Best Elliptical Machines Under $1000 | Reviews and Guide

Best Elliptical Machines Under 1000

We are going to cover the required information about finding the best elliptical machines under $1000. Most elliptical machines available under this range comprise of lots of features and come with specifications that are sure to make an average user happy.

The fact about elliptical trainers is: there are a lot of good trainers available on the market that comes with some good features, but also the daunting number of products available makes it hard for beginners to select.

Why To Consider Purchasing An Elliptical Machine

Elliptical machines have made its way into a lot of homes recently and the reason being the flexibility of pricing and the use of this device. Due to today’s busy lifestyle, one has got a lot of responsibilities and hence free time is something that is scarce.

On the other hand, being fit matters. Elliptical trainers emulate “running” and it has got a lot of advantages associated with it. It also has less impact on somebody if he / she is suffering from injuries in feet or knees or lower body.

Elliptical trainers provide a good amount of cardio and also full body workout routines from the comfort of one’s home, thus, saving a good amount of time in this process. Moreover, an hour spent on elliptical trainers makes sure to burn around 200 calories.

Elliptical machines can quickly ensure that one is getting all these advantages and also more. Most of these trainers has inbuilt audiovisual training sessions that help to overcome the “boring” factor that sometimes can crop up.

Apart from all that, these elliptical machines also have different combinations of training available with different resistance levels. These help users in combining different sets to make workouts more exciting and also challenging.

The benefits of an elliptical trainer over other kinds of exercise equipment are thus unparalleled. With the right kind of exercises and regularity, one can maintain and even improve their physical health within the safety and comfort of their home. Saving a lot of time, reducing stress along with affordability, elliptical trainers have a lot to offer.

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Best Elliptical Machines Under 1000

The below mentioned Best Elliptical machines under 1000 come with great performance and good build quality. They are selected from thousands of products from user reviews and some other factors mentioned below. Elliptical machines are available in many pricing ranges and the features increases as one climbs the price range ladder. If you’re looking for cheap ellipticals check out these lists of ellipticals under 300 and ellipticals under 500.

The under $1000 price range is just about perfect for bringing home a machine capable of suiting most needs a home user may have including extensive workout sessions and even entertaining audio-visual interactions in some cases. To know more about the best elliptical machines under 1000, continue reading below.

1. Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine

Best Elliptical Machines Under $1000

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The Schwinn 430 Elliptical is the machines in the category that commands great performance and is perfect for people who are looking for a full-fledged workout session. It has integrated levelers for easy adjustment when placing the machine in uneven ground.

The center support frame is made of solid metal providing a great support and guarantees to ensure harsh punishments. For added stability, the oversized crossbar tubing proves to be immensely useful. With a maximum user weight capacity of 275 pounds, this schwinn elliptical machine serves a huge user base.

In the performance division, it is a machine that offers full value for money. It has a 20-inch precision path stride length with 10-degree manual ramp range with six positions. The different workout modules feature 22 programs with two user settings and goal tracking.

To make things little more challenging, it has 20 levels of eddy current resistance. It has dual LCD monitor that helps in monitoring up to 13 different display feedbacks. This includes the grip heart rate monitor. The grip is provided in the static handlebars that are fitted in an ergonomic position to make the process easier.

Also supplied with Schwinn’s Connect goal tracking feature, which offers data export and data logging which helps users advance towards their goal and also keep track of every session.

If the above-mentioned features are not enough for building the trust factor, Schwinn made sure to provide extended warranty periods backed by good customer support. The Schwinn 430 elliptical has got 10-years warranty for frame, two years warranty for mechanical parts, 1-year warranty for electrical with an added 90 days of labor warranty too.

 Features At A Glance 

  • The integrated levelers, solid metal frame and oversized tubing offer great stability.
  • User capacity up to 275lbs makes it a versatile machine that can be used by a range of user body weight.
  • It has 22 programs, two user settings and goal tracking. It also has 20 levels of eddy current resistance.
  • It has dual LCD monitor that helps in monitoring up to 13 different display feedbacks.
  • Backed by Schwinn 10-year limited warranty.


2. Nautilus E614 Elliptical Trainer

Best Elliptical Machines Under $1000

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Nautilus has been one of the top-tier manufacturers of gym equipment. The Nautilus E614 Elliptical Trainer is one of their performance machines that offer a great variety of full body training exercises, yet within an affordable price range.

The body frame of the E614 is robust and built to take on everyday workouts. It has a double center frame which helps in rendering additional strength to the overall body structure. It also has two integrated levelers to make sure that one can properly set the device even in uneven surfaces.

The oversized crossbar tubing further increases the stability. When it comes to transporting the device from one place to another, the transport wheels provide aids in such cases. With a maximum weight capacity of 300 LBs, it does an excellent job when it comes to performing.

This Nautilus Elliptical Machine is equipped with 22 training programs. This together with 20 levels of eddy current resistance, a 20-inch stride length, and six incline positions can help one easily get the challenging factor going. This much of combinations in training programs makes the whole experience fun, entertaining and progressive.

The ergonomic handle bars get the upper body toning work done perfectly without any stress. About 13 different details are recorded by the feedback system which includes common data such as calories burned, distance covered, elapsed time, etc.

Also, the static handlebars are equipped with grip heart rate monitor which can accurately monitor user’s heart rate as required. Nautilus is sure that their product is a proper standard and that is the reason they are offering extended warranties. This device comes with ten years frame, two years mechanical, one-year electrical and 90 days labor warranties.

 Features At A Glance 

  • User capacity up to 300 lbs makes it a versatile machine which can be used by a range of user body weight.
  • Has 20-inch stride length and six incline positions for super versatility.
  • It has been pre-loaded with 22trainingprograms along with 20 levels of eddy current resistance.
  • 13 different details are recorded by the feedback system which includes common data such as calories burned; distance covered, elapsed time, etc. including heart rate monitoring.
  • Extended warranty period of 10 years tells everything about the robustness of the machine.


3. Schwinn 420 Elliptical Trainer

Best Elliptical Machines Under $1000

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A proper elliptical machine must first provide full body training activities without any stress and discomfort, and The Schwinn 420 Elliptical Trainer is just perfect by the definition. There are some great features in this machine that makes it a favorite among its users. So, if getting the best elliptical machines under 1000 is the aim, going for the 420 might be a great decision.

It has got a robust frame structure that can support user weights up to 300 lbs. The device is also fitted with oversized stabilizers and levelers which help to make an overall great workout platform.

In this budget range, there are only a few models available which even gives the users a choice of having workout routines. But this 420 elliptical is different. It has been pre-loaded with 8 workout programs, six-course profiles, and one custom workout routine.

This is about everything one can expect at this price range. But, if this is not enough, users can also play with the 16 resistance levels that can make workouts real challenging, progressive and fun. It’s supplied with a fixed 18 inches stride length that are enough to fit most user heights. The elliptical path is biomechanically designed to offer smooth, natural motion experience that reduces stress on joints and ankles.

Also, the ergonomic handlebars provide easy stress-free toning to the upper body muscles. The flywheel is perimeter weighted hence operating noise is low, and the operation is very smooth and consistent. The extra-large LCD display is equipped to display various data on board. The grip heart rate monitor can be used on demand easily.

Other than that, a user can easily tweak any settings as required through the button interface. The basic data displays include speed, time, calories burned, heart rate / pulse rate, distance covered, etc.

 Features At A Glance 

  • User capacity up to 300lbs makes it a versatile machine which can be used by a range of user body weight.
  • Has 18 inch fixed stride length appropriate for a lot of users.
  • It has been pre-loaded with 8 workout programs, six-course profiles, and one custom workout routine. It also has 16 levels of resistance.
  • It has extra-large LCD monitor that helps in monitoring the speed, time, calories burned, heart rate / pulse rate, distance covered, etc.
  • Biomechanically designed elliptical motion for less stress and smooth operation.


4. ProForm Hybrid Trainer

Best Elliptical Machines Under $1000

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The Proform Hybrid Trainer is a Perfect Combo of elliptical and recumbent bike. This two in one exercise device is available at a price range which is far lower than expected. The price point along with what this machine offers makes it a perfect choice for a lot of users.

This proform versatile machine offers great benefits along with advanced workout sessions which are perfect for someone looking for a compact full body training device. This trainer offers comfort and variety in one’s training regime.

With the capability to adjust between an exercise bike and a full body elliptical trainer, this one offers a complete workout experience. The foot pedals can be adjusted for the bike position / sitting position and back to standing / elliptical usage with ease. Also, the console can adjust itself to select the right mode to display the data feedbacks as required.

ProForm is equipped with 14 different training programs. Designed by a certified training professional, these can automatically adjust the resistance levels as required by the recumbent bike or elliptical trainer. ProForm helps in obtaining fast results of one’s workout. One can also easily select the workout sessions by the simple apps which help in easy navigation. The story doesn’t end here.

The 14 levels of digital resistance offered help in higher intensity workouts as required. These together can put up a variety of challenges that are immensely beneficial. While in elliptical training mode, the dual moving handlebars help in upper body toning.

These are also equipped with resistance to ensure all muscle groups is worked on correctly. The target pacer is helpful in obtaining a customized workout. There is an indicator light that can alert the user to speed up or speed down to reach a specific goal. This is helpful for people who need daily monitoring and progress according to the activities.

 Features At A Glance 

  • A hybrid full body workout system which has both an elliptical trainer and recumbent bike at its disposal.
  • Customized workout with target pacer which helps users in attaining a specific goal.
  • The device is equipped with 14 different training programs designed by a certified training professional.
  • 14 levels of digital resistance offered help in higher intensity workouts as required.
  • It has extra-large LCD monitor that helps in monitoring speed, time, calories burned, heart rate/pulse rate, distance covered, etc.
  • Biomechanically designed elliptical motion for less stress and smooth operation.


5. Schwinn A40 Elliptical Machine

Best Elliptical Machines Under $1000

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While, for full body workouts, the Schwinn A40 elliptical machine is the preferred choice for many, it may get quite overwhelming to find a good option within a specified budget range. Too many companies and too many products to choose from have made the selection job tedious.

While sturdiness, performance are the key aspects, the budget is also an issue. The A40 elliptical flaunts a good sturdy built with great performance in its price range. When compared to similar priced product, the A40 excels in many respects. Some of the high points are mentioned below for which it has been a steady favorite among its users.

This beast has impressive built quality. This is especially pointed out by many reviewers of this product. The body is very well built, and the sturdy metal frame has been engineered to provide ultimate stability and durability to the machine.

With a maximum user weight of 275 lbs, this is a great machine when it comes to building quality. The noise of an elliptical machine does matter to some extent for some users. Users living in apartments or cozy areas benefit from this.

Schwinn A40 is fitted with precision balanced flywheel that helps in reducing the noise to a great extent. While this is not an entirely silent machine, but the slow hum of the moving parts does not make any noise that might be considered as “disturbing. As elliptical machines are meant for full body workout, having a good amount of flexibility in the training sessions, do matter.

This device has about seven workout routines accompanied by 8 levels of digital resistance. This makes sure that a user has many variations available to make their workout more challenging and hence keeping the “boring” factor out of the equation. This device is not too flashy about all the data feedbacks and does not portray any unneeded data.

It has got large LCD that is easy to read, and the basic feedbacks include things such as speed, distance covered, calories burned, etc. It also includes a heart rate monitor with the sensor provided in the static handlebar in the front.

 Features At A Glance 

  • Maximum supported user weight is 275 pounds that are average.
  • It is a sleek and compact device that fits most floor spaces with ease and is also lightweight.
  • Integrated levelers help instability on uneven terrains.
  • It has seven workout routines accompanied by eight levels of resistance for a competitive workout.
  • Has large easy to read LCD that displays basic information.


6. Exerpeutic 5000 Magnetic Elliptical Trainer

Best Elliptical Machines Under $1000

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The Exerpeutic 5000 magnetic trainer is a capable machine that can take workouts to a whole different level. This not only has a good built quality but also features advanced training sessions with better performance than similarly priced trainers.

The ability to export tracked fitness data provides for a better monitoring. No matter what, this trainer is full value for money when it comes to performance. The build quality of elliptical machines plays a significant role in determining the performance it can offer.

While specs are good for the device sporting a very good quality body frame and standard quality parts, user reports suggest that it does make its stand pretty well against a good amount of usage. Though proper maintenance and correct usage go a long way to securing more life for ellipticals no matter what brand it is.

This device can carry a max user weight of 275 lbs. When it comes to assembling, this exerpeutic trainer is easier to assemble than most ellipticals, thanks to the user manual.

Exerpeutic elliptical are built for performance, and this one is no exception. The 18-inch stride length provides for a comfortable workout scenario. The machine is also supplied with a durable three-piece cracking system that offers continuous momentum and high-end performance.

The user profiles along with 24 levels of magnetic resistance provide enough combination for a user to maximize their training abilities.

Data logging plays an important role in giving feedback about various statistics that may help users to achieve specific goals for a healthy lifestyle. It has an integrated heart rate monitor and offers other types of data logging too. The LCD screen can be operated even in darkness.

The basic data logging includes functions such as calories burned heart rate / pulse rate; distance covered, etc. A good manual elliptical trainer to own at this price range.

 Features At A Glance 

  • It is a very compact and lightweight elliptical trainer which excels in its build quality and transportability.
  • Maximum user weight supported by the device is 275 lbs.
  • It has a durable three-piece cracking system that offers continuous momentum and high-end performance.
  • It has basic LCD monitor that helps in monitoring speed, time, calories burned, heart rate/pulse rate, distance covered, etc.
  • Its low noise operation makes it a great choice for apartment use.


7. Exerpeutic 1000Xl Heavy Duty Magnetic Ellipticals

Best Elliptical Machines Under $1000

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The Exerpeutic 1000Xl Heavy Duty Magnetic Ellipticals is a perfect choice for people wanting a robust full body exercise machine. This compact trainer features a compact body including the fact that it has the capability of delivering better performance than similarly priced elliptical machines.

The features below will give a basic view of the machines capabilities. With a capacity to hold weight up to 300 lbs speaks about the robust built of the device. The frame is built of metal alloy and protected on the joints to offer better stand against harsh usage.

Other than general wear and tear that happens with every machine, this has got no other complaints from users. Easy to assemble, this elliptical comes with the required set of tools to make the assembling process easy.

The V-belt drive along with the perfectly balanced flywheel provides a smooth operation cutting With the easy transportability the exerpeutic can be moved around rather easily. This is due to the compactness and light weight of the machine. It only weighs at around 76 lbs.

Having transport wheels at the back allows it for easy movement across rooms. When it comes to the most important aspect of an elliptical machine, it performs better than most available in this category. With forward and backward pedaling in effect and workout arms for upper body workout regimes, one can expect full value for money.

Other than that, this is also equipped with eight levels of magnetic tension settings which can give a good amount of competition for the user. Feedback Display is quite good with all the basic needs of the users met.

Nothing flashy adorns the LCD of the Exerpeutic 1000XL. With the display of speed, scan, distance traveled, time, heart rate monitor, etc. one can expect the basics that will help improve one’s workout routines.

 Features At A Glance 

  • A compact elliptical machine that easily fits most apartments and can be moved easily from one place to another.
  • User capacity up to 300 lbs makes it a versatile machine that can be used by a range of user body weight
  • Robust built quality to endure rigorous usage.
  • Equipped with both forward and backward pedaling.
  • The display is basic but very easy to read and use while working out.
  • Noise is very less compared to other elliptical available within this price range.


8. Body Rider Fan Elliptical Trainer

Best Elliptical Machines Under $1000

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For a decent elliptical trainer, one may conclude that going above the $1000 range is the only choice. The thing is, needs drive the budget up higher. If somebody is considering a basic elliptical trainer with no flashy displays and no built-in audio systems or pre-programmed training routines, the Body Rider BR1830 Fan Elliptical  may be a perfect choice. Though it has got no such things programs and modular activities, still this gives a great performance regarding training.

This body rider elliptical is extremely compact and lightweight. Weight at only 58 pounds, the dimensions of this elliptical is 25 inches(L) x 9 inches(W) x 36(H) inches. The build quality is good and can support user weight of about 250 pounds. The base of the machine has also been added with four transport wheels that offer easy transport by dragging the device across the rooms.

This device is easy to use. It has got no complex adjustments to be made, no profiles to take care of. Full body workouts are carried out with easy as the ergonomically built handles offers for upper body toning while the smooth elliptical motion helps in toning the lower body muscles.

The device uses a fan wheel type flywheel system which runs smoothly without making any kinds of extra noise. User reports have been greatly satisfactory when it comes to the noise output of the device. The pedals are pretty large and fit most foot sizes. There are no digital programs.

One can increase their workout pace as needed. There is a manual tension resistance setting that applies the turning of a knob to tighten the flywheel for added resistance. This can easily be set to a user’s demand. Overall this is a budget machine which offers good value for money. It is well suited to people who needs performance over anything else.

 Features At A Glance 

  • It is a very compact and lightweight elliptical weighing at about 58 pounds only and easily transportable.
  • Maximum user weight capacity is 250 lbs.
  • It is easy and flexible to use and has no workout profiles to take care of.
  • It has basic LCD monitor that helps in monitoring speed, time, calories burned, heart rate / pulse rate, distance covered, etc.
  • Its low noise operation makes it a great choice for apartment use.


9. Stamina 55-1610 InMotion E1000 Elliptical Trainer

Best Elliptical Machines Under $1000

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This one is for those people who need real compactness. The Stamina 55-1610 InMotion E1000 Elliptical Trainer features a compact built, which is by far one of the lowest priced devices. When it comes to cardio training, this little machine can offer great health benefits.

Below are some points that make this compact trainer a preferred choice among elliptical machines. The compactness of the device is a brilliantly added plus.

This lightweight device weighs only around 30 pounds, and the dimensions are only 20 inches x 13 inches x 12 inches. So, one can easily fit it in the crappiest of places.

Perfect for small apartments where extra space is a luxury and also extremely appropriate for people who wants to use it in office. One can easily fit it under their desk and can even work out while sitting on chair. This is beneficial for people who have no time to spare on workouts.

This 55-1610 InMotion Trainer can be properly placed on the desk and one can easily continue physical workout while working. Noise emitted by this elliptical trainer is none. It is completely stealthy and thus a perfect fit for a lot of private and public environments.

The natural elliptical motion of the device makes sure that calories are burned as much as using a full-fledged elliptical trainer for full body workout. The footplates have got grip pedals to make sure one does not have any accidental slips.

This trainer is a very low impact trainer. Hence, it is perfect for people suffering from back or lower body injuries. One can continue stress-free fitness activities on this trainer without the risk of injury to knees, back, hips or ankles.

 Features At A Glance 

  • It is a very low impact elliptical trainer for easy exercising needs.
  • Ultra compact size lets it be used in various cases, even while working in an office.
  • Once can easily fit it under the desk and continue working out.
  • It has got a minimal noise which is undetectable in most home or office environments.
  • Grip pedals for enhanced stability and comfort while using in both standing and sitting positions.


10. Exerpeutic Aero Air Elliptical

Best Elliptical Machines Under $1000

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The Exerpeutic’s Aero Air Elliptical is an entry range device. This elliptical machine is easy to handle and will fit most apartments of smaller sizes due to its compactness. With the noise factor on the lower size, this is perfect for basic training sessions. Build quality matters in an elliptical trainer.

The exerpeutic is a better choice on its own. The body features a sturdy frame built supporting a user weight of approx. 260 lbs. It is a very lightweight elliptical trainer measuring about 55 lbs. One of the qualities of the device is its better transportability.

Since it weighs quite less than most other training equipment, it can be easily relocated. The dimensions of the device are ultra-compact to fit anywhere, even in small apartments. This also includes transportation wheels for this added ability. Regarding the performance department, this trainer gives a solid value for money.

The dual workout arms provide full upper body workout. The natural motion of the machine ensures smooth, low-impact and stress-free ride for lower body. The easily adjustable dial tension offers for tweaking into more challenging modes.

If one is looking for a total workout data, log screen. This is it. It provides an easy to read display with distance, calories burned, speed, time, etc. indicators. These are basic but provide the valuable info that is totally workout oriented. Comfort and balance come first.

That is why Exerpuetic Aero Air Machine made no compromises with the pedals even. They are big and ridged to offer maximum grip and accommodate a variety of users of different feet sizes. This improves balance and stability by high degrees.

 Features At A Glance 

  • This lightweight and compact elliptical fits most apartments and small places.
  • Can take up to 260 pounds in user weight.
  • Easily adjustable dial tensions offer challenging modes easily to users.
  • Easy to read display with distance, calories burned, speed, time, etc. indicators.
  • Big ridged pedals that offer maximum grip and comfort


How Do We Determine Our Ratings

We determine our ratings based on some factors. Thus while reading a review one may find it a bit different from another review website. Along with every Pros and Cons, a machine might have, we have included how better these are at providing performance. In short we construct our reviews based on few key factors such as:

Build Quality

The product’s build quality matters. When buying a machine one is looking for a sturdy device which is built to last and not something that will be getting damaged after few days of usage or is very damage prone.

How sturdy the elliptical trainer is, what quality materials are used in manufacturing, the quality and stability of the device, – these are generally the questions that spark in a user’s mind. This part of the procedure deals with these questions.

Specifications And Features

Though this is dependent on the pricing range, the ratings for specification part are based on each price range. Each brand of machines has different amount of features inbuilt. If machine within a fixed priced range has more features than another machine, then, the machine with the most number of important features is rated higher.

A user’s goal in finding a good elliptical is looking for the fact that if it has more useful specs in place than another machine in comparison.


Different elliptical machines in the market have different noise levels associated with them. And, users might need to have a machine with a lower noise levels because of different reasons such as sleeping children or elderly people or even trippy neighbors. For them having a machine with a high amount of noise is a big problem.


Pricing as one may know is the driving factor in the selection of a product. If a product is worth its price or is it worth according to any extra features, it might have, and many questions like these are answered in these elliptical machine reviews.

Consider Before Buying The Best Elliptical Machines Under 1000

There are many Elliptical Machines out there, which make it hard for you to choose the best one. For this matter, we think about an idea to offer you some help with picking the Best Elliptical Machines Under $1000.

Pricing Of Elliptical Machines

Budget plays a huge role in determining the performance of these elliptical machines. This is the limiting factor hence performance, specifications, ease of use, etc. depends on this simple factor. While pricing can vary a lot starting from few hundred dollars to well over $1000, one has to determine a budget range that will justify using the elliptical machine.

User Reviews And Ratings

No matter what specs each machine has, one has their needs. While one finds one particular machine that meets his / her requirements, the next thing to look for is, how good the machine stood by. This is perfectly reflected in unbiased user reviews.

User ratings and reviews help one know how well the machine works in real time and if it is as it is being advertised. If it has any cons that can seriously hinder the performance. User reviews answer many questions, so one must take this into consideration while buying an elliptical machine.


While there are machines that command different places in the price range. Each and every machine is different with its set of specifications. When fixing for a pre-selected budget range, the machine with the most number of useful specifications is a good choice over one with fewer specifications. Also, one must not say that this is a part of the factor that determines the selection process.


The performance of an elliptical machine depends on lots of other driving factors, one example: If the elliptical machine has large pedals with ridged pedal surface or a small pedal with the smooth pedal surface. In this case, both have pedals that might suit some users, but the first type should suit more users and is better.

This is thus an issue related to the performance and some extent, a design feature. To select if an elliptical machine should suit one, one must determine what features he / she needs and then look for an elliptical that suits his / her requirement.

Build Quality And Extra Features

Buying a sturdy and stable elliptical machine should be the goal. The elliptical machine reviews mentioned here will let users see what kind of built quality and stability a machine has. Many brands which rely on their machines and mean a tremendous built quality even offers extended warranties such as up to even ten years of frame warranty.

One must note that since elliptical machines are largely mechanical devices, thus wear and tear is there but the timeframe of a product failing is dependent upon usage and, of course, the products built quality. We made sure that we mention this point in our reviews for the best elliptical machines.

Final Thought

While there are lots of companies selling a variety of elliptical trainers finding one for oneself so that it fits the budget yet have all the specs the user wants can prove to be a bit overwhelming for most users. Knowing what is available in the market and reading detailed reviews about those products makes things a lot easier and helps one to find the thing they are looking for.

If one is in search of the best elliptical machines under 1000, he/she might consult the above reviews that are mentioned. Apart from the fact that these are carefully selected from thousands of products that are available in the market, they also have the added advantages such as additional features and are selected according to user reviews.

In this best elliptical machines review, one may find what they are looking for and are available below the $1000 price range with ease. Before selection, what one must look for is also mentioned above under the – Things to consider before buying the best elliptical machines subhead. That point will help users more in the easier selection process. For other exercise ideas check consider this type of best rowing machines.