes are for you.

Available in a wide range of measurements in terms of thickness and length, you can, without a doubt, find a great match for your requirements and preferences with this product’s range. It’s not available in any other color aside from plain black, though, so you don’t really have a say in that. This shouldn’t be a problem, though, as black looks great everywhere.

Another selling point for this product is their use of 3M Military Grade Heat Shrink for their handles. With the aid of the global leading brand in adhesives, you don’t have to worry about the handles falling apart after a few uses.


  • Made in the USA
  • Top shelf materials used
  • Available in different lengths and thicknesses
  • Exclusive access to online content


  • Quite pricey

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Gymenist Battle Rope

When you say rope, the first thing that will come to mind are the beige colored ones used to tie stuff together in the old days. They’re tough, durable, and can get spectacularly heavy when thick and long enough.

If you’re more of a traditionalist, you might also want to consider getting a battle rope made with natural materials like sisal, emulating actual ropes. For this, you have the Gymenist Battle Rope as a top pick.

Made from commercial-grade sisal, which is also commonly used for other kinds of ropes used for various applications, the Gymenist Battle Rope is a very durable, age and wear-resistant option for those who are looking for top notch quality and low price.

As the sisal alone can be too stiff and rough, both ends of the rope have been equipped with heat shrunk vinyl. This addition makes it easier to hold onto, making rope exercises simpler to execute.


  • Guaranteed to be durable
  • Natural materials
  • Low price


  • Materials leaves fibers behind which can get messy

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Trademark Innovations Strength & Core Training Battle Rope

For those who really don’t want to spend a great deal of money on workout equipment, the Trademark Innovations Strength & Core Training Battle Rope is an excellent choice. This may be the best priced product on this list but it still offers durability and fantastic workout sessions.

Available in different lengths, you can take a pick from how challenging you want your workouts to be like. While it’s only available in 1.5” thickness, this shouldn’t be a major problem as it’s the ideal diameter for a solid and comfortable grip.


  • Fantastic price
  • Durable
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use


  • Not for use on abrasive surfaces

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Final Thoughts

​Training with a battle rope can intensify your strength and cardio to a whole new level especially for those who want good results. This product is great when it comes to exercising your body to the limit and really pushing  yourself mentally. That being said this review should not give you any excuse to purchasing this amazing product. Take charge of your health!!

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