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Best Adjustable Dumbbells Reviews 2017

Unlike regular dumbbells which have fixed weight, adjustable dumbbells have a bar in the middle and weights on each side which can be replaced based on the amount of weight you need for your training.

The main advantage of adjustable dumbbells is that you don’t need to have a set of dumbbells varying from 5 -100 pounds: you can comfortably exercise at home with a pair of quality handlebars and a set of weights that fit your needs.


Rather than changing dumbbells for each exercise, you change the plates on your adjustable dumbbells and you’re good to go! You have to make sure that the weights are locked on the bar since you do not want a heavy plate falling off in the middle of exercising and causing you serious injuries. However, there are other options such as the rowing machine for home so that you can take a break from the heavy lifting.


Before starting your weightlifting program, consult with a physician and a trainer. A proper technique is essential in reducing the risk of injury when using free weights and maximizing health benefits.


The American Heart Association recommends strength training at least twice per week since strengthening your muscles gives you the ability to perform everyday activities and helps protect your body from injury. In addition, stronger muscles also lead to a boost in your metabolic rate, which means you’ll burn more calories even when your body is at rest. There are also other great ways to improve your health by clicking here.


According to World Health Organization, muscle strengthening activities should be done 2 or more times a week and the best accommodating dumbbells will certainly help you work towards achieving the optimum level of strength and fitness for your age.


Whether you are trying to lose weight, look beach lean or ripped, improve your overall physical condition, or trying to recover from an illness, modifiable dumbbells will help you get there as long as you exercise regularly and chose the right set for your needs.


A well-toned body is likely to resist illness and disease. You can achieve this through strength training such as using free weights you can afford. Being fit and strong also has an effect on your mood, energy levels and the sense of wellbeing and happiness.


Found here are other ways to maintain your body in great health so that you wake up in the morning with complete satisfaction.


Chose the best free dumbbell set for your needs and it will provide all of the help you need for your strength training routine, not only for your arms and upper body but also to increase the effectiveness of squats, jump squats and lunges. Adjustable dumbbells are, therefore, a great tool to incorporate into your whole body workout routines.

Buying Guide


Adjustable dumbbells are perfect for maximizing muscle strengthening. Indeed, exercising with free weights are considered to be harder than with gym machines; it requires more muscles control and effort to properly perform exercises. If you want to take a break from all that heavy lifting than check out the spin bikes review for the most effective cardio and leg workout.


There is a great choice so you can choose the best adjustable dumbbell according to your budget, weight lifting routine and the way the weights are changed. From sturdy star-lock collars to spin-lock, to dial a weight option, you can find the locking system most convenient for you!


Here are the reasons why these products are the best option for quality!



Even for novices, dumbbells are really simple and easy to use: you choose the weight you want, set the plates, grab the handles and start your workout! As easy as that! Make sure to warm up properly and follow the usual safety guidelines and you’ll soon notice the benefits from these special dumbbells. As you improve your strengths, you simply add more weight in a matter of seconds. No need to buy and adjust to new dumbbells if you have flexible ones! And while switching to different muscle workouts, you don’t have to put one weight aside, grab another, put that one away and so on; you change the weight on your dumbbells and keep pumping!


Value for money

Instead of buying a dozen pairs of regular dumbbells ranging from 5-90 lbs, you only need to buy one or two sets of weights and you can do myriad of exercises for a fraction of the cost. Also, a collection of dumbbells requires a rack which you also need to buy or have it custom made. For those of you who regularly go to the gym and decide to start working out at home, the best free weights will also save you the most money! How much will your gym membership and transport costs when calculated annually? Also, bear in mind that a quality set of weights will last you for years to come!


Small footprint

The dumbbells are compact and occupy very little space. You won’t even notice them in the corner! Think about the space a rack with dozens of regular dumbbells takes up! Plus, you will have different dumbbells all over your home gym or your living room. Easy to store away, adjustable dumbbells are by far the most convenient type of exercise equipment.


Weights versatility

When buying a set of the dumbbells, first and foremost you need to consider what kind of exercises you will be doing and how much weight you will be lifting: buy a set which fulfills both your minimum and maximum weight lifting requirements. The weights vary from 2.5, 5 and 10 lbs and the handles are already manufactured in the size which will safely carry the maximum weight while giving you a firm grip on the handle and maximum control over your workout!


Check out our best adjustable dumbbell reviews and pick your favorite set! If you are not satisfied with this review, we suggest our readers check out the upright exercise bike reviews for a different approach if the dumbbells don’t meet your needs.


Best Adjustable Dumbbells Reviews


Bowflex SelectTech 552 (Pair)




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Bowflex SelectTech 552 features a unique dial-a-weight adjustment system. This innovative design is total game-changer not just to the adjustable dumbbells but to the gym equipment industry on the whole.


Before Bowflex dial-a-weight dumbbells hit the market, the only way to change weights on adjustable dumbbells was to use pins or screws to manually remove or add weight plates. The handle is thicker than your average dumbbells and has a good grip.


With the SelectTech 552, all you have to do is “dial” the desired number of plates and lift it off the base. The remaining plates in the set will stay in the base ready for the next change.


To change weight during a workout, you simply put the dumbbell back onto the base, twist the dial and lift it again with a new weight setting. SelectTech 552 is the top rated dumbbell set on the market. It’s also the highest rated and the best-selling set and the fastest and easiest weight changing system today.


Bowflex SelectTech 552’s features a wide weight range, from only 5 lbs to as much as 52.5 lbs per one dumbbell. Altogether, you can choose from 15 different weight settings in 2.5 lb increments for the first 25 lbs. Beyond that, weights can be changed in 5 lb or 10 lb increments. The handle is thicker than your average dumbbells and has a has a good grip.


Changing weights can get difficult by itself for some of you but with dial-a-weight, it’s a breeze and leaves your muscles focused on the workout you’re doing. In addition, since SelectTech 552 enables adjusting in such small increments, you will be able to increase weight at a steadier pace. In turn, that will quickly let you achieve perfect form while going through your full rep range and gain strength faster and easier.



  • Unique dials weight system
  • Combines 15 sets into one
  • Adjusts in 2.5 lb increments for the first 25 lbs
  • Super easy and hassle-free to change weights
  • Sturdy metal handle and the central system
  • Take up very little space



  • Some plastic parts so handle with care


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Editor’s rating: 4.8/5


Bayou Fitness



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Bayou Fitness is made of a unique chrome plated material which is guaranteed not to rust or tarnish even after years of use. Since you all know that weights usually take quite a beating while using and handling, it is really important to choose a high durability dumbbells but also ones which are easily adjusted and provide versatility for your training.


Bayo 50 lb. dumbbell eliminates the need for multiple dumbbells and comes with a storage tray so it’s easy to store away and doesn’t take up much space.The dumbbell itself is compact and easy to use. It’s 15.75 inches long by 8 inches wide by 9 inches tall.


It is perfect for exercising your arms, shoulders, abs, chest, back, and legs. Nine sets of weights are combined into one using a slide system. It is easy to adjust the weights from 10 to 50 lbs by moving the adjustment knob to the weight you want. The plates are secured properly so no need to worry about them falling off.


Bayou’s dumbbell eliminates the need for multiple dumbbells. It’s one of the most flexible strength training options available with its unique slide adjustment system. You can do more than 30 different exercises using 9 weight settings.


The heavy-duty storage tray gives the set a sleek look and the bar and weights are safely stored inside the tray. This will help you to keep your exercise room tidy and safe. If you want to take your Bayou set with you to the gym, the set is portable and convenient to transport.



  • Easy to adjust dials weight system
  • Heavy-duty set with great machining
  • Easy and safe system of changing weights
  • Enables versatile workout
  • Compact and portable



  • 5lb increment possible with unbalanced dumbbell


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Editor’s rating: 4.5/5


CAP Barbell 40-pound Set with Case



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CAP Barbell 40-pound Set includes two handles, four 2.5-pound plates, four 5-pound plates, 4 collars, and a plastic storage and carrying case.


The sturdy case features placeholders for storing all the set pieces. There is also a secure-closing lid with a carrying handle for convenient portability. Use your CAP Barbell set at home or carry it safe wherever you want to!


The cast iron plates are durable and come with a semi-gloss finish. Rust and maintenance-free, the plates can be easily changed and will last you a long time. The material used to protect the plates might give out chemical smell when new, so feel free to wash and air the plates if you mind the smell.


The plates are held on a knurled handle to provide a firm grip and a secure hold. You can conveniently exercise with your bare hands but we suggest investing in a cheap pair of weight-lifting gloves as the safety knurling might not go gentle on your palms. The handle is reported to last even after a couple of years of regular use with no problems. Adjusting the amount of weight is easy. Simply add or remove plates to and from the barbells which are secured with the threaded star-shaped rubber trim collars. The collars weigh half a pound each.


This versatile CAP Barbell set provides both beginners and advanced users with everything they need for a convenient and effective workout. You will strengthen your arms, shoulders, chest and the lower body as well in no time. Probably one of the best dumbbells set for an affordable price, CAP Barbell will meet your needs and then some!



  • Sturdy set with rust protection finish
  • Thick handle with smooth machining
  • Star-shaped safety collars
  • Enables varied workout
  • Carrying/storage case a nice addition



  • There is some smell from the anti-corrosion coating


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Editor’s rating: 4.4/5


Yes4All Dumbbells 40, 50, 52.5, 60, 105 to 200 lbs



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Yes4All set features gym quality cast iron and gym quality solid chrome handles. Collars and handles are threaded for a secure fit and plates are made from durable cast iron just like all adaptable dumbbells. This is a set you can trust completely!


The particular model we’re going to review features 105 lbs of weight total. The holes on weight plates fit standard bar with a diameter of 1.15″ and the dumbbell handle also has 1.15” diameter. The set features 2 sets each with 1 durable 15 inches solid steel textured chrome handle, 2 collars, 8  5.0-lbs plates, 2 2.5-lbs plates, and 2  1.25-lb plates.


The set allows you to vary your daily workout routines with interchangeable weights. You can start from your minimum weight reps and move on to more weights easily by simply changing the plates.


Yes4All are compact, convenient, and easy to use and store. You won’t need multiple dumbbells in your workout space. This set will suit basic toning body workouts, core fitness as well as strength exercises.


The screws on this set are as tight as can be and they can hold a large amount of weight. The plates won’t clank at all. On the whole, the set feels sturdy and durable. A bit of protective paint might be chipping off during a workout, but hey, would you rather see the set rust over time? Of course not!


The locking screws come off quickly and it doesn’t take long to switch the plates once you get used to the routine. Not as easy as turning a dial, or pulling a pin, but sufficiently quickly and at an affordable price.



  • The set enables extensive and varied workout
  • Overall quality great for the price
  • Anti-corrosion protective finish
  • The locking screws fit tight so there’s no rattling
  • Easily adjustable and good value for money



  • The paint might chip off over time


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Editor’s rating: 4.5/5


One Pair of Adjustable Dumbbells



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One Pair Kits made by Unipack consists of 2 pieces of 100lbs dumbbells which can be easily adjusted for an average weight enthusiast. This kit comes with 2 five pound bars, 2 five pound plates, 8 ten pound plates and 2 three and a half pound plates. For the price, this much weight is a steal.


These weights will allow you to increase the weight by five-pound increments, allowing you to workout comfortably, based on your strength level. As these weights can be increased to 100 pounds each, you’ll be able to gradually add more weight as your strength level improves.


The dumbbell’s locking mechanisms might become loose after each use, so it’s recommended that you tighten them regularly. If you don’t, the weights might clatter and during a workout.


Despite this small issue, Unipack dumbbells are a good option for most of you who want to workout at home. If you’re on a budget and can’t afford high-end models, the Unipack dumbbells are a great deal and will serve you well!


The need to tighten the locks after each set can be a bit annoying for some of you but since these dumbbells offer such a wide weight range, they are still a great deal for your buck!



  • The set offers a great range of weights
  • Tey can easily be adjusted to fit your workout
  • Protective coat of paint prevents corrosion
  • Good quality materials



  • You need to regularly tighten the looks


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Editor’s rating: 4.4/5


PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells



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PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells features a unique 4-bar cage design which can support up to 5-50 lbs (per dumbbell) and has as 16 different weight settings: 2.5, 5, 7.5, 10,15, 17.5, 20, 25, 27.5, 30, 35, 37.5, 40, 45, 47.5, and 50 lbs. It does not get more versatile than that!


What’s more, PowerBlock Elite can be extended to 70 lbs, 90 lbs or even 130 lbs per single dumbbell, which is one of its many benefits. As you grow stronger, instead of having to buy a completely new set of dumbbells for more weight, PowerBlock makes easy-to-install expansion kits. You can add more weight to your existing dumbbells and save yourself the trouble and money.


PowerBlock Elite dumbbells are compact with dimensions of 12″ x 6.25″ x 6″ (L x W x H). The weight plates are set up in stacks, with color-coded markers which indicate the weight amount of each stack. It’s really easy to change the weight: use a dual-prong U-shaped selector pin to slide in and out of the different weight markers. As simple as that!


The pin is magnetic so it won’t come loose accidentally. You’ll feel it click into position as you slide it in. The click indicates that the lock is tight and the dumbbell secure and safe for your workout. The smaller the 2.5 lb adders must be inserted manually but for 5 lb or 10 lb increments, you use the selector pin.


At the center of the dumbbell there is the usual handle providing a firm grip and, in addition, there are four more bars around the handle: two to give support and two to make lifting easier, safer and more comfortable for your wrists.


All features considered, for a lot of users, PowerBlock Elite truly is the best adaptable dumbbell on the market!



  • Unique safe and ergonomic 4-handle cage system
  • Effective dual-prong U-shaped selector pin
  • Combines 16 sets into one
  • Easy and quick way to change weights
  • Excellent value for money with the extension kit possible



  • 2.5 lb increments need to put manually


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Editor’s rating: 4.7/5

Ironmaster 75 lb Quick-Lock System with Stand



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Ironmaster 75 lb Quick-Lock lets you adjust each dumbbell from 5-75 lbs with Ironmaster patented quick lock design in under 15 seconds! The set includes two handles with four locking screws, 24 ea. 5 lb plates and 4 each. 2.5 lb plates.


The handles weigh 5 lbs empty and each locking screw weighs 2.5 lbs so the starting weight for each dumbbell before plates are added is 10 lbs. 65 lbs of plates can be loaded on each handle.


These dumbbells lock up tight so no need to worry about rattling or looseness. Ironmaster 75 lb Quick-Lock feels just like traditional fixed-weight dumbbells: they and are not restrictive in the ways you can grip them, just as all best adjustable dumbbell should be.


As they are heavy duty, they won’t be damaged if you drop them. Even so, Ironmaster 75 lb Quick-Lock comes with a lifetime warranty, no questions asked! That’s how much trust the manufacturer has in their best flexible weights!


The dumbbell is beautifully made stand comes with the kit free of charge. Once you feel the need to upgrade to more weight, the stand shelves on both sides will come in handy. The stand is sturdy, durable and with a modest footprint of only 14.5″ x 19″. It’s 26″ high with rubber leveling feet and will hold the 120 lb Add on Kit.


Dumbbell dimensions are 6.7″ square, 14.5″ long at the 75lb size and 9″ long at the 20lb size. Handle grip diameter is 1.25″ and there is 6.5″ grip width inside. The procedure to change dumbbell weights is simple. I have read the Instruction Manual and can confirm that everything is well written and thoroughly explained and illustrated so that you can safely and quickly assemble the dumbbells and change the weights.


Another safety feature is that the plates have tapered edges: they will tilt in toward the handle automatically and stay in position even with the locking screws removed during changing. As long as you don’t bump them, there is no chance of a plate falling from the stand and landing at your feet or damaging the floor.


With quality comes the price so this set is more expensive than others but it might be the only set of adjustable dumbbells you’ll ever need!  Soon enough, you’ll be enjoying Ironmaster so much that you will actually exercise more because you will have a feel of a robust one-piece dumbbell!



  • Easy to adjust quick-lock system
  • Heavy-duty set with great feel in your hands
  • Enables varied workout with small footprint
  • Easy  and safe way of changing weights
  • Stand free of charge



  • Takes some time to get into the routine for changing weights quickly


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Editor’s rating: 4.7/5


 Final Thought

 We find this review to be comprehensive for our users to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the dumbbells. The review you read above will change the way you approach your life choices. We want to prepare our readers that purchasing this product will greatly improve their health without having to think twice about their bad eating habits. This is great for muscle building, cardio endurance, weight loss and bone health.


Please share our review and let the readers know the benefits of the adjustable dumbbell. This is a crucial exercise that every athlete indulges into keeping their body in physical shape. If you don’t find this to be helpful then check out our other reviews that can provide the same benefits such as the elliptical bikes for home.




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